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I am a nice brony who likes ponies, animals, bed sheet ghosts, stories about comforting friends/family, humor, tragedy, some horror, clop fics, being silly or adorable. Have a good day.

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Bat Pony Story · 4:23am April 21st

Hi guys,

I will be releasing two new stories staring my OC Allen Clips.

I need help with the second story though. It involves Allen revealing he is also a bat pony, but I am not sure which of the main six he should tell his secret to.

Any ideas? Thank you

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Thanks for adding Under the Bed to favorites.

You're welcome. I found it cute and interesting

Thanks for the fave on "The Map's Sending Us Where?"

You're welcome. I feel a lot of fabs thought after the episode, Twilight might have done something like that to RD and Applejack. Great job.

  • Viewing 58 - 62 of 62
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