• Published 10th Feb 2012
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Halo Derpy Grunts of Equestria - Grazy Polomare

What happens when three stranded grunts find themselves on Equestria?

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Chapter 6: Up to the Castle, Down to the Caves

The night was cold, but Yapflip was used to it as he and the one, whom he now knew was Rainbow Dash, trotted down to the rest of the group. The other three ponies stood silently, depressed and the pink one appeared to be bewildered.

Flipyap turned and gave a long stare at his brother. As if suddenly given an overdose of methane, the grunt leaped up and grabbed his brother in a tight hug.

“I was worried for you.”

Yapflip had to swallow hard before he could say his next words without choking up.

“I’m-I’m sorry Flipyap.”

The silence that followed was as quiet and still as the pieces of twisted metal around them. Then, Yapyap spoke.

“Let’s go back now…it’s getting chilly.”

There was a murmur of agreement as the group headed back to Twilight’s library. There, the grunts were introduced to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. They were told of the other ponies and the Princesses who ruled the land.

Back at Ponyville, the grunts saw that most of the lights were now off.

Entering through the doors, they saw a purple dragon, which they would later find out to be Spike, sleeping over a table. All of a sudden a purple aura surrounded him and lifted the dragon up.

“Poor thing, he must have been up waiting for us,” she said.

Yapflip was still thinking of Twitchy.

If only Twitchy didn’t die, he’d be with us instead.

Twilight turned to face the group.

“Well we’ve all had a long night, I think we should all rest and meet the Princess tomorrow, if that’s alright with you of course.” She gestured to the grunts.

There was a collection of yes’s from the trio of aliens.

As they followed Fluttershy to her cottage back at the Everfree, Flipyap found himself seeking comfort in his brother. He knew it was absurd yes, but death always made his limbs shake and he found that his arm couldn’t grip anything properly.
Yapflip didn’t seem to notice, and if he had, he didn’t seem to care.

Everfree Forest: Zecora

Zecora couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched. She was filling the last pothole the bandits had created when she heard a rustle.

She arched her head instantly at the sound, but the forest was unmoving.

The green eyes observed the creature before it thoughtfully.

He didn’t know where he was, only that he had been somewhere else before…

No matter though, he thought to himself. He would feast on this morsel soon enough.

As the owner of the eyes moved closer he heard a rustle, turned, and saw a tall, hairy dog walk over to one of the holes.

On second thought…who needs only one? I am sure where one hides, many more can be found.

Fluttershy's Cottage:

Fluttershy had tucked all three grunts into a single bed where she then gave them some extra blankets. When all the grunts had been tucked in, she asked them if they would care for a lullaby.

“A what now?” Yapyap asked.

“Oh…well…um…it’s a little made up piece of fiction that…well mothers…or fathers….will sing to their fillies….or colts….to make them go to bed.”

“Well hey I see no problem in that.! Me nocturnal grunt. No body make me go to sleep.” Yapflip tried to puff his chest while saying this, but it was ineffective.

“ Well here it goes…”

And Fluttershy began to hum a tune that suddenly flowed like a gentle stream.

Hush now, quiet now,

The grunts began to feel their brains relax.

It’s time to lay your sleepy head.

Yapflip began to snore.

Hush now, quiet now,

Flipyap began to sink into the sheets.

It’s time to go to bed.

Yapyap eyelids closed as he drifted off into sleep.

Fluttershy gave a small sigh of relief as she headed downstairs to tend to her animals. As she began to put her animal companions to bed, she began to think about the little aliens that had traveled all the way to Ponyville.

They did not have appearances like the ponies at all. They had odd features, and dark, colorless skin. Why, not even Discord could make something like that!

Yet, they still shared some qualities of little foals or colts. Maybe they were babies. But how could anybody make something as young and innocent as them go through such a horrid time.

She thought back to the little grunt with no waist. Oh, how his friends were sobbing. How the one called Yapflip ran off and had to be chased by Rainbow Rash.

Fluttershy didn’t want to think about this anymore. Why should there be fighting if all that came with it was simply more sadness?


Twilight had wanted to take the grunts with her to Canterlot by herself, but decided on bringing the whole gang. On the way, the grunts were able to meet Rarity, the white unicorn fashion designer.

When she had seen their armor, well…she didn’t exactly compliment it. From what she was telling all the other ponies, Yapyap could tell that this one was picky when it came to…well…everything.

Canterlot was a towering castle perched upon a mountain. Tall, stately building were fitted amongst tiny shops and other picturesque places to give the capital of Equestria a heavenly look. Every shop seemed to have something different from the former.

The grunts couldn’t believe the variety of ponies that were seen. There were large stallions and tall mares. They were all the colors of the rainbow and each one seemed to reflect their personality perfectly.

The majority however, consisted of unicorns.

When they reached the castle, a pegasi stallion ordered them to halt. As Twilight spoke to him, Yapyap couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated by the horse. The guard’s armor reminded him of the “big meanies” that had commanded him.

I hope none of them survived the crash.

Yapyap couldn’t believe what he had just thought.

The court of Princess Celestia was lavishly decorated with stained glass walls depicting Equestria’s history.

A cold blizzard, a warm summer, a dragon in a village, six mares destroying a freak of nature.

Flipyap couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw light pour in from the windows. It seemed so unreal. He was used to seeing either a dark sky or a burning star. Never though, had he expected such a place as this. And he hadn’t expected their leader to look so…majestic and graceful.

The Princess herself was a tall unicorn, or pegasi, with a flowing mane of soft colors and gentle eyes. Her face was a mixture of both horror and curiosity, though it was impossible to identify which was the dominant. Who knew what was also going on in her mind?

“So Twilight, these are the “aliens”?”

“Yes Princess,” the unicorn bowed before the ruler, “these aliens came down in a ship that had crashed in the Everfree Forest.”

“They cannot fix it back up.”

Yapflip, of all the grunts, decided to speak at this moment.

“Well we can’t really fix it. It really big! Like super-ginormous big!”

Yapyap decided to take over.

“We can’t go home. Our ship suffered really bad crash. Nobody was supposed to live through the impact. No one will look for us.”

“I see,” the Princess said, “well then, why don’t you tell me the whole story then…”


Diamond Dog Caves:

Crash was running through a light corridor, his tongue hanging out and dripping sticky saliva down on the earth.

He was running, running for his life, running to safety.

He was almost to the door. He could use it to escape then. By the name of sapphires, he had to!

He was only a few yards away…now a few feet…almost there…


He felt his leg snag on something and Crash came tumbling down.
It was only then that he realized that his leg was being pulled into the shadow of the cave, where he looked into two green eyes that stared hungrily back at him.


The morsel continued to fight him as he squeezed it with ease. Then the prey became still.

That’s better.

Now that he was filled up, he could think clearly.
He wasn’t stupid, though many would apparently be opposed to that.

Back at his home, he was the one who gave orders.

The one they feared.

The one they respected.

The one they served.

But not anymore…

The faint smell of sweet air made him stop in his tracks.

He wasn’t built for the air of this world. He figured that out when he had awoken here. However, he was good at adapting, if only for a brief time.

He needed real air. Before it was too late…


The Princess listened attentively to the grunt’s report on who they were and what had happened to them.

Celestia never thought it was possible that a power that had the ability to turn a creature into something that resembled Discord, was also capable of deceiving so many into doing things much worse than chaos.

Yet this Covenant was just that. They believed in chaos. Frankly, they might as well be chaos as all they seemed to do was cause it.

The three Covenant soldiers who stood before her, however, didn’t seem chaotic to her.

Under different circumstances, she would have sent them to the moon.

Yet, maybe…just maybe…her faithful pupil would be able to change them.

“Based on what you have told me, I should have sent you to the moon.”

The mane 6 gasped in shock at the Princess’s harsh words. Even Yapflip’s eyes widened and his arms dropped down so that he was on all fours.

“However, I feel that as long as each of you decide to adhere with one of the ponies, then maybe you will learn to socialize and become a part of Equestrian society.”

There was a sigh of relief. The Princess saw the daylight flood in. The sounds of chirping enticed her to go outside.

“Thank you so much Princess. You don’t know how much it means to us as well as the aliens!”

“I know you will do a glorious job my star pupil. Now, I think I am going to go outside and get some fresh air…”

Just then, an alarm went off in Yapyap’s head.


How could he have forgotten? They had been on this planet for at least two nights already! Sooner or later, their tanks would run out and then what would they do?

Yapyap was now hyperventilating and shaking like he was in a blizzard.

“What’s wrong Yapyap?” Flipyap asked, “Aren’t you happy that we get to stay here instead of the Moon?”

“AIR! Our tanks need air!”

And with that Flipyap found himself laughing. He was laughing then stopped as he fainted to the floor.


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