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Let's make this precious


It's been three months since Twilight and Rainbow Dash became a couple, once a week they go out together leaving Spike alone in the library. Left with only his thoughts to make him company, Spike faces the greatest enemy that someone has: themselves.

Edited by AuthorGenesis. Proofread by The11Wonder. Special Thanks to Umachan and to jjamess10. Inspired by The Sound of Silence.

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Comments ( 35 )

Lovey just lovey :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2:

Thank you very much!:pinkiehappy:

man, poor spike. I wanted rampage spike, but this equally as good.

This is a really nice short story you have here.:pinkiesmile:

Exactly. Changes in Twilight's life = Changes in Spike's life. Thank you for recognizing this, and for presenting a fic that tries to find the note of optimism in that reality. :moustache:

Thanks for the praise, that means a lot coming from you:twilightblush: . That's exactly the reason why I wrote this fic, that and the inner monologue part.

This broke my heart, it was beautiful, yet sad. Poor, poor Spike. I wish Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and all the others could be there to comfort him during this time, although he has his saxophone to keep him company. :fluttercry: Deeply touching fan fic.

I'm glad that you liked. Don't worry though, the other stories that I'm gonna write with Spike in it are gonna be more happy.

3018830 Oh, good. I am a huge Spike fan, and it hurts me when he is all alone or if he is hurt and broken hearted. :fluttershysad: Maybe you could do a one-shot follow up to this one maybe where Twilight could see how Spike is feeling sad or can sense something is bothering him, and could talk to him about it, and comfort him.:pinkiehappy:

Maybe... who knows, if I get inspiration for it I will write it.

I like it wish it was longer though

I'm glad that you enjoyed!

Beautiful, touching and interesting, very fluffy, a touch of shipping, and Spike just being himself. I love how you mentioned Twilight and Spike being brother and sister, that adds a much closer bond to what most people think is a mother and son relationship. Please keep writing such beautiful stories, this was so flawless.


Thanks:twilightblush:, that means a lot to me. I'm glad that you enjoyed.

Both happy and sad, just a strange mix of emotions all around.

I'm glad that you enjoyed :pinkiehappy:!

this still left a bitter taste in my mouth.... im sorry.
dash and twilight should have saw something wrong with him.
twilight knows him better than anyone.
i really do hope you make a sequel, where he confronts them.

You did need them, Spike. You need to get your own life. FREEDOM!


Your the first one to make a story about Spike's side of Twight dateing someone wich is brilent! I wonder how Twilght will fell if Spike starts going on dates?


Your the first one to make a story about Spike's side of Twight dateing someone wich is brilent!

I am:rainbowderp:?

I wonder how Twilght will fell if Spike starts going on dates?

She would probably be overprotective of him.

4188639 we'll yes NO one has ever seen the other side of a happy couple and made it their main focus. And I meant to say is brilliant I am not the best of spellers but I am getting Better.

Neat. I like this.

I'm glad Spike overcame the voice, because it was a liar.

Great story. Into my faves you go. :twilightsmile:

Wow, thanks a lot! That means a lot coming from someone like you.


Aww, you're welcome! :)

Earned my follow!

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