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    Would like to happily announce that Catching a Butterfly, on hiatus since last Autumn, is finally finished. Managed to get 1200 words out in about 30 minutes, largely with the help of a website that deletes all your work if you stop writing for more than five seconds - it really helps someone like me who can struggle to commit to writing something.

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The equivalent of 1000 words upfront, the rest upon completion. When the story is finished I will request the remaining cost and share the story with you. You can request minor alterations but I won't fundamentally rewrite the story; for that reason make your outline clear and detailed to ensure that the final product suits your expectations.

I will not be offering refunds.

Standard rate: $14/1k words
Discount rate: $12/1k words
Premium rate: $18/1k words (reduced to $16/1k of stories at least 3k in length)

Discount rate

This is applied to any story which features any of these following fetishes prominently, since I enjoy writing about them the most:

Growth/expansion (excluding weight gain, i.e. characters just getting fatter in a general sense)
Hyper/very large sexual physical features (male or female) e.g. dicks, T&A, muscles too!

If you want examples, read any of my featured stories.

Premium rate

This is for stories which feature fetishes prominently which I am willing to write but do not particularly enjoy to:

Scat or watersports
Any other 'extreme' fetishes, I'll consider your requests on a case by case basis

Standard rate

Anything that isn't outlined above.

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