• Published 18th Jul 2013
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How I Became Rainbow Dash - Lt Rainbow Slash

My name's Rainbow Dash and it has been three years since I became a pony (yes, originally I was human). I get asked 'How?' a gazillion times a day so I wrote this. Now stop reading the description and get on with it already

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Chapter 8: Shoot to Thrill

MONDAY, MAY 8, 2011
7:32 AM PDT


I threw my covers off me and moved to a sitting position on my bed while looking over my body. Hooves, tail, cutie mark, wings, and blue fuzz all over, it was all here. MY pony body.

I looked over back at my Mom's face which was contorted in confusion.

"OK. WOW. Just...WOW." Was all I could get my mouth to say as my brain was still trying to comprehend what happened.

"What have you done with my son!?"

"WHAT!? Mom it's me! Cooper! I didn't do anything! I just woke up this morning and my body has changed on me!"

"Cooper? What happened?"

"I have no vögeln idea!"

Schiesse! My friends are probably in the same position I am!

"Mom? I gotta go, I'll be back in an hour!" I told her as I hovered past her towards the stairs. Then I noticed Austin's door was still closed.

*mischievous giggle*

I flew over to Aussi's door and used my hooves to open his door (Magnet hooves. I will never understand them). Then I flew as fast as I could and landed on the lump of him in his bed.

"Einstein. Get off." He said groggily mistaking me for our cat.

"Hey bro! Time to get up for school!"

"WHATTHEF...uck?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" He yelled getting a look at me

"Your brother, well, sister now." I said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.


"Yeah? What? You never seen a talking pegasus before? Oh of course you haven't."


"I have. no. bucking. idea!"

"Did you just use 'buck' as a swear?"

"Ummm. Yup. Let's just say I go to sleep, I am human. I wake up, I am pony."

"Okeyyy then?"

"Anyway gotta go, see ya later!" I said going and opening the window before jumping out and spreading my wings.

"HA HA HA! That was priceless!" I giggled as I thought back to Austin's face.

Anyway, I gotta go find my friends and see if the changed into their pony forms too.

I got to Jonathan's house in thirty seconds or so hugging the ground and going just under the speed of sound as to avoid being detected. I flew into his backyard and flew up to his second story bedroom window. I saw something I half expected but still surprised me; Twilight lying on Jon's bed. I knocked on the window causing Twi's to look in my direction with a look of relief on her face. Her horn glowed and the window to click and slide open while engulfed in Twi's magic.

"Hey Twilight! Wazzup?" I said flying into the room and sitting on the floor.

"Oh, nothing, other than me waking up in my pony body!"

"Ah well, now you can do magic at least. And I can be the total awesome badass that I am!"

"I guess." She said giggling, "So why are you here?"

"I was just gonna get all six of us over to my house so we can try to figure what's going on."

"Good idea...Rainbow? How are you taking this? I figure I'm not taking it vary well myself."

"Well, I've just gained the ability to fly at mach 10, aaand I've probably gained celebrity status with Bronys...I mean, sure I had to get a sex change along with that but, eh, I'm cool with it."


"Yup. How bout you?"

"I'm still mourning the loss of my manhood and fingers."

"Oh too bad, anyway can you introduce me to your mom? I wanna see the look on her face!"

"Oh, Ok. Mom! Shining! Can you come here please?" She called out.

Shining? Oh yea Twilight's brother she mentioned a few times. Josh must be Shining. I thought to myself thinking of Jon's little bro, Well big bro now. Ha, that would suck if Aussi was suddenly my older brother!

Then the door handle glowed with magic and it opened revealing Shining Armour.

"Hey Twili what's going on? Oh!" he said as he spotted me and a confused look came over his face before seeing the open window, "Ah. Rainbow Dash is it?" he asked.

Obviously watched the show. Then again who wouldn't watch to learn some stuff that you wouldn't have known otherwise.

"The one and only!" I proudly declared in my usual fashion, "You're Shining Armour right? Twi has told me about you."

"Heh, so who were you last night?" He asked.

"Well Josh, my human name is Cooper."

"You always did love flying and were full of yourself so that makes sense."

"Jonathan? Josh? Did you call me?" came the voice of Lori, Jon's Mom.

"Yes. We're in here." Called Twi.

"What is it...Hello? And who would your friend here be?" She asked upon seeing me.

"I'm Rainbow Dash. (Hell I love saying that.) I'm the fastest flyer in Equestria!"

"Who were you last night though?" She asked slipping into protective Mom mode.

"Oh just boring old Cooper."

"Cooper! You too?"

"Ya. Anyway, let's go get the rest of our friends and see if this happened to them too. Twi, you teleport over to Ben's backyard, I'll fly over. As soon as I leave the window count to thirty and then teleport over, OK?" I said not giving her a chance to respond as I flared my wings and zipped out of the window and flew towards Ben's house.

HAHAHAHA!! I love the look on people's faces when I tell them who I am! Bucking priceless!!

I arrived at Ben's house at roof hight and flew down into the backyard to land. I waited a couple seconds before there was a flash and Twilight appeared.

"What took you so long?" I joked before telling her to go up on the deck and I flew around to the front door ringing the doorbell.

The door opened revealing Sue, Ben's Mom.

"Hi!" I said in my most cheerful voice possible, "Is Ben here?"

"Yes, he is." She replied seeming shaken by my sudden appearance. It's not like a pastel pegasus shows up at your door every day.

"Cool" I said sooting over her shoulder and flying up the stairs before she could stop me. I stopped when I saw a certain yellow creature hiding behind it's mane.

"Fluttershy!" She opened her eyes at the sound of my voice and looked absolutely relieved.

"Rainbow! Oh my goodness! I'm so happy I'm not alone!" she said zipping over and grabbing me in a bear hug.

"Good to see you too Flutters."


THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2011
5:56 PM PDT

It had been three days since I woke up as RD, now I was about to do something either brilliant, or downright stupid depending on your point of view.

After we had picked up Flutters, Twi teleported us to each of our friends houses before taking us all to my house, we all then talked but couldn't figure out why we transformed. Every night we still woke up in Equestria, and the only change was that we were ponies in both worlds now. Plus the public would find out eventually so I was going to buzz downtown Vancouver.

I stepped outside and grabbed my iPod out of my saddle bags that Rare had made for me. Now the annoying thing is my hoof is too big and the touch screen doesn't recognize it (Insert sad face here *giggle*) so I found if I held it off to my side with one hoof I could operate it with the tip of my wing. I put in the ear buds and looked for a song I wanted.

Coldplay? Nah. Bon Jovi? Nah. AC DC? Why the heck not?

I found my favourite song of all time and which also goes good with flying at the same time.

Quickly pressing play I stepped out the door and walked out into an open area I could take off from. I stretched my wings and made sure my saddlebags were secure. As soon as the beat dropped I took off like a shot and flew towards downtown at nought feet dodgeing trees and buildings.

All you women who want a man of the street
Don't know which way you wanna turn
Just keep coming
And put your hand out to me
Cause I'm the one who's gonna make you burn
I'm gonna take you down
Down down down
So don't you fool around
I'm gonna pull it pull it
Pull the trigger

I whizzed in between some trees and saw a large 747 commercial jet heading towards the airport about 3000 feet above and headed for it.

Shoot to thrill play to kill
Too many women too many pills, yeah
Shoot to thrill play to kill
I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will

Arriving at the 787 I flew alongside and waved to the people inside, earning stares form everyone on board before barrel rolling over to the other side. After repeating the process I dove away and continued my flight.

I'm like evil I get under your skin
Just like a bomb that's ready to blow
Cause I'm illegal
I got everything
That all you women might need to know
I'm gonna take you down
Yeah down, down, down
So don't you fool around

I arrived at the downtown area and as the chorus came up I dove down into the maze of glass and concrete bobbing and weaving.

I'm gonna pull it, pull it
Pull the trigger
Shoot to thrill play to kill
Too many women too many pills
Shoot to thrill play to kill
I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will
Cause I shoot to thrill and I'm ready to kill
I can't get enough and I can't get my fill
Shoot to thrill play to kill

A left here. Right, and straight up the face of this skyscraper!

Pull the trigger, pull it
Pull it pull it
Pull the trigger

Going over the top of the skyscraper I folded in my wings and plummeted back down I spread them just before the ground and whizzed along the street dodging wires and other obstacles.

Shoot to thrill play to kill
Too many women too many pills
Shoot to thrill play to kill
I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will

Gaining some altitude I flew around the sky deck on the harbour centre building and flew across the city.

Cause I shoot to thrill and I'm ready to kill
I can't get enough and I can't get my fill
Cause I shoot to thrill play to kill

I pulled out of the sky scrapers and hovered over false creek. And enjoyed the view for a bit. Thats when I heard a familiar voice.

"Nice flying there, you wanna race?"

Shoot you down, yeah

I turned around to see none other than Spitfire, captain of the Wonderbolts, hovering behind me.

I'm gonna get you down on the bottom girl
Shoot you, I'm gonna shoot you

"Hell yea!"

"Once around along the sea wall then through the middle down Burrard st."


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

"Alright then ready?"

"I'm always ready!"

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm gonna shoot you down, yeah yeah

"Ready, set.....GO!!" said Spit and we both took off

I'm gonna get you down, down down down down

I pumped my wings for everything I had and dove down towards the seawall.

Shoot you, shoot you, shoot you, shoot you down,

Spit was just in front of me as we raced over the seawall that encircles Vancouver.

Shoot you, shoot you, shoot you down

We went so fast that we had gone around in less than a minute and as we arrived at where we started we turned and flew down Burrard street, which is basically Van's Main road through the middle of Downtown

I'm gonna shoot to thrill
Play to kill

I flew as fast as my wings would go and was surprised as a sonic cone began to form around me.

HELLLLL yea! I thought as I broke mach five and did a Sonic-Rainboom.

Shoot to thrill!!!

Oooppppss. Heh. Hope I didn't break any windows!

I flew into a vertical climb and killed my speed before spotting Spit sitting on the roof of the sky deck looking over the city. I flew over and landed beside her. We sat in silence looking at the view for a while before I spoke up.

"So how are you taking this?" I asked.

"I'm not happy about it, but I'm not hating it. I'm sorta in the middle. What about you?" She asked.

"I like it."


"Well yea! Duh! I'm Mother-bleepin Rainbow Dash!"

"Well, you just did a Sonic-Rainboom so I can see your point."

I smiled at that, How come I'm not trying to do one it's easy, and when I'm trying it's more difficult?

"Who were you before this started?" I asked.

"Oh I'm Tasha Miller. I'm a CF-18 pilot. I was on leave when this happened." She said indicating herself.

"Cooper Bogart," I stated shaking hooves, "I was only in grade ten, but I prefer Rainbow Dash now. Damn, thats what I was hoping I could do when I got out of school."

"Oh, were you a...were you male before this?"

"Sadly yes. Thats the only thing I don't like about it. 'The pros out-weigh the cons' though, as my Grade eight socials teacher would tell me."

"Wow, that...sucks."

"Eh, I can fly and I'm famous now so I don't really care."

"Are the other Elements here as well?"

"Ya, they were my five best friends even before we discovered we were, well, ponies." I finished as I heard a dull roar behind us.

We turned our heads to look and saw a pair of CF-18 fighter jets flying high above.

"Huh? We must've looked an awful lot like cruise missiles on radar when we were flying around." I guessed.

"Probably. You wanna say hi?"

"Sure. Ten bucks says they roll and dump flares when we get close!"

"HA! I'll take you up on that offer Dash. Here." She said pulling a radio headset out of her saddlebag and tossing it to me. "I had a couple at my house and I thought they would be useful. Set the dial on the side to six, that's the channel we use in our jets. Oh also my voice didn't change at all so if they're from my squadron they'll recognize me"

"OK." That was a lot of info very fast!

"Hello? This is Spitfire. Anyone read me? Over." she said turning on her headset.

"Spitfire this is Rapier 2-1: Tasha that you? Over."

"Same-old Miller. What you guys doing here? Over" She asked as she used ha-hoof signals to tell me to follow her as we took off towards the jets.

"Oh just recon. Local radar detected something that looked like a pair of cruise missiles flying around...Shit! We got SAMs incoming! Over!"

"Calm down! Thats just me! Over."

"WHAT?!?! Tash, I'm pretty sure you can't fly under your own power, let alone be the size of a missile! Over!"

"You'd be surprised. Over."

"What is that supposed to mean? Over."

"This." she said as we began flying along-side the jets.

'Miller' did a double take before sliding his helmet's visor up. "Dave? Am I high right now?"

"No. Why? Over." came the other fighter pilots reply.

"Us." was all I said as I barrel rolled over the first jet so I was in between them.

"...Noah? Did the flying horse just talk? Over?"

"One, I'm a pony, a pegasus to be exact. And two, yes I did." I said to them.

"Miller, I may have to do some explaining, won't I?" said Spit.

"Tash? You're a pony?"

"Yup. How fast are we going?" Spitfire asked prompting 'Noah Miller' to look forward at his HUD.

"Holy shit! How the hell are you guys keeping up?! We're going almost thousand one hundred K an hour!"

"Magic!" I said in my most mysterious voice, "Actually really powerful wings. I can go mach ten when I really get going!" I said proudly.

"Miller, those 'cruise missiles' were actually us having a race."

I quickly checked my watch I had worn today and saw it was almost eight. Damn I gotta head home soon. Mom'll kill me.

"Hey Spitfire? I have to head home soon."

"Alright Rainbow. Meet you on top of the sky deck tomorrow?"

"Sure. See ya guys." I said as I rolled upside down and angled my wings up entering a straight down dive.

Seemed like nice guys, hell I hope that the government doesn't send 'men in black' after us. LOL. Holy crap. I'm starting to sound like a teenage girl. I technically am at the moment. As RD I'm nineteen. Wait. Is nineteen teenager. I thought as I let my brain do whatever it felt like while I flew home.

Author's Note:

Well I forgot to do this so I'm doing it now.

Yay! fighter jets and Spitfire :)

Thanks to DeepThought for editing.