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I'm a young Spanish writer that loves writting, I was fan of MLP since the 15. I love the dark novel and my stories are not for everyone. I wish you like reading it as I love writting it.


Synopsis Chapter 14 · 3:31pm Last Wednesday

Of course and always, here you have a Synopsis of the next and final chapter of the season hahaha hope you like, let me know what you think about it and have a nice day <3

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Oh my story was posted online today

Please read the first chapter or prologue at least please and I can link it if you do want to check it out

On your own time or when you have time of course


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That's totally true hahahaha so, stay update

Only one way to find out read read read, haha, but only u know the answer easy haha

I think everyone wants it... who knows hahaha

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