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How I Became Rainbow Dash - Lt Rainbow Slash

My name's Rainbow Dash and it has been three years since I became a pony (yes, originally I was human). I get asked 'How?' a gazillion times a day so I wrote this. Now stop reading the description and get on with it already

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Chapter 13: BronyCon

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011
11:02 AM

What the buck?

I clicked and a video came up of Cheerilee and and Blossomforth.

"Hello everypony. My name is Cheerilee and this is Blossomforth," she said indicating Blossom who waved a hoof at the camera, "And we wanted to try to help explain why ponies are popping up all over the world."

Then I knocked down the video. (What? I knew what they were going to say!)

I zipped into my room and grabbed my webcam before plugging it into the computer. I clicked the 'upload' button and picked the 'webcam capture' choice. Then I connected my mike before clicking record.

"Umm...hey guys! It's me, Rainbow Dash and I guess I'm gonna be doing a vlog on here now. Now I know what three quarters of you are thinking: You're thinking that 'somepo-someone is good with voice impressions and animation'. Wrong! I'm real and if you like I can come to your house and prove it!...On second thought, maybe not, but I'm right here and I'm as amazed as you guys probably are about me being here in my pony form."

After that, I explained my entire story up to that part. I ended up with a twenty-minute video and posted. The reaction? It exploded and I found myself with 500,000 views after three hours. Like I said, I'm a freaken' celebrity with bronys!


9:13 AM

I was flying around waiting for my friends to show up when I heard a huge cheer. I looked over in the direction my ears told me it was coming from and spotted a large crowd outside the front door.

In two years the Brony community had grown to be big, so big that they were holding conventions now, and my friends and I had been invited to one in New Jersey. I had flown ahead because I hate being cooped up in a limo, (stupid pegasus instincts) so now I was flying above our destination and it happened that the bronys had spotted me.

Air show time! I thought before folding in my wings and plummeting towards the crowd.

Just before I could hit them though, I flared my wings and did a loop and launched into my routine.

After five minutes or so the limo pulled up and I flew over to join my friends as they got out. Together we trotted up into the building, past the Bronys, and were ushered back behind a stage. Also there were all of the voice actors who did us in the show, (We still have no idea how or why the show exactly mirrors our adventures, it's just what ever they write for it we end-up doing and what we do they end-up writing, every adventure is seemingly randomly spaced but they always occur before the episode about it airs) as well as several other actors and producers. To finally meet them was interesting to say the least.

AJ and I cantered over to Ashleigh Ball, who, to my surprise, does both my voice and AJ's.

"Hey Ash. It's OK if I call you that right?" I quickly added.

"Oh thats fine. May I call you RD and AJ?"

"Sure!" We both replied at the same time causing her to giggle.

"Hey! Ah jus' realized somethin'! If she does our voices that means we all have the same voice, jus' set to a different main voice!"

"...Which means?" I enquired.

"That me and you and Ashleigh should be able ta do perfect impressions of each-other."

"So ya mean Ah should be able to do this?" I said sounding exactly like AJ. Reverting to my normal voice I exclaimed. "Oh. My. Celestia! I sounded just like you!"

"And I can sound just like you! Isn't that great!" Said AJ perfectly parroting me before we both broke out into giggles.

"Well that'll come in mighty handy occasionally, eh RD?"

"Yeah! Hey Ash! We should also tell you, Twi got a cool spell she worked out. She says it can turn you into a perfect copy of somepony else, in body at least. And it'll ware off as soon as you think about tuning into yourself. She offered to cast it on you so you could see what its like to be the ponies you voice. Oh and it comes with the knowledge of how to use these babies!" I said flaring my wings before jumping into a hover.

"Wow! Really? I've always wanted to find out what it felt like to fly like you!"

"An' what about me?" Asked AJ.

"Oh sorry AJ, we have two days don't we? I can see what its like to be you tomorrow."

"Alright." grumbled AJ.


Later after a couple of hours of signing tee-shirts and stuff at the con, it came time for Twi to do the spell. She gathered all of us and the voice actresses and had us in a back-room.

"Okay, a few things before I do this. Your clothes will go with your human bodies, which means when you return you will be wearing the cloths you are wearing now. To change back just think about your human body. Ready?" She lectured.

Getting a bunch of nods she walked over to Ash and I before lowering her head and preforming the spell. There was a bright flash and then there was another Rainbow Dash sitting right beside me where Ash had been.

Ash, now in an exact copy of my body, looked down at her body before looking back at me before letting a huge smile appear on her face.

"Alright Rainbow! Lead the way!" She said, in my voice of course.

"See if you can keep up!" I challenged before flapping my wings and zooming out the door into the bright blue sky.

I made a beeline for the nearest cloud I could find before landing and looking back to spot Ash right behind me.

Looks like Twi wasn't kidding when she said that anypony would have my flying skills if you gave them my body and flight knowledge.

"Wow! This is comfy!" She said as she landed before flopping over.

"I know right!"

"So what you wanna do?"

"I was thinking a little race." I replied.

Wow! This is soooo trippy! It's like I'm talking to my self. Wait, I am! I thought glancing at Ash and seeing me.

"Ok. how bout' that cloud over there?" She suggested, pointing to a far off cloud.

"You're on!" I said before she shot off without warning, "Hey! No fair!" I yelled giving chase.

Damn! She's as fast as me! Then again, she is 'me' at the moment. I thought as I slowly caught up.

She got to the cloud just ahead of me before using my catch phrase:

"This day just got about twenty percent cooler!"

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