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My Little Puny: A Play on Words


The Redemptive Penance is destroyed by a slip-space disaster. Out of the survivors, three Unggoy are all that's left. However, these grunts are on a planet dominated by...ponies.

As they come to terms with their current situation, these three stooges find themselves in for a wild ride.

But what is the anomaly that struck their ship?

And are they the only visitors to Equestria?

Special Thanks to WeezilOfMods on deviantART for being the editor of the story.


visit his channel.

This story is using characters from both the Halo and My Little Pony universe, as well as references from the popular RoosterTeeth series, Red vs Blue.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 97 )

Stopped reading here, premise okay, but story was...meh, not very intriguing.
3.5 stars from me:applejackunsure:
P.S Don't give up, this just wasn't my cup of tea:raritywink:

meh, good enough i suppose.. gave it a 4.5 to make it for to a 4 star rating....

Story seems like its going really really slow.. needs more ponies and less grunts history.

Wouldn't there methane tanks run out eventually?

Turn all that pony poop into methane gas.... good lord I can't seem to stop watching that Vermin Supreme songify vid on youtube...

Very interesting, I am going to watch this with avid interest. The Methane topic is something that needs to be resolved, but they at least 2 days of air. What time period is this exactly in the Halo universe? (Sorry if it was stated I can be completely oblivious sometimes.) I do agree that it focuses a little too much on our favorite form of halo aliens, but since this is recollection it doesn't bother me none. I cannot wait to see where this goes!

:ajbemused: Only one complain try to space more your chapters at least those with huge walls of text.

:pinkiecrazy: Besides that it looks interesting (even if I don't like Halo, yet I play the two first games). lets see what happens next.

Oh a grunt gets to hug rainbow dash and I don't! SUCH BS!

Green eyes?
Uh... Grunts and Elites have black bead eyes... Jackels have crimson insect eyes...
I don't know...:ajbemused:
Plus, I need to get to sleep.


Who said that those eyes belonged to someone in the Covenant?

218108 OH SNAP! Can't wait to see what happens.

Le Grammar needs work.

Otherwise it is le good story

and then the unsc come crashing down in a hail of misunderstanding

wow, those numbskulls remind be of the three stooges. Only covenant style.

Ah, it's a brute... damn, it's gonna take down abunch of easy targets before the brute itself is taken down.

its somePONY not someONE you sir are a disgrace to pony-kind

great story. you only get the feeling of "THIS IS AWESOME" if your a halo fan... cant wait for any updates

Ah now if only I could figure out what the thing was that killed the diamond dogs... likely an elite maybe...

283334 Hunters got no eyes and are comprised of orange eels. Possibly Brute. An Engineer maybe?

>>Azarune I don't know about you, but Chillys suggestion of it being flood makes everything make sense. Maybe some combat form?

Expert opinion coming up!
It would most likely be an Elite, and what he meant by 'being worse than corpses' probably states that they were dead infected Elites...
The elite is normal, because flood don't really have eyes more like tentacles and sh*t.
Flood are definitely on the planet
Which leaves us with that 1 lucky elite still alive and breathing... well barely anyway.
Just my thoughts...

No way... Engineers are opposed to combat as much as the ponies. I feel inclined to agree with "Brute", but I was unaware of their need for a separate air supply.
Maybe it's an elite, and the air's just got different qualities, and his exposed throat can't cope with the particles drifting in the air?

.......THEN IT TURNS OUT TO BE SOMTHING THAT NO ONE EXPECTS.......A bunny.....:trollestia:

379640 The thing said it had tendrils, so I'm thinking not a human, maybe a hunter.

379800 Meh, i really wanna see a human, or a few humans, land in Equestria... Knowing the grunts are gonna be all like "EVIL EVIL!!!" and everypony is gonna believe them, even though it isnt true, it would be rather hilarious. Anyvay, happy to see you updated this thing, good day to you sir :moustache:

Well, it just needed fresh air... that expels my confusion from before. Tendrils, though? Man, this is just getting confusing...
It's got the hunger of the flood, but it has two yellow eyes... plus the Covenant wouldn't keep samples of it on their ship. In fact, they do everything to blow themselves up at the first sign of an infestation. I feel like the only thing this could be is a brute... Elites aren't gluttonous.

Flood, Hunter, or somthing so unexpected it will send all of us through the roof. Seems only time will tell.

I'm guessing flood. Also Fluttershy should NOT be harmed. Mmm`kay?

And I still can't quite figure out what the creature in the cave is.....

Tendrils..... hmmm maybe one of the bugs........ And hunters usually are paired with another hunter..... Yellow eyes make me think of Elites or Brutes......

Fluttershy's going to be okay right? Right?:fluttercry:

I feel like it's a flood, but...
2. It wouldn't be interested in DISECTING Fluttershy...
3. You know what? I don't think it's from Halo. It just doesn't seem to fit anything. Maybe it's an improvised creature...

SUSPENSE!!! *thumbs up > 9000*

468309 gotta bad feeling its a brute.... if its an elite... well, i hope it could have a sense of honor, knowing most do, and that they are as powerful as a spartan-3, and almost as lethal


Will just have to read on to find out...

suddenly.....more runing and screaming grunts:flutterrage:

Wow, I wonder what would happen if I met one of them, besides them running and screaming and trying to shoot me with their plasma pistols.

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