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Diamond Tiara hated herself for how she treated the CMC for so long, as she reflects, they come to fetch her, and take her to Sweet Apple Acres. What discoveries might she find within herself?

Prereaders: Halira

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great story!

Nice work! You really do feel for Diamond Tiara here.

This feels vaguely similar to one of my DT stories but better.

Well done Nailah. This short has so much heart in it, and Diamond Tiara is really well done here. Another great read. ^.^

very nice. I enjoy reading stories about DT that don't involve her being a mean girl.

Nice and sweet little story!

made it hard to tell what it
was, and then it had a pink bow wrapped around that.

What's with the line breaks?

Good little story. Diamond Tiara stories like this are always nice.

I love slice of life stories like this. Good job!

A very enjoyable read.

This is what happened after the Cutie Mark Chronicles.

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