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Did you rejoice when -

-Discord corrupted all of Twilight's friends and made her cry broken-hearted tears?
-Luna gave in to Nightmare Moon and smote her sister from the sky?
-Tirek grabbed Shining Armor by the snout and ripped the noble unicorn's magic away?
-Celestia awoke to a lost kingdom inside a slimy green cocoon?

Do you find yourself hoping that one day the night will last forever?

If you answered yes to any/all of these, then this group is for you!

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And turned into jerky. :pinkiecrazy:

Bacon wrapped in ... bacon :trollestia:

This group is better than bacon.

Well, the triumph of NMM and Sombra don't take place in this story's present time, though I do plan to have a prequel story taking place during the war of the story's canon. Also, I have made very many changes to it since then, though the war between NMM and Sombra remains (mostly) unchanged.


Sorry for the delay. Yes, your story fits - I'd recommend Canon Villains as it involves NMM and Sombra. If there's a scene where one of the heroes gets defeated - say Celestia fighting NMM - you can also add it to Defeated Heroes.


My apologies! This is the first time I've scrolled down the page in almost 2 years, apparently. I've opened all folders for anyone to submit. If it still doesn't work, let me know (I'll get back sooner this time :facehoof:)

Can you please tell me if my Fo:E story counts? All you'll need to know to answer that question is the description:

War, war never changes. In the world we know, there was a Pony named Twilight Sparkle who saved Equestria on multiple occasions with the help of her friends. But what if.. Twilight Sparkle was never born? Nightmare Moon took Celestia's place as ruler of Equestria, no daylight to brighten up anyone's day. Nightmare Moon was smart enough to defeat the Changelings with little effort, and do the same to Tirek. But King Sombra.. he was just as smart, and Nightmare Moon had to declare war against him. The cause was not as dreadful as the alternate timeline you're familiar with, but dreaded nonetheless. The war hadn't ended until nuclear bombs were dropped on every corner of Equestria, the result was a Wasteland of much hostility towards even the least hostile. But the eternal night never ended, that's why they call the Wasteland "The Shadow", it's also why some are constantly working on ways to bring light to the Wasteland... Love.. finds a way.

Only one of the folders is open for adding stories. Was that intentional?

How does one put a story in here? I have a story where Starlight Glimmer is triumphant that I think would be perfect here.
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