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My Little Puny: A Play on Words


I didn't choose the hive life, the hive life chose me

These are the words that are often heard but never truly understood in Equestrian society. For the first time, the Queen of the Changelings is allowing a tiny batch of our finest enthusiasts into her kingdom in order document the inner workings that go in maintaining a well-balanced structure that is the Hive. From maintenance and construction, to nursing, to farming, to even having an illustrious guard of their own, the Hive is way more advanced then anypony had ever realized. Delve into the inner gears that make this hive-like society so powerful in the rough desert region of its homeland.

Raindrops by Alecza1234
Derpy by RegolithX
Changeling Queen by Derpy-Maple
Cave background by fryslan0109
Camera by Evilbob0
Muffin by Derpwave
Changeling 777 by sofunnyguy
Changeling helmet by Durpy
and Proenix
Other changeling (Larvas) by Ackdari

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werner herzog writes mlp fan fic. i knew it

This looks as though it could be interesting.

lol ok i have to admit i like this story so far!
hope to see more of this kind fo story X3

Ewwwww! XD
i'm laughing so hard right now! XD
i was right to follow this story! lol the walls are made out of crap lol the whole camouflage in the walls thing, did yo take that from Aliens? XD
i can only picture this going more downhill from here.
next room changeling mating chamber
and then the documentary suddenly becomes a weird as hell porno XD
anyway! hope to read more to this and yes Someone should have a nickname! lol

You know, I think a con man/pony with a bad sense of humour might accept Someone's idea. A particulate pare of unicorns come to mind. :trollestia:

Yay commander xD I didn't remember that you writed this. Nice to see him again

Derpy is the best Mailmare

i cant stop laughing at the CIA bit that is so much better than the actual CIA XD
great chapter and i actually want to see them go into the nursery now and film all the cuteness! >:D

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" But his screams were drowned out in a tidal wave of cuteness. OH god that got me!

poor derpy being tackled like that. XD great story.

Whelp, I guess this and a similar work by (retiring) Overlord Obsolescence are officially noncanonical as of the S6 finale.:unsuresweetie: That's okay though, fanfiction is all about deferring from the official canon, am I right? :rainbowdetermined2:

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