• Published 10th Feb 2012
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Halo Derpy Grunts of Equestria - Grazy Polomare

What happens when three stranded grunts find themselves on Equestria?

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Chapter 8: He believed He could Fly

Sugarcube Corner

Yapyap stood in awe at the gingerbread bakery of the pink pony. Inside, there was a variety of cakes, pies, and other confections.

A blue earth pony with a similar, but more subtle, mane to Pinkie gave a sweet smile at the prancing mare, but her eyes windend in confusion as to the companion she brought with her.

"Uhhhh Pinkie, who or what is that?"

Pinkie giggled and said cheerfully.

"This is an alien, Mrs. Cake, he's staying with me and Gummy if that's okay."

Mrs. Cake still didn't seem convinced, but she mustered up her reply.

"It's fine Pinkie, just keep the place neat and tidy okay?"

"Oki Doki Loki!"

As they went upstairs, his mind drifted back to the day of the crash. The Redemptive Penance was indeed an impressive vessel. It was part of the Divine Justice Fleet, a small group of assault cruisers who's sole purpose was to cut off outer rim shipping routes. Few grunts actually knew this information, but Yapyap wasn't an ordinary grunt to begin with.

His mind drifted off to home and he felt himself scowl.

I'm glad I never get to go back.

Back on Balaho, there laid a sea of memories that were to excruciating to re-live. He never told his comrades about this though for two reasons. The first being that most of them didn't get to live past 2 weeks. The second, was that all of them dreamed of home. To go back home was as heavenly a thought to the Unggoy as a promotion was to an elite. The difference however was that elites got to live that dream. Unggoy did not.

Pinkie's room was larger then his preconceptions had made him think. A bed big enough to support two brutes, if they could handle sleeping in pink sheets and blankets. Just then he felt a clamp on his stubby foot.

Turning around, he saw that a small green, scrub grub with legs and purple eyes, had just attempted to bite his leg. With a squeal, Yapyap jumped into the wall, bumping his head and trying to shake the green creature off him.

Pinkie, on the other hand, fell on the floor laughing.

"What's so funny?" Yapyap screeched at her.

"The reaction you gave to Gummy!" she giggled.

"You gave this thing name!"

"Yeah silly! He's my pet?"

"Your pet!" Yapyap said in disbelief. "That thing is big ugly pest!"

"No he's not!" and with that she gently tugged at the creature's tail.

The thing known as "Gummy" let go and Yapyap sighed in relief.

After putting the little green animal back to a bowl of food, she turned to Yapyap and pulled him up faster then he could count to 1.

"So what do you wanna do?"


"But it's only 8:00! And tomorrow is a day off!"

"I feel tired."

Pinkie seemed to ponder on this for a while. Apparently,the idea of not doing something fun was as alien to her as the "dwarf" standing before her.

"I know just the thing!"

With that she dashed downstairs and came up with a cupcake in her hand. It was dark and covered in some sort of goo. All in all, it looked...disgusting.

"Try it," she chirped.

Yapyap stared dismissively at the unusual morsel being presented to him.

"Me no think that's good for grunt."

"You haven't even tried it." Pinkie Pie argued.

"It look weird."

"Well you can't judge something based on just looks," Pinkie explained, "you need to give them a chance and maybe that thing will show you more then you had ever thought was possible."

The words hit Yapyap like a sniper's bullet. He had never thought about getting to know any of his other comrades. Sure there were divisions in the ranks, but was it really because all those warriors did badly, or was it that they had just judged them on a race entirely. Each race was born into its duty. It was just rotten luck that grunts had to get the worst position.

"Okay," Yapyap muttered.

His hand tentatively reached out and snatched the snack. He slowly lifted his mask and took a nibble at the morsel. Suddenly, his insides seemed to burst in energy. His taste buds, that had been wore down for so long on Covenant food, seemed to leap in joy at the new and exotic flavor.

In seconds, Yapyap gobbled up the delectable cupcake.

"That was...AMAAAAZING!"

Pinkie snickered at Yapyap's reaction. "Are you ready to have the best-ultra-slumber party of the year?"

"YEEEAAAAAAAAAAA" Yapyap jumped up and down like a filly on Hearth's Warming Eve.

"Then let the party BEGIN!" and with that Pinkie produced what looked like a cannon. Suddenly confetti and balloons flew like projectiles over the room. The kaleidoscope of color made Yapyap's head ache with dizziness.

"I need more of those tasty food nipples...I mean...what do you call them again?"


"I needs them. NOW!"

Yapyap couldn't remember well what happened last night, except for the fact that he had scarfed down probably a whole baker's dozen of cupcakes in 30 seconds, had likely ran up the walls, tried to pin a tail on a cardboard pony, failed at it, and had more hyper reactions later on before he fell on the floor and began to snore.


The grunts was surprisingly light despite his tank.

Pinkie gently laid him on to her bed and cleaned up the confetti. She had never seen the quiet alien so happy before. In her eyes, he was just a young foal. Yet, he had the attitude of a guard. A guard who had experienced more in a few days then most ponies have to bear in a life time, if ever.

Few ponies ever met the real Pinkie. She never wanted to show it in fear of what it would make others think of her. But after seeing all that's happened, she felt like the world was crashing down. Her careful image could be shattered or she would have a nervous breakdown.

She needed to find a way to vent out this pressure.

Cave Entrance

He needed to find a way out of here.

As he dug dismissively with his tendrils, the ground began to break and light flashed down.

Ahhhhh...he thought contently.

Freedom at last


Twilight's Library

Flipyap woke up to find he had been sleeping over a dust tome on Unicorn magic.

"Uhhhh..." the grunt rubbed his head

After some amazing food nipples that the ponies called "toast" and "waffles with syrup" he decided to check up on his brother.

"Would you like me to teach you about the Zebra Revolution," Twilight called out to her new roommate.

In a perfect world, Flipyap would have said yes. However, his head was throbbing from the lack of sleep. On average, an adult grunt slept more then the younger ones. At least 10 hours, 7 at the very least.

"Not now Twilight," The grunt moaned, "I think I ought to visit Yapflip and see how he's doing,"



The force sent Yapflip holding on for dear life.


Rainbow Dash had just asked him if he would like to try sky sledding. Being the adventurer he was, The grunt said yes. Well...the result was anything but excitement.

"Your going to kill both of us!" the grunt pleaded after the pegasus.

"No I'm not" Rainbow spat back, the saliva disappearing in a blur.

The sled was actually a pillow tied to a harness. Yapflip was now digging his gray arms into it as if it was the lottery food nipple that the Covenant would host every now and then on the ship.

With another dash and the sound of a boom, the pegasus raced over a small hill and darted side-to-side by some of the apple trees. On the ground, Applejack and a tiny yellow filly were cheering.

Yapflip didn't care. For all intensive purposes he wanted to be on solid ground. Dear Truth and Mercy, put me on land

Soon, his wish was answered when the pegasus landed with a halt. The pillow, flew over the rainbow mane of the high-flying pony and crashed head-long into a tree.

Yapflip stumbled out, and landed face-first onto the rocky soil.

Their was a stifle of giggles that soon erupted into a wave of laughter.

Slowly getting up, the grunt stared the group of ponies and pointed a finger accusingly at Rainbow Dash.

"Never...ever...EVER...do that again."

And with that note, he sat down and rubbed his forehead.

"I have to say Rainbow" Applejack began, "that stunt sure was amazing, except for that part where Yapflip went high-flying into that tree there."

"Nopony can handle the velocity I put myself through," Rainbow Dash said with an air of pride in her voice.

"And it looks like aliens can't handle it either," the little filly squealed.

"Oh forgive me partner," Applejack motioned to the grunt, "Yapflip, I would like you to meet my sister Applebloom."

"Howdy there alien," Applebloom adressed the grunt warmly, "Applejack told me you were in this huge space thingy that crashed! It must have been scary! Wait until Big Macintosh and Granny Smith hear about this."

Yapflip only managed a chuckle before he looked onward to see his brother racing towards him.

"I was looking for you everywhere Flipyap."

The Unggoy came to a halt and saw the pillow embedded in the branches of the tree.

"Uhh...did I miss something?"


Everfree Forest

The feeling of fresh air feels like paradise after being in the caves for so long.

He was looking over a hill and at a pleasant-looking town below.


He was going to find his goal soon.

His mind drifted back to the past. It took him a while to remember.

The sound of a hum turn into a bang and his whole world tearing itself apart. And then he woke up in this forest, pieces of debris and his former masters scattered around him.

He remembered his past.

But the memory only brought pain to him.

The aroma of food filled his sense with delight and he silently followed the smell to a lovely-looking cottage.

There would be food somewhere here...he needed to find it.

So with his acute senses ready, he went up to the cottage.

And opened the door...

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