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I'm a Happy Ending type of Girl, But you will be attacked by lots of Melodrama before we get there, some Romance and Fluff, and bonus Adventure and Fantasy are thrown in the mix...Happy Reading!

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It's great to hear you're being prudent when writing. Good luck!

Aww Honey, I'm still very much alive LOL.

I know I should probably keep people up to date, but I didn't want to make a blog post until I had more material done in regards to the story.
The next chapter is taking longer than needs to because I didn't like the initial setup I had.

I also didn't want to write myself in a corner with what happens in the next few chapters. (And end up rewriting what happens ANYWAY after having them posted online.)

While I do have like roughly 40% of this story's basic plot outlined, most of it, is the back history I created so things will make sense in the current timeline without leaving too many plot holes.

Thus, currently, I am rewriting the next chapter, where Spike meets the girls and I'm working on where and how to make the story work with adding King Sombra and Tirek to the mix. I'm already dealing with lots of antagonists with their own motivations to drive the story, so I'm trying to make it work without it coming off as forced or contrived, but I'm working out the kinks.

I can't say exactly when the next chapter(s) will come out, but when I DO, you'll know ^^.

Hey, hope you're not dead yet and the story's still going! :pinkiehappy:

2445741 Interesting, happy belated birthday! :ajsmug:

You joind on my birthday!

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