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"What good is power if you are too wise to use it?"
Alicorns are one of the most powerfull beings in the MlP universe and rulers of the lands. I guess, we can be pretty glad, that every Princess is a goodie-two shoe. Or are they?
What would be if Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence used their powers for evil instead of good? This group is dedicated to that question or concept. Here you can post stories of our favourite Alicorns, using their powers to kick somebody's asses, rule the world and shape it in their belief or just being total jerks, because someone stole their cake.
The stories that are posted here have to fullfill the following criteria:
1) The story has to feature one of the Alicorns.
2) The Alicorn has to be a major part of the story and be the antagonist.
3) It is also okay to post a story where the Alicorn is just pissed off at someone for whatever reason.
4) NSFW stories are allowed.
5) Please put the stories into the respectfull folder, meaning Twilight stories go to Twilight, Celestia to Celestia etc.

An important note: Members of these group do not hate the Princesses in their Protagonist roles, so skip the drama.
Thanks and have fun.

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