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I'm a young Spanish writer that loves writting, I was fan of MLP since the 15. I love the dark novel and my stories are not for everyone. I wish you like reading it as I love writting it.


Happy birthday to me and UTPH · 12:06am April 27th

Another year pass, and I get older, so do our favorite novel, Two years of UTPH now, wow. Prepare for the future chapters, cause we are going to come back with all the power hahahahaha. Thanks to all of you for your patience and for the support. Thanks to make my dream true hahahaha
Have a nice day <3

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Yo, when is the next chapter? You're leaving me high and dry here.

Hope it too hahahaha

I'm prepared hahaha

Haha... Prepare for a dark chapter 1 then. Bwahahahahah.

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