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I am a nice brony who likes ponies, animals, bed sheet ghosts, stories about comforting friends/family, humor, tragedy, some horror, clop fics, being silly or adorable. Have a good day.

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Pony Stories · 9:22pm October 6th

Hello Everypony,

So I am writing a new fimfic, but I don't know which one to pick.

Can you help me? The choices are below:

A Pinkie in My Sheets - Pinkie breaks the 4th wall again as she pops out of nowhere into my bed and decides to play with me. Includes, childish playing, cuddles, ghosts, and silly mayhem under bed sheets.

A Flutter of Fun- similar plot as "A Pinkie in My Sheets" but the Fluttershy version.

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Thanks for the watch!

i'll give those ideas some thought.

You're welcome.

I ask if you take suggestions, because I have always wanted to read a story about the ponies getting stuck under bed sheets and getting mistaken as ghosts.

Heck, I've even wanted to read a story about the CMC getting stuck in a rainbow parachute-like the ones used in preschools- and struggling to get out.

What do you think of those ideas? Are you interested?

PLEASE message me back

You're welcome. Yes, I am enjoying the story so far.

By the way, I too am from Michigan, and like Batman. In fact, I am making a story called "Allen's Origin: Nocturnal Earth" where my Earth pony OC turns into a batpony. Heck I almost made my profile picture batpony Allen.

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