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How I Became Rainbow Dash - Lt Rainbow Slash

My name's Rainbow Dash and it has been three years since I became a pony (yes, originally I was human). I get asked 'How?' a gazillion times a day so I wrote this. Now stop reading the description and get on with it already

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Chapter 12: Tell the world

THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011

"So, you mean that all of the ponies are in the same sorta situation as us?" I asked Twilight.

"If they're under the age of sixty as a pony, then yes. And all of their 'dreams' started how ever many days their age is minus two in years before October 10, 2010."

"And what in tarnation' does that mean?" Asked a puzzled AJ.

"*Sigh* It means that...on second thought, AJ how old are you?"

"Human or Pony?"


"Then Ah'm Twenty-one. What does that have ta' do wit' it?"

"Well, then according to my formula, this all started for you on September 21, correct?"

"Umm yeah. How'd ya know?"

"Well, all this starts on that day of your fourth year of a ponies life, A.K.A. when little ones begin getting life long memories, as well as that date in 2010 as a human. Basically, since this started on that day you take your pony age as of your transformation, figure out how many years ago you were four that number of years plus two extra days and you have how many days before October 10 your dreams started."

"Wow. I wonder who Vinyl is?" I taught out loud, wondering who my DJ friend was as a human.

"Do ya know why this is happening sugarcube?" Asked AJ.

"NO! And that's the worst part! I dont have any idea WHY!" Yelled Twi, who was starting to go into 'freak-out mode'.

"Twilight dear! Please calm down. Just because you don't know is not a reason to get your tail in a twist." Admonished Rarity.

"Are we done? I wanna go talk to Vinyl and practice some new tricks!" I stated impatiently.

"In a minute Rainbow." Said the now-slightly-less-freaking-out Twilight. "Theres one other thing to discuss, and that is how we are going to reveal ourselves to the public."

"Oh, I kinda already did that." I told them, "Did I mention I'm in hospital back in Vancouver?"


"Oh...my, what happened Rainbow?" Came Flutters quiet voice.



"And that's why I'm spending the night in hospital."

"Geez RD y'all are always the first to jus' jump right in."

"EEEYUP!" I said doing my best Big Mac impression earning several giggles from my friends.

"So when we go back I suppose that the entire city will know about us." Said Twi after the giggles had subsided.

"And I'm probably going to have to get Spit to bail me out of hospital. I bet you there are going to be a-LOT of bronys outside the front door."

"Well, good luck with that RD!" AJ said with obvious sarcasm.

"Ya! Well!...You...agh, I got nothin'." I said earning more giggles from my friends. "I'm gonna go see Vinyl now. See ya!" I finished as I flapped my wings and flew up and out one of the windows.

Vinyl would probably be asleep still but I didn't care as I set course for her house. When I knocked a grey earth pony answered the door.

"Oh, hello, my name is Octavia, Rainbow Dash is it?" she said in a posh sounding Canterlot/British accent (I'm still not sure which to call it).

"Yup! Thats me! Is Vinyl here?"

"Yes, she was just down in the recording studio in the basement."

"Thanks Octavia!" I said as I began to hover down the stairs to the basement.

I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw Vinyl on the other side at a record engraving machine engraving a vinyl record.

"Hey Vinyl! What ya doing?" I asked causing her to flip the switch on the machine turning it off before looking at me.

"Oh, hey Dash! Just making a record for my latest work."

"Cool! Umm, Vinyl I need to ask you something."


"You know we're all humans right?"


"Twilight just told me, she surveyed almost everyone in Ponyville, and everyone under sixty has gone through the same thing as you, including me."

"Wait...you mean that everyone has turned into a pony on earth too?"


"Oh, Thank Celestia! That takes a huge weight off my shoulders to know I not alone!" she said with a huge sigh of relief but here ears stayed flat on her head.

"Ummm, Vinyl? I known you long enough to know when somethings bothering you, now what is it."

"I-I don't-I don't wanna talk about it!" she stuttered.

"Is it because you ended up a different sex?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"No, I mean, yes but thats not what's getting to me the most its that. . .Rainbow! I saw it! I saw it happen!" She managed before she started to cry. "I-I-I...I watched as m--m-my body slowly ch-changed right before my eyes! A-and when I looked down m-m-my-my thing! I-it vanished right b-be-before my own eyes!" She managed between sobs as me and the recently arrived Octavia comforted her.

Oh Celestia! Poor Vinyl, I would probably be like this too if I had seen it happen.


FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011
1:34 PM

"Okay then," Said the cheery doctor as he stepped into the room, "your X-ray checks out and we have completed our paperwork so you are free to go Ms. Dash."


"Yes, really, although there is quite a crowd outside waiting for you, after the article in the news about you." He said gesturing to the window.

I stood up, making sure to avoid bumping my wing as it was still sore, and cantered over to the window. Pushing up and placing my forelegs on the windowsill I looked out to see a large group, of what I assumed were bronys from the T-shirts some were wearing, standing outside the front door.

"Oh. Great! Hmmm. Oh I got it!" I exclaimed before asking if the Doctor had a phone I could borrow.

"Yes. What for?"

"I'm gonna call Spitfire. She can bring a cloud for me to jump on and then she can fly me outta here!"

"Interesting, here you go." he said handing over the phone.

Good thing I memorized Spits phone number. I thought as I dialled her cell.


"Hey Spit. Ya mind bringing a cloud to my window at the hospital so I can hop on and avoid all the Bronys waiting for be at the front entrance?"

"Uhh, Ok I don't see why I should say no. Which window's yours?"

Umm, well I guess I'll find out. I thought quickly poking my head out the window to see where on the building I was before leaning in and telling Spit.

"Second floor, two windows to your right of the entrance when you're facing the building."

"K. Be there in five mikes."

Five minutes later on the dot Spitfire came hurtling in over the crowd's heads pushing a cloud before pulling to a stop in front of the window.

"Thanks Doc!" I said hopping out the window and onto the cloud.

Spitfire pushed off before asking in a posh sounding voice, "Where to Ma'am?"

"Ha ha Spit vary funny. White Rock...Thanks, I would hated to have to wade through that crowd."

"I thought you loved attention?"

"When I can easily fly away if I want to, and where everyone doesn't want to pet me."



TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011
10:26 AM

This is gonna be hilarious! I thought as I dove towards the second floor window of my former Intergraded studies class.

I had been half a week since the newspaper article appeared about us ponies and the plane crash, but when I had told my story I left out any clues as to my human identity as I was not ready to stick that out there for all to see. In the meantime my wing and burns had healed nicely.

It was a fairly warm day so the classroom windows were open. I flew straight in the middle one before instantly coming to a halt and folding my wings causing me flop onto the couch underneath me on my back. Then put my hooves behind my head which was propped up on the arm rest and put a bored look on my face.

It only took a few seconds for the entire class to gawk at the cyan pegasus who was lying on the couch.

It only took a few seconds for Dale, who was sitting closest to me to sum up everyones thoughts: "What the fuck? What is that!?"

Thats my cue.

"I'm a pegasus, Duh!" I said extending my right wing out for them to see.

Right about then, Catherine, an avid pegasister and Rainbow Dash fan, recovered from her shock and began fangirling.

"Oh my gosh! It's Rainbow Dash! How do you become a pony? Does it just happen? Do you-" She started before Mr. Elliot, the teacher, shushed her and looked at me before asking some questions.

"So first of all what is your human name?"

"Rainbow Da-, Agh stupid brain, Cooper, my human name is Cooper."

"Cooper? Cooper Bogart?"

"Thats me! Although I prefer to go by Rainbow Dash now."

That answer caused a murmur of surprise to go through my 24 class mates. Mr. Elliot managed to shake it off surprisingly quickly.

"So are you here to resume classes?"

"Nah, right now I'm actually nineteen and I've already completed school in Equestria. I just wanted to see the looks on your faces! Bucking priceless! Anyway, Gotta go! See ya!" I said before jumping out of the window and taking flight.

Well that was fun! You know...I think I'll do a vlog on Youtube! I'll probably get lots of views! But first I'll do a little flying!

With those thoughts I Flapped harder and launched into a loop followed by a spin. I tore up the sky for a good thirty minutes before heading back to my house.

I should really get started on a cloud house soon. I thought as I entered the house.

I headed up-stairs to the computer and put on a pair of bracelets that had a pencil each pointing eraser down allowing me to use the keyboard of the computer.

I quickly got on Youtube and clicked to make a new account.

After fifteen minutes I had everything but a username.

Well, Duh! I thought quickly typing my name: Rainbow Dash.

I really couldn't have asked for a more fitting pony name.

As I returned to the home page I saw 'recommended for you 'Meet the ponies''

Author's Note:

Ohhhhhh, Yay vary crappy cliffhanger...

Anyway, I would of posted this on the weekend but I got a bad case of procrastination/writers block, so sorry bout that.

Also, I depressed. Why? Because the logical part of my brain decided to be a total buzzkill and remind me that this is not possible and therefore will never happen. ;( [Thats how much I want this to happen, stupid me]

Anyway I'm gonna be doing some more chapters soon, I'm just not in a writing mood at the moment. I'll also probably end up making them longer as well as I am just getting back into my school routines.

Todays question: How did you become a brony\pegasister?