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Late to the party, but very eager to get going~

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  • 126 weeks

    Hey guys,

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  • 134 weeks
    OC-Contest Winners and Further Plans

    Hello everyone,

    The deadline has passed. The concepts are in and have been reviewed. Before I announce the winners, though, may I just say how thankful I am to everyone who participated. There has been, genuinely, not one OC that was badly made and it was honestly very difficult for me to choose the eventual winners. You all did a great job! :twilightsmile:

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  • 139 weeks
    Delays and Extensions

    Hi everyone,

    Just a heads up for anyone wondering when the next chapter is going to be up. It is in the works, but I expect I will be releasing it at the end of the next week. With Easter coming around I should have more time, but the days before that are a bit packed, so delays are sadly inevitable. Still, I will do my best to balance that out by publishing a bigger chapter than normal. :twilightsmile:

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  • 141 weeks
    Character Contest

    Hello, everybody!

    Anyone who has read my latest chapter will know what this is about. For everyone else, I will explain again:

    You have now the chance to pitch a character for my clopfic Tartarus on Equestria. This character will be playing a role in the next chapters and will present quite some trouble for our dear Twilight. There are some ground-rules, obviously.

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Delays · 9:58am Jun 30th, 2021

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Not outright dead though? That's a relief. Thanks for checking.

Last seen one year ago. RIP

Somebody know how is author? Whats happen with him? He okay?

We all wait for it to be okay. I asked two acquaintances who have had contact with him and he said that he is in a difficult situation (They did not tell me the situation that Dark is going through because I did not ask them, it was out of respect and not overinvolve me)

I only wish him the best and that he recovers from his situation and if the abandonment tartarus in equestria ... it will be a respectable decision and that only remains to be thankful for what he has done.

Hope you're still well, DarkGal. :fluttercry:

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