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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


First of the month update · 9:33pm Sunday

Dear followers, readers, folks all around...

Today is August first! Therefore it's time for me to total up my verbiage. And... I was admittedly feeling more than a bit burnt out. Sorry, all. :( Work's been hectic and annoying. Fortunately I'm on vacation this week.

So... carry the negative four, divide by...

6,378 words for the month of July.

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First of the Month update · 7:15pm July 1st

Dear followers, readers, random passers by...

It is July first! And you know what that means! You... do know what that means, right?

Well... time for me to total up my writing, pony and non-pony, and see what I've got! So carry the 6, divide...

8,217 words for the month of June.

Okay, more like it. :) Thanks to you all for sticking by me!

And as usual, a song to carry us out! A little old-school...

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First of the Month update · 9:21pm June 1st

Dear followers, readers, rubber-neckers to this car crash of an account...

It's June first! And it's not too horrible so far? May was... not horrible. I got my Covid shot, Johnson and Johnson. It took me out for a few days, didn't really get any writing done for a week. I did manage to update Chaos Runs Rampant, at least. So! Let us total up my verbiage... carry the Pi, divide by negative ten million...

7141 words for the month of May

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Chaos Runs Rampant updated · 12:49am May 26th

Dear followers and readers...

Chapter eight of Chaos Runs Rampant is live! I thank you for your patience. I wanted to get this done earlier but I got my Covid-19 vaccine, the Johnson and Johnson one, and... yeah. It kinda wiped me out. I had to call out of work and I literally don't remember the last time that happened.

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First of the Month Update · 7:07pm April 30th

Dear followers, readers, future cyber-archeologists...

Well, tomorrow is May first, but since it's the weekend and I work retail and the job of, "OH GOD WHY?!" on the weekend, I figure i'd do this a day early. ;) So... it's been a bit of a tough month for me, admittedly, writing-wise. Been busy with real-life, got into a new hobby. Been building Frame Arms Girls kits! They're fun, and hearken a bit back to when I did Star Trek model kits! Anyway...

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First-of-the-Month update · 7:45pm April 1st

Dear followers, readers, passers by...

Today is April first! I hate April Fool's Day.

No, seriously. I've already seen a half-dozen bits of news about 'new' Transformers coming out... that are all false. And that's just the Transformers.

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Chaos Runs Rampant updated! · 1:32am March 31st

Dear followers, readers, anyone seeing this...

Chapter seven of Chaos Runs Rampant is live! I'd like to thank the folks at Space Battles, and you folks for reading. I know I'm a slowpoke, so i appreciate your patience. :)

And, as always, because I'm shameless, the trope page is here, just in case. ;)

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new chapter of my Bangles fanfic is up! · 8:45am March 24th

Dear readers, followers and passers by...

Chapter three of my Bangles-centric fanfic 'Walking Down Your Street', my expansion of their music video, is live. It's a bit of a transition chapter, admittedly. I'm working on the next one right now. If you're reading, I hope you enjoy. :)

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First of the Month Update · 1:40am March 2nd

Dear followers, readers, folks rubbernecking this train wreck of an account...

It's March first! I've been writing, mostly on Space Battles. it's been a bit difficult, but I've gotten some good stuff done there. I have the next chapter for Chaos almost done, too. Anyway, time to total up my verbiage! So, carry the one, divide by zero...

9,557 words for the month of February

Okay, pretty good IMHO. I've already started writing today, too.

As for this month's song...

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First-of-the-month update and wrap-up of the cursed year of 2020 · 1:32am January 6th

Dear followers and readers.

It is now 2021! And 2020... thank Primus it's over. I mean just... yeah. So, time to finally wrap up the month and year. It's been a wearing couple of days...

So, for the month of December, where I work in retail and it's been a shitshow...

6,642 words for the month of December.

And for the year...

119,307 words for the year of 2020.

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