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My Little Puny: A Play on Words


Silverspeed is glad that her days of thievery are over. But with a disapproving family, boring job, and remnants of her past haunting her every step, she might just reconsider an early retirement.

Pre-Read by Admiral Biscuit

Art by bluemeganium

Chapters (6)
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How do not more people like this? Seriously, this is brilliant!

So, some dude named Admiral Biscuit (Who the hay is that guy, amirite?) mentioned in one of his blogs that there was this really awesome story about Silverspeed and that we should totally go read it. Knowing that he's an avid and talented writer/reader himself, I thought that any recommendation he gave must surely be worthwhile!

I am so very glad that I was correct in my assumption. I cannot wait to see where this is going! It's also refreshing to not see a 'Dark' or 'Sad' tag on a serious story for once (man, I'm such a hypocrite).

This story needs more views! :yay:

\/ P.S. That's Admiral Biscuit(duh). \/

Aww yiss, time for the heist! :rainbowdetermined2:

I highly doubt the worse thing Ponyville has ever experienced


being in the background?” I asked cooly.


They always re-stack the shelves


And the fact you never stay at the range this late before.”

you've never stayed at the range

Silverspeed? This one?

That'd be the second story I see her in (and the first doesn't count because it's mine). We really need more stories about her... :twilightsmile:

5135804 And yep, this is a Silverspeed story of the same mare.

She was still an obnoxious flankhole after all.

Authors writing about equines should really really really study equine anatomy! Really! Wikipedia has a nice article.


Silence, Nose-Ass! Dockhole is too mainstream.

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Oct 26th, 2014

“This is a table, not a stable, Silverspeed.”

I like that line :twilightsmile:

Although I'd never forget the day I heard her initial middle name. Diamond Stinkin Tiara Rich.

I'm still laughing at that:rainbowlaugh:

OMG How could he DO that to Diamond!?:twilightoops:

:yay: for Spoony and Speed reconciliation :twilightsmile:

Alright things are really starting to heat up here. i love how Silver Spoon is wise beyond her years or at least her sister feels that she is. Even Diamond Tiara had a hoof in imparting some sagely advice.

though Silver doesn't know she just convinced her sister to go rob the store her best friend's dad stole.:pinkiegasp: I am REALLY loving this:pinkiehappy:

One of those things about MLP writers- leave a story on the "read later list" and "later" turns out to be two years or so. Welcome back!

Something tells me she accidentally stole something that wasn't an Iron Will doll... Also, she should've collected all those arrows later. Like, how many ponies with an interesting past and a bow cutie mark are there in Ponyville?

7422738 Thanks! Glad to be back!


Well you never know...

Really enjoyed this first chapter. It seems like this story has a pretty interesting premise. Look forward to seeing more of Silverspeed!

Also, this made me snicker a bit:

"He was telling me he wanted to pursue his dream of raising bumblebees.”


Is the story still alive? I want more!


Yep, just working on the next chapter!

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