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  • 4 weeks

    Hey guys,

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  • 12 weeks
    OC-Contest Winners and Further Plans

    Hello everyone,

    The deadline has passed. The concepts are in and have been reviewed. Before I announce the winners, though, may I just say how thankful I am to everyone who participated. There has been, genuinely, not one OC that was badly made and it was honestly very difficult for me to choose the eventual winners. You all did a great job! :twilightsmile:

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  • 17 weeks
    Delays and Extensions

    Hi everyone,

    Just a heads up for anyone wondering when the next chapter is going to be up. It is in the works, but I expect I will be releasing it at the end of the next week. With Easter coming around I should have more time, but the days before that are a bit packed, so delays are sadly inevitable. Still, I will do my best to balance that out by publishing a bigger chapter than normal. :twilightsmile:

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  • 19 weeks
    Character Contest

    Hello, everybody!

    Anyone who has read my latest chapter will know what this is about. For everyone else, I will explain again:

    You have now the chance to pitch a character for my clopfic Tartarus on Equestria. This character will be playing a role in the next chapters and will present quite some trouble for our dear Twilight. There are some ground-rules, obviously.

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Delays · 9:58am June 30th

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Writes pretty hot stories, and has wonderful taste in evil, sexy mares. Gonna give ya a quick follow.

Great that you're enjoying this. The next chapter is out soon.

Oh, and don't be sorry about the warhammer-thingie. No hard feelings. :raritywink:

I really enjoyed your story of tartarous on equestria it is one the best comment driven fics that I have come across as it is somewhat similar to the life of a wanted changeling except more smutty and more dark. Commenting and being part of the influence on twilight fate was quite enjoyable.

I hope you continue to write stories like this

(Oh and sorry about the warhammer 40k comment in the early chapters that might have unleash the tsunami of inner warhammer fans in the later chapters)

Thank you very much. I hope, I can keep up the quality and that you will continue to enjoy the plot and the smut. :twilightsmile:

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