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Chapter 6 is ready · 9:23pm Jun 26th, 2014

I have finished chapter 6 of Strange Discovery and I have one thing to say about it. "More progress in 3000 words than in 20000!" Really, I feel like I've gotten more done in this chapter than in the rest of the story as a whole.

I am going to publish it tomorrow, but I would like some opinions before hand, mainly on the ending.

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Thank you kindly for the fave and the watch.

hello, i saw that you are a pre-reader/proofreader. if you have time, theres this story i'm writing and i could really use help with, it matches your preferred tags, i'm making it a sad story with the death of a few ponies (not extremely graphic deaths) and an attempted redemption. so when i'm done with the first chapter, and when you have time would you check it out?

Thanks for the fave, bro. Keep rockin':rainbowdetermined2:

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