• Published 18th Jul 2013
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How I Became Rainbow Dash - Lt Rainbow Slash

My name's Rainbow Dash and it has been three years since I became a pony (yes, originally I was human). I get asked 'How?' a gazillion times a day so I wrote this. Now stop reading the description and get on with it already

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Chapter 3: What kind of dream is this?!

9:02 AM MST

*yawn* Agh...hmmmmm....am I still a pony?

I opened my eyes to check.

Cloud walls and bed.....yep. Still a pony. Damn, this is one hell of a dream.

I slowly get out of bed and head towards the bathroom to relive myself.

Heh. This is a dream and I still have to piss. Screw you sub-consciance! Y U make so realistic!

I quickly finish my 'business' and head downstairs, pausing once for the obligatory faceplant, 'THUD!'

Ow. Note to self learn how to walk without doing a faceplant every time I think about it.

"Happy birthday Rainbow!"

"Thanks Mom."

"Sleep well?"

"Ya. So what are we doing today?"

"Well, seeing how you are into the Wonderbolts, your father was going to take you to their show this afternoon as your birthday present. Do you remember Uncle Lightning Dash?"

"OhmygoshohmygoshohmyGOSHOHMYGOSH! (Brain. Y U DO DIS!)Thank you Mom, your the best!" I leap up hugging her with all my strength.

"Don't thank me. Thank your father. You still haven't answered my question."

"Uncle Lightning Dash? Sounds familiar but no." I reply sitting back down at the table.

"He's a Wonderbolt, he gave your father the tickets."


"Now, Dashie, are you going to eat your cereal?"

Oh ya, totally forgot about that.

I quickly dig in. All the cereal is gone in ten seconds flat! Na, I'm kidding it was more like a realistic 3 minutes. After breakfast I head upstairs (not falling on my face this time) to brush my teeth and all that stuff. I then walk outside in the front yard and sit down.

Hmmm.. this is not very comfortable. I wonder wh...Oh, right pony body.

I quickly try sitting down like my cat back on earth.

Ahhh, much better. Wow. This city is amazing! My brain was so tired from trying to analyze my sudden influx of memories, I didn't even notice the scenery!

As I look around I see Pegasi all over flying and going about their daily business. There is what appears to be an arena off to one side, (I can tell because it looks like the colosseum made of clouds) as well as many homes and shops all over the sky. I stand up and walk to the edge of the cloud and look down. My pilot skills kicking in (I'm in the Air Cadets so I go flying quite often) I realize how high I am.

HOLY SHIT!! I must be at least 7 kilometres up! Note to self, don't fall off before I can fly, which if memory serves, should be when I'm seven or eight. Hopefully I'm not stuck in this dream that long!

I head back to my spot and think some more.

Well........Wait, in dreams your sub-conscience uses things that it has, A.K.A memories or...well actually thats all, and I don't remember any thing about ponies before I went to sleep. Especially brightly coloured talking ones.

Wait. Logic, are you telling me that this is real?


No, No way in hell. I can't have turned into a sky blue, rainbow maned pegasi over night. No, not possible.

There's also the fact that when someone realizes that they are dreaming, they wake up.

Well shit.

Hmmmm....If this is real then what happened to my body back on earth? Maybe I have two bodies? Yea, right.

And how did these memories get here? I couldn't come up with it in my imagination. I'm 14, soon to be 15 for fucks sake! I must have had a bunch of stuff happen in this body but was too young to remember anything but those facts. Ya that has to be it.

"Hey Dashie."

"Hi Mom."

"You ready to go?"

Already? Time flies, geez.


"Your Father will be here in five minutes, OK?"


Five minutes later a light purple, rainbow maned Pegasus came flying in from the direction of the weather factory. According to my memories this was my father.

"Hey Kiddo!" He yelled as he flew in.

"Daddy!" I wonder why it feels so natural to act like a five year old? Well I guess I am at the moment.

"You ready to go see the Wonderbolts?"

"YA!" Wow, I'm acting like the first time I saw the Snowbirds. (Canadian equivalent to the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds)

"Hop on then Dashie!"

I quickly got on my Dad's back and we flew towards the 'Colosseum' A.K.A Cloudsdale Stadium. When we got there, there were Pegasi packing the place. We found a seat and I hopped off.

After waiting for ten or so minutes, a voice came over the PA system.

Fillies and Gentlecolts, please allow me to introduce, The WONDERBOLTS"

The crowd, myself included, burst into cheers as the Wonderbolts flew overhead beginning their routine. I looked and saw uncle Lightning Dash flying in the right slot position. He was hard to miss with his turquoise and flame yellow mane. The two solo flyers broke off to begin their stunts while the rest of the main formation began a giant loop-de-loop. The solos began to buzz the crowd and I recognized them as Firefeet and Cloud Blast. The main formation then did a straight up climb before breaking like a firework. All the members then dove into the stadium buzzing the crowd, Lightning Dash took care to buzz us specifically before the formation reformed.

After 15 minutes of spectacular stunts, the Wonderbolts flew off.

"How was that for a birthday present Rainbow?"

A giant smile spread across my face "That was AWSOME!! One day I'm gonna be just like them!"

"Thatta girl!"

Afterwords we headed to a restaurant called 'Cloudsdale Sushi'.

What? We can't eat meat but they have sushi? I guess it must be vegetarian. I guess that means there are some Japanese or whatever-they-are-called-here ponies. Guess it makes sense.

There we met Lightning Dash.

"Hey little Bro!" my Dad called out. Lightning is 10 years younger than my Dad who is 53, but they never did care.

"Hey Blitz! And little Dashie! How'd you like the show?" he said looking at me.

"It was AWESOME!!" I replied beaming.

"Glad you liked it! Took us forever to get the firework break right!"

"I wanna be just like you!"

"Ah, with a lot of practice you might be as good as me one day!"

After having some vegetable teriyaki and cucumber rolls (my favourite even when I was human) and a long chat with my Dad and uncle LD, we headed home.

It was getting late when we got home and I was pooped. I actually fell asleep on my dads back.


7:30 AM

"Rainbow? Rainbow is time to get up, It's the first day of school."

School? Fucking Fuckity Fuck.

"K, one sec." I groaned.

I stayed in bed for an extra few precious minutes then got up and headed downstairs, thanking Celestia (thats also new) that I didn't fall on my face when I thought about it. When I got to the kitchen I found some warm waffles sitting on a syrupy plate.

"Thanks Mom" I mumbled.

After eating I went and did my business and then met my Mom at the front door. She had my sky blue saddlebags all packed and ready to go. I hopped on and we flew towards the Schoolhouse.

Man I love the wind in my mane.

When we got there I saw a certain yellow Pegasus sitting by herself in one corner of the school yard. She visibly brightened at the sight of me approaching.

"Hey Fluttershy!"

"Hello Rainbow Dash."

"How are you feeling about school?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm exited to learn new things."

Definitely something ben would say.

"Ha, I wish I could say the same."


"Because I bucking hate school!"

"Eep!" Fluttershy let out a little squeak and cowered behind her mane.

"OH, Sorry Fluttershy! I didn't mean to scare you!"

"Oh," she stood back up "I-I-It's O-OK Rainbow."


"Well, there's the bell. You want to sit together Flutters?"

"Sure, if it's OK with you."

*FACEHOOF* "Arn't I the one who asked"

"Ummm, yes?"

Oh Fluttershy!

By that time we had walked inside and we quickly found a pair of seats together and sat down. At the front of the class is a navy blue mare with white hair, and a smiling cloud as a cutie mark.

"Hello Students. My name is Ms. Rain Dance, but you can call me Ms. Rain. Now for our first less....."

I stopped listening when I felt a small piece of wet, rolled up paper hit the back of my neck.

Oh I wonder who that is. I thought sarcastically.

Turning around I see Hoops and Dumbbell, (Surprise Big Not) a few rows back, making more spitballs. As I turn back to the front, I feel a second hit my ear.


"Hoops! You do that one more time, I'm gonna buck the crap out BOTH of you!" I hiss back at them.

I turn back to the front, after a minute of Ms. Rain babbling about the plan for the school year I begin to think the two A-holes have taken a hint. I was wrong.

"Eep!" Fluttershy begins cowering as a spitball bounces off her ear.


I leap up and jump across several desks to get to them. I jump Hoops, who is holding the straw, knocking him over, and begin to pummel him with my forehooves. I then feel a dull thud on the side of my face, and I'm skidding across the floor away from Dumbbell who has just bucked me with his hind legs.

Right there's two of them. Forgot that for a sec.

Then Ms. Rain is in between us. "Stop this at once!"

"Ok, but they started it!" I yell.

"You are all coming to the principals office with me, NOW!"

Author's Note:

Well that was fun to write. any way I hopes you like.

Still looking for better cover art and an editor so if you can help me with that it would be great