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I am a nice brony who likes ponies, animals, bed sheet ghosts, stories about comforting friends/family, humor, tragedy, some horror, clop fics, being silly or adorable. Have a good day.

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Shipping or Tragedy Story · 11:56pm January 11th

Hi every pony.

I am thinking of doing a shipping story or a tragedy story, but I don't know which one to do. Options are below:

Ship Stories:

Rainbow Dash and Applejack

Rainbow Dash and Twilight

Fluttershy and Twilight or Applejack

Tragedy stories:

Rainbow Dash tragedy about flying

CMC tragedy story

Other tragedy options?

Please tell me your thoughts below. Thank you

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Thanks for the fave on Force and Consequences :twilightsmile:

Your welcome. Feel free to read any of my own stories if you want to

Your welcome. Seems like an i teresting and funny story

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