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From after-war status report on SPARTAN-IIs

Name:Lieutenant Kelsey-090
Callsign: Echo Five.
Status: Assigned to Echo team as the team's sniper and second SPARTAN-II in January 2552. Listed as MIA after the Battle of New Alexandria with the rest of Echo team, presumed KIA in the glassing of Reach.

She goes by Ghost. The white unicorn mare is a legend. Nopony under her protection has failed to come back unharmed. A great shot with a set of impressive power armour, she is the last thing many raiders see.

But what they don't know is that Ghost is nothing but a bit of illusion and trickery. A front for my true form. My name is Kelsey-090. This is my story.

Little bit I wrote to get out some writers block. Just came to me when I was reading Fallout: Equestria. "Let's chuck in a SPARTAN to kick ass and take names! What the hell, why not!" So boom, have some human/SPARTAN in (Fallout) Equestria!

Also gore tag because fallout. Nuff' said

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A collection of: random ideas that had to be written down, ponyfied school projects, funny extra 'what if' chapters, and other such nonsense. Basically all my short random stuff that isn't really a one shot but dosent fit into a longer story.

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During testing of an experimental military long-range-multiple-subject Teleportation spell, a accident sends several Equestrian Military units back in time. Now in World War Two, they must adapt and survive. But then again, what threat are a bunch of Tiger tanks to a Leopard 2?

No humans involved :D
So yeah, ponies with human history and tech. Yeah...This is just to break some writers block and an excuse for me to write action...lots and lots of action. If you are looking for a plot go somewhere else. :pinkiehappy: If you like reading highly detailed and realistic-as-I-can-possibly-make-it combat scenes...you've come to the right place.

…oh and puns...lots and lots and lots of puns!

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Equestrian Military Unit File

Unit: 1st Special Operations Group
Sub-units: 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Starbirds'
1st Armoured Company 'Steel Strikers'
1st Special Operations Platoon 'Ghosts'

Unit overview: The 1st SOG is a elite special forces unit that uses extremely advanced weaponry and tactics to accomplish operations that regular units would find nearly impossible. It is split into four sub-units that often operate independently from each other, though often lending support to the others. An interesting fact worth mention is that the unit's equipment, as well as half the personnel, are of alien origins. They call themselves 'humans', and all became ponies upon arrival in Equestria, which they claim is a complete accident. After arrival, they eventually became part of the Equestrian military, and have trained ponies to use their surplus equipment becoming the 1st SOG. Since their inception, they have distinguished themselves, successfully eliminating two rampaging dragons and three hydras.

2x Avro CF-200 Super Arrows, 2x Sukhoi Su-50 Bolts

Personnel & Station
CF-200 Super Arrow, Starbird 1-1
Pilot: Cpt. Rainbow 'Ace' Slash

CF-200 Super Arrow, Starbird 1-2
Pilot: Lt. Rainbow 'Sonic' Dash

Su-50, Starbird 1-3
Pilot: Lt. Thunder 'Thud' Dust

Su-50, Starbird 1-4
Pilot: Lt. Lightning 'Flash' Dust

Steel Strikers
2x Leopard 2A7s, 2x M1A3 Abrams

Personnel & Station
Leopard 2A7, Steel Striker 1-1
Commander: Cpt. Splash Damage

Leopard 2A7, Steel Striker 1-2
Commander: Cpt. Collateral Damage

M1A3 Abrams, Steel Striker 1-3
Commander: Maj. Shining Shield

M1A3 Abrams, Steel Striker 1-4
Commander: Cpt. Shining Armour

Ghosts & Spectres
L85A2 Assault Rifles, FN minimi LMG, L82A1 .50 calibre Barret Sniper Rifle

Ghosts Commander: Cpt. Gunfire
Spectres Commander: Cpt. Spitfire

Note: Due to the size of the Platoons (24 ponies each) see an attached document for the full personnel list.

Sorry about the huge description, couldn't resist!

Takes place after first four episodes of season one.
Cover is by Buckweiser on DeviantArt, I don't know him personally but go check his stuff out. It's pretty sweet…How? Mouse over the pic genius!

So...I am currently in the process of writing a different version of this story. Its gonna be a fair while before I post it, but it has the similar but heavily revamped plot written in a completely different style. So keep an eye out for that.

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I'm Rainbow Dash and it has been three years since I became a pony from a little girls show (Yes, I was originally a human). Many people ask how a human can become a pony, now I'm just going to tell them to go read this. Honestly, I have no idea why my DNA decided to go nuts, it just happened. A lot has happened in three years, I've had strange dreams about being a pony, my body has decided wants to be equine in nature, and gone on tons of adventures with my five best friends. Now stop looking at the description and get on with it.

This is pretty popular for being my first story. Thanks guys!

Thanks to DeepThought for being my editor.

Wow. Its been one year since I posted this. Looking back...yeah ok I was a newbie when I wrote this and it shows. Geez I have improved a lot. I cringe every time I reread it. I mean just...UGHHHH *shudders*GOD I was so bad its embarrassing. I could rewrite it but I think I'll leave it the way it is as a way to show myself how much better I've gotten. Anyway thanks for reading!

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