• Published 18th Jul 2013
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How I Became Rainbow Dash - Lt Rainbow Slash

My name's Rainbow Dash and it has been three years since I became a pony (yes, originally I was human). I get asked 'How?' a gazillion times a day so I wrote this. Now stop reading the description and get on with it already

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Chapter 2: I'm a pony?!?!

8:37 AM MST (Manehattan standard time)


I look around and notice the fact that apparently the walls are made of clouds!

Looking down I notice that under my hooves are more clouds in the shape of a bed.

Hmmm....a house made of clouds, that's new...........Wait I have hooves now?!

Quickly looking at my self I appear to be a sky blue, rainbow maned, winged horse like creature. I notice a mirror on the wall of what I guess is my room. Looking into it I see (you probably know what I look like) that my eyes are cerise, ok thats new, and that my body is shaped like a very, very small horse with thicker legs. I also notice that my wings look too small to fly with.

Maybe I'm a young.....well, pegasus I guess. And my name is Rainbow Dash!.....Woah, where did that come from?

Suddenly, I notice that I have a few memories I didn't have before.

Ok, so I'm a, gulp, female pegasus named Rainbow Dash. I'm five years old. My birthday is tomorrow. My Dad is Rainbow Blitz, and my Mom is Rainbowshine. I was born and live in a cloud city called 'Cloudsdale' (WARNING BRAIN OVERLOADING). The country is called 'Equestria'. There are three pony species, Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasus. The capital is 'Canterlot'.....

This went on for ten or so minutes, until I had gone over pretty much everything a five year old filly from here should know.

Okayyyy then? This is one hell of a crazy and real feeling dream! At least it's not real! I couldn't deal with a sex change in reality! Hmmm...let's see if these wings work.

I flapped my wings as hard as I could and jumped. the only problem was I slowly fell back down instead of flying

FUCK! I guess I have to grow a little more.

I start to walk out the bedroom door, then I thought about how I was walking. 'THUMP!'

Ow, note to self, don't think about walking while doing so.

I head down the stairs towards the kitchen doing my best to not think about walking on four legs.

"Hello Dashie!"

"Hi Mom!"

"How did you sleep?"

"Ah, fine" I reply while taking a seat at the cloud table trying to act natural.

I don't feel like telling them that this is a dream. She sounds just like my human Mom......I feel like I'm not gonna see her for a very long time, WHAT AM I SAYING! Of course I'm gonna see her soon! This is a dream for fuck's sake!

"Whats for breakfast?" I ask eagerly.


Cool they have pancakes here to. Well, it is a dream, so this is my sub-conscience playing with me (as you can guess, no it isn't, I didn't know that).


Hmmmm...My voice is higher. I wonder why I took so long to notice?

"Where's Daddy?"

"He left to go to work in the weather factory" she said putting some yummy looking pancakes in front of me.

"Oh" These look so good!

"Are you ready to go to your first day of kindergarden on Monday?"

What? Oh yeah I'm five. Heck! Kindergarden all over again! Easy! Fuck, it's school why am I exited?"

"Ya, I guess." I said, sounding like someone had just killed my cat as my dad would say.


12 hours later

Well this has been an interesting. I wonder if when I go to sleep I'll wake up as my human self again.

Anyway, after breakfast I had gone for a walk with my Mom. We went and got some groceries. while we were walking up and down the aisles I saw some Wonderbolts toys.

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmoygosh!!! Where are these mental outbursts coming from?

"Mom, can you get me some of those Wonderbolts toys?! Please?" I begged doing my best cute face.

"Ok, Dashie, but you have to promise me that you won't fuss about going to school on Monday."

"Ya, OK!"

After we finished shopping we went to the play ground. I noticed that there was one yellow furred, pink maned filly cowering in one corner of the area.

I trotted over and asked her what her name was.

"Flutter....." her voice at the end resulting in a unintelligible whisper (you know what I mean).

"Sorry, what was that?"


"Ummm.. Ok, I'm Coop..I mean Rainbow Dash! One day I'm gonna be the fastest flyer in Equestria!"

Where did that come from? Anyway.

"Flutter...shy was it?" she nodded.

No shit Surelock!

"Would you like to hangout some time?"

"Oh yes, I would love to!" she suddenly spouted "If it's ok with you. Sorry."

"I'm the one who asked, of course its Ok Flutters! How about right now?"

"Ummm..well, I kind of have to leave now, my Mom and I have to go and see the Teacher. It's my first day of Kindergarden on Monday." she said starting to leave.

"Wait. Which school are you going to?"

"Number 3. Why?"

"No way, me too! I guess I'll see you there!" I said excitedly.

Well, there's the first friend I've made in this dream world! My sub-conscience must have modelled her after Ben, then exaggerated his shyness. That guy is such a scaredy pants.

After that, me and Mom headed home.

"Hey, guys, look it's Fluttergay! HAHA!"

I quickly looked over towards the source and saw Hoops and Dumbbell harassing Fluttershy.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!!" I angrily stomped over towards them.

"Oh and what are you going to do about it, Rainbow Crash!" Teased Dumbbell.


"Oh, I don't know. How about I give you A FLANK KICKING YOU WON'T FORGET ANYTIME SOON!!"

"Oh is little Crashie mad?" he teased.

Fuck, not going how I wanted. I don't even know how to fight in this body!

"Now boys, you should be ashamed of yourselves!"

What? Who... oh I forgot Mom was even there.


"No buts. I am going to have a long talk to your parents about this!"

"Yes Ms. Shine." They replied weakly.

I walked over to Fluttershy.

"You OK?"

"I am now that you showed up." She replied meekly. "Thanks for getting rid of those bullies, they were really scaring me, if it wasn't a problem."

"No prob Flutters! See you at school on Monday!"

"Bye, Rainbow Dash."

As we walked away towards our house, my Mom had a little chat with me.

"Rainbow, I'm very proud of what you did back there, standing up for a pony you only met 10 minutes before. That was very loyal of you"

"Thanks Mom" I said beaming with pride.

When we got home, I immediately went upstairs to my room. On my way up I accidentally thought about walking again. 'THUNK!'


After picking myself up I walked (cantered?) into my room and pulled the Wonderbolts toys out of their packaging. I pretended to have them flying around my room doing stunts.

Geez, it feels good to let my 5 year old side out again! Ye know, if these dreams keep coming up I'll do my best to become a Wonderbolt! Since I'm gonna be a fighter pilot in real life I may as well become the closest thing here! *yawn* Oh I'm tired.

"Good night Rainbow." Mom said tucking me in.

"Night Mom."



*yawn* Agh...hmmmmm....am I still a pony?

I opened my eyes to check.

Cloud walls and bed.....yep. Still a pony.

Author's Note:

Well I've edited and added a bunch of new stuff and I still can't get it the way I want. Oh well whoop de f***en do, I did my best. I'm only In grade 9 english (and barely passed with 62%, you need at least 50%, at that), never thought I'd actually be writing for fun. I'll up date and do some more chapters every second day or so.

Anyway, still looking for some better cover art, and if anyone would like to be my editor/proofer that would be much appreciated.

OK done ranting.