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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


The story is generally the same. A group of ponies go on a quest to stop an insane alicorn who had escaped banishment, learning about friendship along the way and mastering the Elements of Harmony. But the details...

It can be Trixie Lulamoon leading the Elements of Harmony against Corona.
Rainbow Dash could be Celestia's student and go to Ponyville.
Equestria could have a deep connection to three young people in its distant past.
The Elements of Harmony could have been moved to Manehattan for the ponies to quest for.
Princess Cadance might rule over an Equestria of music, with Octavia as her prized protege.
Or Spike and Twilight might have their roles reversed, the former a stallion and the Element of Magic.

And each one has been chosen by Discord, an Element removed to a seventh Equestria for purposes as yet unknown. Can they survive? Can they get home? Read and find out!

The Lunaverse was created by RainbowDoubleDash and is used with permission. Opening segment was written by Talon and Thorn.
The Hasbroverse was created by RK_Striker_JK_5 and is used with permission.
The Manehattanverse was created by Little Jackie Papercut and used with permission.
The Cadanceverse was created by GrassAndClouds2 and used with permission.
The Flipverse was created by Bed Head and used with permission.
The Dashverse was created by Trinary and used with permission.

And special thanks to dramatic_spoon for getting this all together.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 357 )

Let the mutliversal hijinks begin! :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::yay::coolphoto::heart:

:pinkiehappy: It begins...

Sounds fun...though I think the Hasbroverse should be either before or after the Flipverse so as not to reveal Discord too quickly to the reader. Also shouldn't Spike know Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie from HIS Ponyville (though I guess I haven't read those stories so I wouldn't know). I wonder how long it'll take for everypony to realize this Spike is like the dragon they know? Hmm...

The Spike of the Dashverse is pretty much a zoo animal after Twilight's magic surge; without Celestia present to fix things, he did a lot of damage before they fixed things.

Once again, you never fail to impress. :pinkiehappy: Very cool work.

I hope you don't mind if I references this story in my own series of series (even though the Hasbroverse is the only other version I like. To be honest, I don't approve of the Lunaverse due to its making Twilight a bad guy of sorts and I haven't read the other universe stories yet).

Again, good work and I will see you again in the future. :twilightsmile:

This amuses me. I look forward to more :twilightsmile:
Although, shouldn't you have an other tag for Auntie Orange?

I'm kind of hoping the seventh Equestria is in the Plane of Ungula, what one might call the "Elementals-verse". Probably not, though. This'll be complicated enough without Planeswalkers Ditzy Do and Pinkie Pie.

This story encompasses what I like about the stories I add to my group. Welcome to Adventures - AU, and know that you'll be highly recommended.

Unrelated, buuut. . .

Just started reading this as this popped on.

So, three earth ponies, two pegasi, and one unicorn? Gah, now my OCD is acting up! There needs to be two of each so it can be symmetrical, dangit! :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2:

My reaction to this fic

Interesting Concept. :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::raritywink::twilightsmile::yay:

The gray mare piped up. “‘Celestia’s lesson plan’?” She suddenly gasped. “You’re working for Corona, Rainbow Dash?!”

So this is after Crisis on Two Equestrias then =D

Meta-Meta Fiction.

I've only read 4 of these six stories, but I'm happy to see that this seventh probably won't need people to read any of them prior to this one.

I am familiar with three out of the six universe's here. This seems quite interesting. Octavia as Honesty; Auntie Orange as Generosity; Rainbow as Loyalty; Pinkie as Laughter; Ditzy as Kindness and Spike (as a stallion) as Magic. I am guessing the reason he chose from six different universes was so they wouldn't immediately stone him. It will be interesting to see how their friends will react to their disappearance. I am also interested to see what Discord did to his dimensions Element bearers.

So, this is the MLP equivalent of SRW?:rainbowderp:



Is this AU gold? Only time and more chapters will tell.

haven't even read it yet and I know am gonna love it! :twilightsmile:

Ooooh, you better not mess this up, boy.

The Lunaverse is too convoluted at this point for me to fiddle with, but that thing Octavia's from sounds interesting. Is it worth a read do you think?

Verrah intriguin'...
(bit rough 'round the edges, though, but still good. Curse my innate fondness for this exact sort of thing!)

Well color me intrigued.

Is the seventh Equestria that they're in the Canon universe? I guess the Hasbroverse might be too close for that, but hey, it's a good way not to give prominence to any of the AU's.

I've read four of the six listed universes, and all of them are worth the read.
This is possibly the most ambitious thing I've ever read. Your taking six fanon alternative universes and combining them to make a whole new story. To me it reflects the unity that exists in this fandom.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

3887578 Then don't read my Backgroundverse stories. Same basic setup. (Though, to be fair, that setup was kinda chosen for me, given what I had to work with.)

"teeny, tiny problem that's surfaced through barely indirect fault of my own?"
I.E It's all his fault

A redmaned filly
The crowd burst into applause, all the seats set up in front of the temporary stage were full and many ponies were standing as well the sound was almost overwhelming
she had been participating in a charity fly-a-thon earlier than day
"Y-you know, I'll bet Rarity is busy,""

1. Red Maned?
2. I feel as if there needs to be a full stop just after Well.
3. That.
4. Extra quotation mark.

Only two of the six I've read... Luunaverse and Flipverse. I'm not going to be able to get some jokes yet but maybe... just maybe...:pinkiecrazy:

Edit: Forgot this was one of the greatest lines so far (Next to Spike unintentionally hitting on Octavia);

"Alright. Wub test one," she called ."Beginning... now!"
A massive blast of sound--so loud and powerful it could almost be touched--blasted from the speakers.
At the same time, a bright white flash stunned all four Elements.
And when the flash faded, Octavia was gone.
For a moment, the three Elements could only stare.
And then Vinyl gasped. "She was converted to wubs!"


They recently redeemed Twilight, took a trip to the Canonverse to get the ball rolling.

I don't need to read this to fave it, I don't need to read this to know that this will be awesome...why?

RJ Striker Hasbro'sverse is something that fills me with nostalgic joy and love everytime I see a new chapter, he has skills of a great author.

Trinary is, arguably, the best Dash writer on this site. The Dashverse is something I fell in love with long ago and continue to read to this day as a fine example of how to make another girl the student.

Little JAckie Paper cut's Manehattenverse is an unque world that shows how the story of how Twilight meets the elements and becomes a hero does not always have to happen in Ponyville. It could happen somehere else and you can still do it without demonizing the mane 5.

GrassAndClouds2 is the creator of an universe as well and somehow manages to create a beautiful world; however the real talent comes in how he can craft such beautiful music into the writing. The upbeatness of the characters and the heartwarming moments that he brings to the table are always a joy

Bed head, though I have only started on Flipverse, gives us an interesting look into a fun premise. While we are used to a student getting the glory and prestige of the bearer, rare is the time we see him just being a reporter.

The only one I have not known is, Talon and Thorn, but he is on the Lunaverse the first universe that I became a fan of so long ago. The Lunaverse is something special to me because I have seen it grow and turn into something really special.

A fic by any ONE of these authors would almost be an instant fave with me, a fic from almost any one of these would be an interesting read; however, this is a combination of several talented writers dealing with not one, two, or even three universes that I love and am a part of...but 6 of them and done by six of some of my favorite authors? The only way you could convince me to read it even more is to say that to read will give me a chance to have a party with every author I have ever respected. This fic is essitantally a part of everything I love about being a writer for FIM and a reader of fanfics in the first place. This is the equilvant of Neil Gaiman teaming up with Stan Lee, while Alex Ross draws a Pony novel while Joss Whedon and Greg Weiseman make an adaptation of said novel as directed by Tel Tormo. So in other words...I won't fave this story and will probably skip it.:pinkiehappy:

I kid...I am going to love this!

I get the impression that the other five haven't made the connection between Spike the Pony and Spike the Dragon yet, even with him noting that Twilight Sparkle is his assistant.


I think he appeared in front of Sherbet, not Octavia, although that would be another bit of irony: Sherbet's Spike (still a dragon) has a crush on her world's Octavia.

"Hmm, can't say I particularly saw THIS reality coming--how wonderfully chaotic!"

It might seem chaotic to him, but... actually seems very fortunate.

“Discord broke out of his prison and kidnapped Pinkie Pie!”

Discord: check. Now they don't have only Tirek

3889058 3887867
Why do people talk about "Crisis on Two Equestrias" like it is canon to the lunaverse? If I recall correctly, which I hope I do otherwise I will feel stupid, but wasn't that story counted as a non-canon "movie" story?

I am intrigued by this story and would like to see more of this. Can't wait to see where this new team goes. :twilightsmile:

Now this is new! I await what comes next.

3889434 It's actually mentioned in "The Return of Tambelon," the season 2 opener.

3889434 : It's canon, actually. Events there such as Twilight's surrendering and redemption are a part of S2.

3889231 : Aww, thanks! :-D Glad you like my writing!

Woman's voice: Please fasten your seatbelts.

Me: Let's go!:rainbowdetermined2:


Well, In the Dashverse, Spike I think is dead or MIA because Twilight kind of didn't get him. Cadenceverse never had the test to begin with, Lunaverse has Spike working with Zecora and is currently somewhere else, so basically its only three who would be really shocked: Manehatten (Spike is still Twilights assitant) and the Hasbroverse (since that is the main one that follows cannon till a certain point).

One thing I am loving so far is how everyone is playing catch up here to understand where the universes all stand (note to self, finish reading flipverse)

Awesome start. Can't wait to see where you go with this.

3889404 Hmm... you're right, I dun goofed there:derpytongue2: But now I have a new ship in my head:pinkiecrazy:

3889769 I uh... I only see you mentioning two Spikes, not three. Which dimension does the third belong to?:rainbowhuh:

3889606 3889678
sorry, haven't reached Season 2 yet, so I didn't know.


Rainbow-verse I think.


Dashverse!Spike was either never born or, according to someone (too lazy to look for the post), is just an animal since Tia wasn't there to fix Twilight's overload.

Okay, so, basically, Discord broke reality (again) and now he's expecting a member of the Mane Six from six alternate but broadly-parallel timelines to fix it for him. Because he's certainly not going to get his paws dirty.

Am I missing anything here?

Oh, Megan? I know that 'kill first and worry about questions at some undefined future point in time' is an old, old human tradition but it isn't a good idea when dealing with mad gods.


Technically, Cadanceverse and Flipverse both had the test... with Trixie being the successful "egg-hatcher" in those AUs, not Twilight.

In discussions (there was talk about having an "Assistants' Lounge" story as a bonus), I think Dashverse Spike (if he exists) is the only one truly MIA.


Hasbro!Spike and Manehattan!Spike are close to canon as far as their personal origin goes.
Cadaceverse!Spike and Flipside!Twilight were hatched by Trixie.
Lunaverse!Spike... I'm not familiar enough with, but he's been utilized.

I'd have to take a closer look at the Twilight / Trixie sections of the Dashverse stories to see if a Spike exists in that AU.

So, before reading impressions: Like that you've finally decided to do a pony story crossover that actually focus on the actual ponies, as oppose to old retired military branches and giant robots. Kinda disappointed that Discord was the best you could come up with for a multiversial threat though. Don't get me wrong, I like Discord, but I like Chaotic Neutral/Troll Discord. Complete Monster Discord is just sort of... eh. Eh.

Having him as the big bad (knowing my luck I may or may not be having to eat crow here shortly)/ cause of all this... just seems a bit predictable to me. Still, it has Best fanverse (aka the Cadenceverse) so it can't be all bad!:pinkiehappy:

either way, I'll be sure to give you my full thoughts on the first chapter when I get around to reading it. Good luck! :twistnerd:

I've only read a bit of the Lunaverse but this seems like some fun! Imma watch it! :pinkiehappy:

3890499 Technically for Flipside! it was Twilight that was the dragon for that universe but yes, Trixie hatched her and so far for the Lunaverse! Spike, he was together with Zecora last I remember, could have changed since I still didn't finish their Season 1 fics yet:derpytongue2:

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