• Published 26th May 2012
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Ill Communication - RK_Striker_JK_5

Parasprites are coming, and Trixie needs Pinkie's help to stop them.

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Chapter Four

Ditzy shot into the air, turning about in a slow arc, not even bothering to try to get her eyes under control. She searched for any telltale sign of pink, finding some but not the right shade in the mane, tail or coat. “Oh, this is getting me nowhere!” she cried out, throwing her forelegs up in frustration.

After another minute, Ditzy floated down, landing on the street. She galloped over to Daisy as the skittish mare was stumbling away from a parasprite. “Daisy!” she cried out. “Daisy, wait I-” She stopped as Daisy turned and galloped off at full speed, turning in a sharp arc and going back around the street. She looked over her shoulder at the parasprite, only for it to cough up another one of its kind right onto her muzzle.

Ditzy stood there as the newborn parasprite sprouted wings, detached itself from her face and flew off, cooing. “You are so lucky I'm the Element of Kindness right now.” She spun around so her body faced the general direction of her sight. She took a deep breath before shouting, “Attention everypony!” at the top of her lungs. She spread her wings and hopped up, hovering a few meters on the ground. She scrunched her muzzle up and focused, projecting all of her 'mom voice' into it. “Attention, everypony!” she yelled.

There was momentary glee as all those on the street stopped and turned to her. Ditzy quickly snapped back to the matter at hoof. “I need help finding Pinkie Pie.” A trio of parasprites flew by her, one eye trailing after them. “She seems to know something about these things, like their name. And she wants a banjo!”

Coconut spoke up. “Dudette, you are totally harshing our buzzes!” He held up a hoof and waved it about at a half-dozen of the little blobs hovering around his head, another half-dozen hovering around his back and his lunch balanced there. “They don't seem too bad to me, and they're so adorable!” One of the parasprites landed on his upturned toe and he grinned. “Aww, you're so, like, adorable!”

Three of the parasprites suddenly dove, flying under the plate and upending it, tossing a lilac sandwich and carton of hay fries into the air. Before Coconut could do anything, the whole dozen of them converged on his lunch, ripping the sandwich apart and eating the hay fries. Within a minute, their number doubled, each one shooting off in a different direction.

Ditzy flew over to Coconut. “See?” She spun around, locking an eye with each of the ponies on the street. “We need to spread out and find Pinkie Pie as soon as possible!”

Daisy held a foreleg to her forehead. “We're doomed!' she cried out, keeling back and landing on her back, legs sticking straight into the air. Within seconds, Coconut cantered back, nickering and whinnying before spinning around into a full-fledged gallop. Others soon galloped off, adding their screams and the sounds of their hooves to a cacophony of chaos.

Ditzy floated there as the ponies scattered, the parasprites tossed about in their wake. One eye focused squarely on Daisy as she lay there, face a rictus of terror. “You are so lucky I'm the Element of Kindness.” Motion caught one eye and she looked up as a yellow-coated pegasus with an electric-blue mane descended. A sigh of relief escaped her as she slowly descended, head whipping about. “Raindrops!” she cried out. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you!”

Raindrops kicked her forelegs out, touching down. She looked around at the parasprites and the panicking population. “What the hay is going on?” She looked to Ditzy, but her gaze was drawn by the parasprites buzzing about her head. “And what the hay are these?” she asked, waving a foreleg about at them.

Ditzy sucked in a breath. “They're called parasprites. They eat food, spit up more of them and they eat more food along with the original ones. I think they're from the Everfree Forest and...” Her voice trailed off. “Oh, sweet Luna!” She reached out and grabbed Raindrops by the shoulders, shaking her about. “Dinky and Trixie are still back at the post office!”

Raindrops' eyes swam about from Ditzy's shaking. She grunted before shrugging her off. “Ditzy, Ditzy!” she shouted. She leaned in, eyebrows narrowing. “Get a hold of yourself, Ditzy. No amount of panic is gonna help.” The pegasus waited for her friend to calm down. “Okay, now they're parasprites? What else?” She pointed up at the sky. “I heard you shouting about Pinkie Pie. What's she got to do with these things?”

“She knows their names,” Ditzy replied. “She acted with disgust at them and headed off to get a banjo.” She held up a foreleg. “And no, I have no clue why she wants a banjo. Just that she does and galloped down an alley and disappeared.” She looked behind her shoulder, spinning around in midair. “Oh, my muffin...” She stopped and looked to Raindrops. “She, Trixie and Silver Script are back at the post office.” Her breathing increased slightly. “I trust Trixie and Silver Script is the best boss I could have, but those things eat and puke up more of them and most of my cupboards are bare and I just don't know what'll go wrong next!” She landed on the ground, eyes glittering, chest and barrel heaving.

A pair of strong forelegs wrapped around Ditzy, squeezing her gently. “Don't worry,” Raindrops said. “It'll be all right. We'll get rid of these things. And I may rag on Trixie, but when the chips are down she'll pull through” She let go and locked onto one of Ditzy's eyes. “Now... you're sure about Pinkie? Seems pretty random, even for her. A banjo?" She let out a nervous chuckle. "Maybe she wants to throw a parade for them."

Ditzy's right and left eyes both wandered a bit, her left eye finally locking onto Raindrops. "Like I said, she knows their name, Raindrops. And she didn't have a look of welcome on her muzzle." She closed her eyes and shook her head. "I can feel it. She's the key to getting rid of them." A rueful smile crossed her muzzle. "And I know what it's like to be ignored like that."

Raindrops' throat bobbed a bit. "Okay, good points." She threw her forelegs up. "Not like I've got a better idea." She looked around at the panicking populace, then at Daisy as she lay there. “Lemme guess, she did her thing and everypony else went nuts?”

“How'd you know?”

A bark of laughter escaped Raindrops. “Lucky guess.” She looked around. “Okay, so Pinkie's looking for musical instruments. What's the best source for them?” She suddenly spread her wings out and shook her body, sending several parasprites flying off. “Shoo!”

Ditzy rubbed her chin before striking a hoof against the dirt. “Lyra and Bonbon's apartment!” she cried out. “Lyra's got a number of instruments, and I bet she'll be the first place Pinkie hits!” She spread her wings and hopped into the air, but paused for a second. “Wait, shouldn't we get more ponies involved in this? Maybe we should tell Mayor Scroll about this.”

Raindrops cocked her head to the side. “Why? So she can give some dumb speech and do nothing else?”

There was silence from Ditzy before her head drooped. “Okay, okay. But what about Cheerilee or Carrot Top? Or anypony else?” The street was quieter, with the occasional pony about, parasprites swarming about and Daisy still on the ground. Several homes and businesses had been locked up, windows and doors closed, some barred with impromptu barriers.

Raindrops shook her head. “Speed's of the essence right now, Ditzy.” She jumped into the air and spun around. “I'll head for Bonbon and Lyra's apartment over the Confectionarium. Pinkie's bound to show up there. You circle around and keep both eyes peeled for her.” And with that, she shot off into the air and down the street, turning at the nearest intersection.

Ditzy spared a glance back, her mind flying towards the post office, her best friend and her daughter. “I hope she's all right...” she mumbled before flying off, one eye pointing left and the other right.

The parasprites struggled against the telekinetic field surrounding them, but they were slowly forced down into a large mail bag. The buzzing of their wings created a palpable breeze, but it merely stirred Trixie's mane as she stood over them, her horn glowing brightly. The mouth of the bag closed and a length of string tied itself around in a knot. The entire squirming mass floated over, joining two others on the floor of the post office.

Trixie's legs wobbled, but she kept herself upright. “Okay, piece of cake.” She looked to Dinky, standing by her side. “Dinky, thanks.” She reached out and mussed Dinky's sweat-soaked mane. “Couldn't have done it without you.” A grunt from behind caught her attention. “Nor without you, Silver Script,” she said, rolling her eyes.

Silver Script trotted up besides the two unicorns. His baseball bat was gripped in his muzzle, the bat slick with squashed parasprites. He spat it out onto the wooden floor and glared at the three bags. “Thanks, Trixie.” He gestured to the bags. “So, what do we do with them?”

Trixie shrugged, wobbling slightly. “I'll figure that out once we've gotten the rest of them out of Ponyville.” She looked to the door. “Hopefully Ditzy has a handle on the situation.” She moved forward, but stopped as Dinky moved with her. “Kiddo?”

Dinky looked up at Trixie, her lower lip jutting out. “You need help, Miss Trixie, and Momma needs help too. So I'm gonna help!”

Trixie's eyes shifted back and forth. She looked to Silver Script, then back to Dinky with a grin pasted on her face. “Oh, but Silver Script needs your help, my assistant!” She rose to her hind legs, her cape fluttering out behind her. “Only the greatest and most powerful assistants can help him sweep the post office for any of the little buggers we missed!”

Dinky's eyes grew twice their size. “Really?”

Trixie looked to Silver Script and waved a foreleg around in a circle. “Really. Right, Silver Script?”

Silver Script's eyebrows furrowed. He waved a wing at Trixie, motioning to the service counter with his head. He turned and walked back around the counter. He waited for Trixie to join him before speaking. “Okay, what gives?”

Trixie sighed. “I am telling the truth, Silver.” She rolled her head around, her eyes darting about. “I'm not sure we got all these little buggers, so a more thorough sweep would be good.” She let out a breath and kicked at the floor. “And... I just don't want Dinky out there in this mess.”

Silver Script's muzzle twitched. “I thought you liked her.”

Trixie's eyes wandered back to the foal who stood by the door. “I do. That's why I don't want her to go with me. See her mane?” At Silver Script's nod she continued. “She's already pushed herself hard with these things. I don't want her going over the edge and overchanneling at so young an age.”

Silver Script looked Trixie over. “And you're much better?” he said, snorting.

Trixie nodded. “I am.” She smirked. “Element of Magic, personal student of Princess Luna and an adult with a lot of years of training.” The smirk vanished from her face. “And on the extremely low chance that anything happened to her while helping me, not only would Ditzy never forgive myself, I would never forgive myself.”

Silver Script nodded. He reached out with a wing and patted Trixie on her shoulder. “You know, you may be a jerk sometimes - okay, a lot of times - but you're all right the other times, Trixie.” He hopped back over the counter. “Okay, Dinky. Let's do one more look around the place while Trixie goes off to help your mother, all right?” He shepherded Dinky away from the door and to the stairs leading to the Doo's apartment.

Dinky stopped and looked to Trixie. “You'll be all right, Miss Trixie?”

Trixie nodded to the young unicorn. “Ditzy has my back, so I will be. And thanks for your help, both of you.” She turned, her cape swirling about. “Now stand back as the Great and powerful Trixie goes forth to vanquish the swarm!” She opened the door and galloped out, slamming it shut behind.