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Sand Sucks


(Continuation of this story has been cancelled indefinitely.)

On April 18, 2543, during the battle of Psi Serpentis, Vice Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole and the crew of the UNSC Everest gave their lives to defend humanity. Cole had been the most successful military commander in the history of the UNSC, winning twenty-five consecutive battles against the Covenant. His accomplishments were remembered, and he was honored as a fallen hero. But do heroes ever truly die?

This story takes place immediately after the "Death" of Preston J. Cole in the short story; The Impossible Life and the Possible Death of Preston J. Cole, written by bestselling author Eric Nylund. The story is from the novel, Halo Evolutions Volume 1.

I highly recommend that you read this short story, so that you may better understand Cole's back-story. Otherwise this crossover may be slightly confusing to the readers.

Rated Teen for Occasional Strong Language, Violence, and Suggestive Themes

Also, the drawing of Cole on the left depicts him from his younger days. In the story he is over seventy years old, so as you can tell the picture is not up to date, but it was the best I could find. If anyone knows of a better, high resolution image of him, or his ship I would appreciate knowing about it. Pretty much anything that you will find will be fan-made, so that doesn't matter.

Chances are, if you are a fan of Halo, then you are a fan of Bungie Studios. So go join the Bungie Studios, The Seventh Column group, here on FIMfiction.

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Interesting. When I first read about Cole's possible fate I have wondered what did happen to him.


That's what inspired me to write this. Hope that you like it!:twilightsmile:

As long as you don't bash Celestia or go overboard with the gore and dark tags I think I may enjoy it.


Uh huh. (Quickly re-writes story). You got it!

I don't that reassures me one bit, but hey I'll give it a shot.

Hmmm... Proceed.


I have the legendary Gyvon's permission to proceed? Awwwww Yeah!

Anyway, the next chapter will be out either next week or the week after. The next two chapters are 100% completed. I just don't want to put them out too fast, run out, and have a huge gap in between before the next one is done.

I do believe you need to....WRITE MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whoa! Calm down der buddy. Moar is on da way

Thanks for the fav, and the watch BTW. I love you.

Sigh... Even though it's a great story, I already know the formula... COVENANT WHY U SCREW EVERYTHING!?!


It's their job. :trollestia:

Anyway, I'm trying my best to make the Covenant's involvement not too cliche. I would tell you how its going to go down but you know... spoilers. Untill then we will have to wait and see.

1911697 Dude, doing it more than once makes it cliche. All you can do is mix it up enough that it won't feel like the fics are f-ing like rabbits every time we turn around and then strategically placing their carbon copies so that the reader can't find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Oh my. I will do my best to make this a good story. I do hope that it will please you in the end.

Only the suffering of megalomaniacs gives me pleasure. I'm not sure if that is hypocritical though...

OH wait you meant the story. Yeah, I'll reserve my end all be all opinion until the end. Or until you do something so horribly wrong that all I can think is: 'He's not coming back from THAT one. I must flee before my pity forces me into a choke hold and convinces me to give some type of constructive criticism. Because only wusses with hearts made of marshmallows and wet tissue paper from the tears they dried while watching "Old Yeller" do that.'



I like you twice as much now. That was amazing.

in first strike Cortona dos an in atmus jump between halo 1 and 2, at the time it was impossibal for a UNSC ship to do that. she used a hijacked covenant warship

i like. i have only one question compared to the games when dos this start?


About nine years before the events of Halo CE

you have my attention


Thanks so much. Glad that you enjoy it! Chapter four comes out Saturday, so stay tuned!

A new take on the Halo crossover genre. Call me interested. :twilightsmile:

Normally, I cringe at the sight of Halo crossovers, usually it just seems like shit people write because 'lol halo is popular, ponies are popular, INSTA-GOLD', but this one actually seems pretty cool and dedicated. Taking an already established mystery in the Halo universe "Where'd that badass Admiral Cole go?" and running with it.

Anyway, nuff ranting, time for a read :D.

We get any more ships in this solar system we are going to have one big party.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Not a bad story, though it does have a few odd moments here and there.

Case in point, the opening argument to this chapter really doesn't make much sense in the context of the story. Ramirez wants to go down and see if they are hostile, and if they are just take them out then and there. The simple thing Cole could have done is remind him that they have no stations, no capabilities of getting into orbit, and therefore no way of really harming them whatsoever.

Also, the manner in which the corporal accused an admiral of not doing his job is extremely inappropriate. Any officer worth their weight in salt would never let that slide. In fact, that whole scene falls under the following:

UCMJ Article 89

At the very least the corporal would have been relieved of duty right then and there. There is no good reason for Admiral Cole to accept the behavior of this corporal. In fact, as is, the scene suggests that Admiral Cole is a poor officer that allows his subordinates to clearly question his judgement without reprecussions other than a verbal warning. If you are trying to write the character of Preston J. Cole, then keep in mind that he is meticulous and would never tolerate the level of disrespect given to him in that scene.

Anyway, not worthy of down-voting the story, but it does break the suspension of disbelief (at least on my part.) Otherwise, this story has been interesting and different in a number of ways from other Halo crossovers. Still interested to see where it goes.


Thanks for taking the time to post a criticism. I really aprreciate it.

You are very right. Ramirez has no right to speak to Cole in the manner in which he did. I will do my best to fix that part up. Looking back I realize that that was a really stupid scene, and when I have time I will fix it, I will. I also thank you for not entirely giving up on the story.


Eh, one moderate slip up isn't worthy of writing a story off. Anyway, have a good day. :twilightsmile:

I really liked that considerable bit of insight from Twilight, It gives some depth to her character and also displays your personal interpretation of her, something that I find interesting in fanfiction. Also, I noticed that you take your time to build characters and situations, something I rarely see in crossovers, not just Halo ones. Generally speaking, most crossovers jump straight into the action and leave little to no room for characterization or setting build-up. Which explains why must chapters in those fics have little less than 3k words, not that stories that short are bad though, A lot can be said with a few words, problem is that I don't feel that they do it the right way, at least in my opinion.

Sorry for the long rant, just felt inspired to express myself after reading this chapter. Anyway hope to see more from this and find out how this unfolds.

And so the waste products begin to impact the rotational cooling device. This should be interesting. Hopefully Ramirez doesn't do anything stupid. :trixieshiftright:

Small nitpick, Lee was from the nineteenth-century rather than the eighteenth. Sorry, bit of a buff for that period of history. :twilightblush:


Wait. How? Robert E. Lee was a general in the civil war, which was in the eighteenth century.


Thanks so much for that. I am really happy that you like it so far. I totally agree with you on how most crossovers generally go. I don't want to sound arrogant, or say that my story is any better than anyone else's, but I can tell you that this story will not be rushed whatsoever. It's going to take some time to get into the action. The next chapter pretty intense, and I can't wait to show you it. It will be out either next week or the week after, depending on how much I get done this week. I have a set goal for myself of getting 1,500 words done a day at least, and so far I gave been meeting that goal just fine. I'm doing this so that there won't be monthes in between updates. I want to keep this moving along nicely for you guys. After all, you guys are the best and you deserve the best.


1950983 American Civil War 1861-1865. My education has that as the 19th-century. Though I suppose one could wave this off story-wise with "That's how Admiral Cole remembered it at the time." :ajsmug: But it doesn't detract in any meaningful amount from the story. :twilightsmile:


I suppose you are right. I'll change it.

Also, the part about how there had been no Monarchies since the Twenty-First Century, i believe Tobias Shaw one of the inventors of the translight engine was a member of a Royal Society in the UK, which would mean that there must have still been a Royal Family in Britain until the 23rd Century.

Loving the story.


Really now? I did not know that. Although I guess that would make sense seeing as though the UNSC wasn't formed until the Invention of the Translight Engine. Ill look it up and change it. Thanks for pointing that out.

No problem, i'm not entirely sure where i remembered it from, i checked the wiki and it all clears up. Remember that the UNSC is the Military and Exploratory, branch of the United Earth Government, so basically anything to do with space and combat is run by them. The UEG is sort of like and descended from the UN so each country on Earth is still in some sense independent, they are merely within one entity which is the UEG. Although as the Covenant war went on the UNSC took greater and greater control, sort of like an emergency military government. So in short anything to do with Military, exploration or research is conducted by the UNSC but the UNSC is not the real government of Humanity.


Right. Ya I know all that. I just didn't know that shaw was a citizen of the UK. Thanks for that.

Loving it so far, but it looks like the burst of radio energy Maya keeps picking up are coming from unicorn magic. Is Graystone's communication mental, or via actual radio?


You will find out in the next chapter, stay tuned!

I love this fic so much. The characters are characterized so well, I feel so much for admiral Cole. I can hardly wait for first contact. The chapters are well done and the extras are interesting. Please continue.


Glad to hear that you enjoy it so much. As a writer yourself, I'm sure you must know how good it feels to receive a compliment. I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

The next chapter is done, and it will be released either this Saturday, or next Saturday, depending on how much I get done of chapter 6 this week. Tell you what. I'll let you decide. I can either realease it Saturday, and then there might be a week or two before the next one, or I can wait a week so that I can remain on a mire constant schedule. Let me know what you want, and that's what I will do.

Until then, have a fantastic day my fellow Halo Fan!


First Dislike? *sigh* I knew the streak wouldn't last forever...


Lol, some of them do it just because they can, ignore them, I mean you have 59 likes versus one dislike :derpytongue2:


Sorry guys. No new chapter today. It will be out next week though, I promise. :)

In the mean time you can go check out this video of my friend and I getting murdered many times in Planetside 2. And if you want, you can always *cough cough* like, comment, subscribe. *cough*

can't wait until cole meets celestia and luna face to face

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