The Villain...Celestia? 33 members · 9 stories

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE This group was inspired by the groups The Hero...(Villain)? by JokerTheHedgehog. If he wants this group taken down, it will be.

All right, onto the group.

This is a group that centers around Celestia being the villain. Any story where she is the villain is welcome.

1. This is for Celestia's Evilness ONLY. No Luna's Evilness, Cadance's Evilness, etc.
2. Celestia can be either the main or side villain. No villains where she's the Anti-Hero or anything like that.
3. No trolling. Any trolling will cause you to be kicked from the group.
4. Keep all stories in this group E-T rated. No mature stories allowed.

Other then that, have fun!

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