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I am a nice brony who likes ponies, animals, bed sheet ghosts, stories about comforting friends/family, humor, tragedy, some horror, clop fics, being silly or adorable. Have a good day.

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New Story and Real Life Problems · 5:42am Saturday

Hi Everypony

I will be releasing a new story titled "Theft of a Writer". It is based on real world experiences... and something I am going through right now.

I have been a fan of many shows. But recently, as I was doing research, I realized my stories... as well as other fan's works, stories, ocs, etc. were also being copied.

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Thanks for the watch!

i'll give those ideas some thought.

You're welcome.

I ask if you take suggestions, because I have always wanted to read a story about the ponies getting stuck under bed sheets and getting mistaken as ghosts.

Heck, I've even wanted to read a story about the CMC getting stuck in a rainbow parachute-like the ones used in preschools- and struggling to get out.

What do you think of those ideas? Are you interested?

PLEASE message me back

You're welcome. Yes, I am enjoying the story so far.

By the way, I too am from Michigan, and like Batman. In fact, I am making a story called "Allen's Origin: Nocturnal Earth" where my Earth pony OC turns into a batpony. Heck I almost made my profile picture batpony Allen.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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