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Spitfire has a secret she's told to nopony she knows, terrified of the prospect what they'll do when they figure it out. So what will she do when the rookie accidentally finds out?

Sex: Suggestive implication only.

Cover image by: Valiantstar00

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Interesting! Quite adorable as well, Rainbow can definitely play the caretaker with those she cares about.

I wonder if Spitfire has anything in common with kirin, or if she's even heard of kirin? Might be something for Rainbow to bring up, in a heard-it-from-Applejack kind of way. They could give her some tips on dragonfire, since I doubt Spitfire's been doing much experimentation.

I don't usually read pony fics, but that was awesome!

“Wow you must have some terrible luck then. I know that most inhabitants of Ponyville would just write it off as another Tuesday, and a whole bunch of my friends in Cloudsdale wouldn’t care either,” Dash said as she stroked Spitfire’s hair gently.

Happy Tuesday! :pinkiehappy: Seriously, I love the Tuesday trope on here ^^

Great idea, can´t wait to see how this will continue

Definitely an original take on Spitfire. I don’t normally pay as much attention to the character as I perhaps should, but this I’m definitely going to follow just in case there’s more. :coolphoto:

This is good can't wait to see more.

I really want to see this come to fruition

That was awesome. Spitfire is my favortie pony and this is my all time favorite ship! I hope to see more! Because i absolutely love this story idea

this is an twist on the dash/ fire ship.... you have my attention... tho i wouldn't surprise me that she is half dragon... will be waiting on more chapters

Spitfire as a dragon half breed. huh...that makes a surprising amount of sense.

An average Tuesday in Ponyville is about right.

biological impossibility

Feh, Ponyville does at least six impossible things before breakfast every day. (And usually most of them involve Pinkie Pie.)

... Then why are you even on this site?

You have my attention.

Because EG fics are on here... Am I not allowed to say I'm now enjoying something?

Heh. The ancient kirin technique of 'How to cook a meal without a stove or campfire' :P

Welp, okay then. Didn't know that people just read EqG fic only...

more please this would so make a cute story

Constructive criticism: you're too good at writing. It's making me jealous.

Love the idea, I've never seen something done with spitfire beside her being just a commander or a love interest. In most stories where she is a fully fledged out character that I enjoy she usually is just a commander but now with more wit and a knack for making jokes.

I really like this "actually, she's insecure" take you're going with. And it's weird that everything you're saying makes so much sense. Why is she named Spitfire? This is the most literal answer to that question and I find it much funnier than I probably should.

Good job and keep up the good work! I'm not good enough of a writer to actually tell you something useful besides just pointing at what I like, but I hope you find this comment helpful nonetheless!

- The strangely colored flame.

Yeah lots of people do, but FIM is OG

My father’s a dragon,

I bet the news would encourage Spike and Rarity somewhat.


Awesome I love it!:rainbowkiss:

I ship it!

... admittedly, I'm like the post. I ship everything!

She should move to Ponyville. While the Flower Trio will do their thing, this isn't even enough to stall a Thursday morning breakfast for more than a couple of minutes much less being worthy of a Tuesday

Must see more of this! Must follow author! Must use as inspiration!

The image hadn't loaded by the time I clicked the story, but... my first thought was that Spitfire spits fire- as in, she is a lyrical genius and a secret hip-hop-slash-rapper superstar musician.

This is equally fun though!

But, I'm gonna wait for it to build up before I give it a whirl. This will probably be the first non-human/crossover or non-Sunset fic I have tried in... ... a long time. I'm looking forward to it though!

This story just came out, but just based on the first chapter, I feel it's a good story. Please eventually make Rainbow meet her dad. Also I like Spitfire's sensitive personality. Instead of her always being serious. If there are times she is that's fine, but I would prefer sensitive Spitfire

Interesting, but it kind of feels rushed.

Do you mean the writing or the relationship? Because the relationship is a bit rushed, but I think that's just how the characters worked. I think it'll be interesting to see how the story develops going forward.

A bit of both. It just feels like the story doesn’t have the space to breathe so to speak.

Well, that's what it's like to have the flu and fall in love while overcoming PTSD. :derpytongue2:

Seriously however, I see where you're coming from, but I think that tightness adds something to the experience in this case. I usually like a more deliberate pace, but at least for this opening chapter it just works for me. It's a matter of taste though.

Overcome might be a bit of a strong word. Attenuation at best.

Welp, loved it


very interesting idea and start, looking forward to more :scootangel:

Yep. That's exactly what I was thinking of.

My father’s a dragon

Just minor nitpicking - in a show dragon mainly eat gemstones and such. Nothing even suggested that they need to eat meat or fish.

Cute, now I wanna see more half-dragon shenanigans :twilightsmile:

I thought she was named Spitfire cuz her mom was a total otaku for Uchiha Sasuke.


Spitfire thought for a moment about her next question. “Wait, you said she when you mentioned the griffin. Do you like mares?”

“Honestly doesn’t really matter to me. I’m fine with either mares or stallions,” Rainbow shrugged.

So she wouldn’t mind going out with me?

This story had my curiosity... but now it has my attention.

On the more serious note, It's rather cute and I like how this is coming along. Can't wait to see more... and what kind of shenanigans would happen if Soarin or some of the other Wonderbolts found out... though, that's just me.

“Wow you must have some terrible luck then. I know that most inhabitants of Ponyville would just write it off as another Tuesday, and a whole bunch of my friends in Cloudsdale wouldn’t care either,” Dash said as she stroked Spitfire’s hair gently.

That was literally my first thought when Spitfire started freaking out. Ponyville eats normal for breakfast.

An interesting concept with good execution thus far. You have my attention. And my like.


Well we've honestly only seen Spike, who lives with/was raised by vegetarian ponies. Perhaps 'tis why he's still so small despite being in his late teens, dietary imbalances.

Hmm, that's an interesting theory on Spike. And yes, dragons have sharp teeth so I'm assuming that they eat meat.

I can't take all the credit:twilightblush: my editors really do beat me over the head when I make stupid mistakes, something I'm really glad about as otherwise, this wouldn't have come out the way it did. :twilightsmile:

Based on the title, I was thinking she’d be a famous freestyle rapper.


From season 1 episode Dragonshy transcript:

Fluttershy: Yes, because he's not a huge, gigantic, terrifying, enormous, teeth-gnashing, sharp-scale having, horn-wearing, smoke-snoring, could eat a pony in one bite, totally all grown-up dragon!

So pony eating dragons are shown to be a fear of the paranoid, at least. That fear comes from somewhere, possibly stemming from dragons eating meat? That or just the big teeth. :eeyup:

Idk, but it might have been implied that dragons eat ponies in the episode where Twilight and Rarity follow Spike to the Dragon Lands and in the Legend of Flash Magnus in Campfire Tales. They might have mentioned eating animals in the episode Spike got a pet. However, I'm too lazy/tired to research into those.

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