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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


Trixie finds Pinkie Pie irritating... at best, but when a parasprite finds its way into Ponyville and begins multiplying, she and the Luna Six need her help to contain the plague before it gets out of control... or more out of control than it already is.

Part of the Lunaverse, created by RainbowDoubleDash. Takes place about a week before Boast Busted.

Lunaverse trope page.
Episode trope page.

And thanks to Emeral Bookwise for the theme song used in chapter two.

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It's very good to see the Lunaverse getting more and more stories :yay:

Fave. Track. Must read moar.

Seriously, strong opening. This is gonna be so fun when the parasprites show up.

"What are these 'small doses' everypony keeps talking about? I don't understand what that means!" :pinkiehappy:

This promises to be good! Good opening there. There's a strange type when Trixie enters Sugarcude corner where it mentions 'her Carrot Cake', you might want to look into it.

I'm not certain Pinkie understands Pinkie...

Fave'd, and I'm doing the legwork of adding this to the group's main page.

Any idea on when this is taking place? The only hard rule I have concerning that is that the middle of summer and forward is off-limits.

A new addition to the Lunaverse I see. :pinkiegasp:
Can't wait to start reading it.

Edit: Hehe Trixie is just courting calamity with that remark.

Seriously-written Lunaverse story? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Trixie_lolface_1.png Instant fave. You can never have to much Lunaverse.

If you haven't figured out when to set it, it could be a little bit before Boast Busted (maybe after Fizzy's '"I" for Impossible') or slightly after (a week or three). Just suggestions.

652249 It takes place between 'Family Matters' and 'File Under 'I' for Impossible. And thanks!

Hmm...If this takes place before File Under 'I' for 'Impossible' then Trixie wouldn't dismiss the disaster related forms so off-hoofedly :trixieshiftleft: and wouldn't claim nothing ever happens in Ponyville. :trixieshiftright: I intended that remark as a sort of tempting of the fate, like when someone says 'At least it can't get worst'. Personally I would place it after Boast Busted, since we don't have any story set after yet.

653622 Hmm, all right. I'll edit that. Takes place before Boast Busted, then.

EDIT: To prevent more work, since it's slotted before Boast Busted, that's when it takes place. A week before Boast Busted. If any problems, let me know.

Okay, proper response to all.

649659 Well, it's a strong universe that deserves expansion. Thanks!

650035 It's not gonna be like 'Swarm of the Century'... but there will be wacky hijinks. :pinkiecrazy: No visit from Luna, mind you.

651021 That's an awesome Pinkie emoticon. And no, nopony does. She makes Discord back up a step or three.

652076 Which is why in RL I don't think I'd like her too much... [/legit]

652243 Thanks, and fixed. Anyone else, I don't mind stuff being pointed out like that.

652249 Thanks, and sorry. Thought I added it to the group...:fluttershysad: And yes, a week or so before 'Boast Busted'.

652269 Hope you like it, and yes. That's why it's funny! :facehoof:

652938 Yeah, before Boast Busted. And nope, never too much.

653622 And... changed to pre-Boast Busted. Thanks for the heads-up there.

Good strong opening! I like the way you've written Trixie and Ditzy Doo here. Also Pinkie Pie - she's not a bad pony, but infuriating to work with.


Well even Pinkie says in "Swarm of the Century" than she doesn't understand herself so your comment is cannon also faving since I do love certain AU fics/series like one where Twilight goes back in time and all of her friends are the G1 counterparts

Good opening; Trixie is going to look back at this and remember the way she tempted fate...

MOAR! Love this! We need more of Ditzy's sarcastic, snarky, evil genius side!

I wonder if Trixie's mane will explode into blue flames or ice by the end of this.

if this is the way everyone acts around Pinkie then why isn't she straight haired, depressed and borderline insane?


*read read read*

Ooh, parasprites are insidious little things...

She looked to Fluttershy, but the pegasus had her wings folded up over her heads.
Huh. Well, at least Fluttershy will never be lonely...

This gives me an idea for a story: "Ditzy tries to convince Fluttershy that Trixie doesn't want to hurt her." The conflict would come from trying to keep Trixie from finding out that "Buttercry" is the daughter of THE Posey.

...you else would be the Great and Powerful Trixie's assistant?

I think you mean who else, right?

Not bad, still pacing itself, but at least the story is now properly revving up. Nothing much else to say right now.

Oh, except for one thing. It was weird, but kind of fun when Fizzy had CT do a modified Pinkie Pie Swear. Having Ditzy use it unaltered, and under such casual circumstances just feels completely weird.



That was just about my response too. Not like I have much room to talk, but it had been long enough that I'd almost forgotten about this fic. As it was I found my self once or twice thinking, hey look, this fic is making references to that other fic, wait, this is 'that' other fic.

gah this is going VERY slow, the anticipation is killing me:pinkiecrazy:


You know, I just had a thought. What if for an epilogue, you had the parasprite swarm dumped on Corona and Zecora?

658560 Thanks, and that's my opinion of her. She means well... but it can go so overboard.

659268 Oh, if that's the one I'm thinking of, I'm the proofreader for that one! :pinkiehappy:

671990 Yeah, she'll think back, splinter her desk with her head...

728412 Coming! Not sure on, snarky, genius side...

749309 Not sure. This won't be going as far as Swarm of the Century...

749851 Not everypony... just filtered through Trixie.

779411 *Ahem* I have four other stories going on. :raritywink: And yes, they are. And fixed, thanks.

779597 Ooh, I like that one! I might do it...

779610 Fixed, thanks.

779626 Well... lemme put it this way. Remember in 'Swarm of the Century' where no one really paid attention to Pinkie Pie naming the parasprites and going off in search of musical instruments? Not happening, here. And like I said, four other stories. :raritywink:

780087 Next chapter will be revving up, don't worry.

780516 LOL! I shall... take that under consideration.

Allright chapter two! Uh oh... where is that little Parasprite now?

Keep up the good work! Though there's a few instances where I think there's a word at the wrong place or somethng like that.

Definitely following this, its nice to see an alternate universe where each installment is well-written. Some FO:E stories honestly only get by on being set in that universe... Anyway, great story, but just one thing. It is called sleight of hand, not slight. Call of Duty may get thousands of things wrong, but the spelling of that phrase is one thing that they get right.

Oh, nice, I've been waiting for this.
It's good to see all of the little references to other goings-on in the Lunaverse.

Good work, Trixie, dooming Eventime to fail before it even starts. :trixieshiftleft:

I can't wait for the next chapter!

So a Pinkie Chase?

Terror strikes, and the best idea Ditzy has is to follow Pinkie.....

We're boned.

Hehehe. :D

I don't have a banjo... but will a Ukulele do, Pinkie?

Yeah, they're doomed.

Yay, a situation that this version of the main six will deal with more competently than their Equestria Prime counterparts!

...and now I'm just waiting for Luna to make a surprise arrival in a not-destroyed-but-certainly-damaged Ponyville at the end and cause Trixie and company to suffer the humiliation Twilight and company managed to avoid through sheer dumb luck. :trollestia:

So, we're finally going to figure out what it is that makes L!Pinkie Pie tick.

Oh look, this updated. Now I feel sort of bad for poking fun at you earlier today. :twilightoops:

Things should certainly get interesting from here on.

"We're all gonna die!!!":raritydespair:

Well okay, maybe not. Still... where would Pinkie Pie find a banjo at this time of the day?

Ah, the family-friendly zombie invasion has begun!

Or really, the tribbles with wings. Which is still a horrifying thought.

"One million, seven hundred seventy-one thousand, five hundred sixty-one. That's assuming one tribble, multiplying with an average litter of ten, producing a new generation every twelve hours over a period of three days – "

To be fair, Ditzy is showing more sense and situational awareness than the regular Mane 6 did when this happened.


i know that, but pointing out the fact the best idea she has is following Pinkie was funnier.

And now we have no Zecora to deliver that classic "You're doomed!"-line.

783083 Well, we found out now. And what instances? I don't mind corrections pointed out.

787736 Thanks. :twilightsmile: And fixed that, thanks.

790620 Actually... not really, since Eventime is the Festival in Boast Busted. :scootangel:

955942 It's the best kind of chase, better than a paper chase!

955973 It's a heck of a lot smarter than what Twilight did in 'Swarm of the Century'...

956016 Don't see why not...

956088 Maybe, maybe not...

956166 LOL, good idea, but I'm not that cruel... perhaps. :trollestia:

956337 Yeah, and it seems the other Lunaverse authors like what I've got planned for her. :pinkiehappy:

956400 LOL, it's cool. Just remember my five other stories going on at the same time. :pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:

956415 it's Pinkie. Even this version has stuff stashed all over Equestria, methinks.

956579 Yeah, good thing they couldn't do that in TOS... :twilightoops:

958296 Precisely, which is why this one's gonna be shorter overall than 'Swarm'.

958905 Maybe not so doomed as some think... ?


Hey, Zecora wasn't going to say it...

And so it begins...

Keep going, dude, this is great!

I feel that if they tried the parade lie on Luna it wouldn't work...

So not even Love & Tolerance was enough to stop parasprite horde? Yep they're doomed :raritycry:

This is coming along nicely. I especially like that unlike in the actual episode, there is actually someone willing to listen to Pinkie. :pinkiehappy:

tobasco sauce and mayo with fries is mighty tasty, ill have you know! :trixieshiftright:
Trixie and parasprites..... this could get very interesting indeed....
You follow the Great Pink One, she knows the way!

Please complete soon. I'm gonna wait for this to complete before reading Boast Busted.

Okay.....now that Ditzy and Raindrops have started to take care of business, it's time to corral a jacked-up, pink-maned case of arrested development and pry some answers out of her. Also to hear a "Trixie is a Meanie McMeanpants" speech because the little kid in Pinkie confuses the stress-induced hostility she's about to face with hatred.

I don't think Pinkie is that far gone, as to speechify about Trixie being mean.

Though I can see her as getting caught up in the middle of an explenation on a tangent about how Trixie's okay even though she's a little full of herself and jerky and...

That makes a trifle more sense. Saying just the wrong thing is part of being sorta oblivious. (Also, watch somepony without a character tag appreciate Pinkie's gift for understatement.:rainbowlaugh:)

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