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Actually I already have a canister full of meme repellent, but thanks for asking.

Do you want some aerosol cheese? It's less vitamin enriched now.

Do you never want to see a UwU again. Are you sick and tired of UwU WELL do I got the product for you UwU REPELLENT just a couple of sprays on your computer and you will never see a UwU again...because your computer will be broken because thats right UwU repellent is just water well at least you won't have to deal with those pesky UwUs

Woah, thanks for the fav on "Hugging It Out." I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:


I'm quite sorry I haven't responded to that comment, I'm quite anti-social and happen to be a relatively friendless being. I'm not lonely, I have family and plenty of acquaintances. I just have quite a mental block on my shoulders at times, like thinking that my writing is poor and it usually is at times when I look back and have to fix something.

If you want to know where the ratings are... well most people don't have the time for one of my unique stories. Though a story that gets one hundred points on the first chapter is a bit suspicious, it either means one of three things. One is that the writer is socially outgoing, two that they actually have that many friends and three they are part of an active group that will help them attract readers.

I don't do any of that and I'm more of a periphery kind of thing, a being with a small spot in life off to the side from everything else minding my own business. Every once in a while I get a poke that someone enjoys my stuff and I don't say much back or even have much to say if I do. I should really thank people more often for looking in my direction for a while.

At most, you won't see more than twenty or so plus to my ratings on any story unless it's over a year old, was written moderately well and is in fact a finished story.


'My thoughts on imagination'.

Anything is possible and nothing is completely impossible. If nothing were possible, then nothing there would be. To see the infinite possibilities where all other worlds lead, to one day be blind to it is a sad thing indeed. A small spark that spawns a new world, created by the mind of a writer so that it will unfurl. Ideas, times and places, all the things that these faces will be, can come from something so small and unimportant in this vast universe as a being like me. Just another part of the tapestry.


I think I will have a nice day, thank you and you're welcome.

Hello, i’m the first commenter on Airship Mauled (like honestly where are all the ratings, really). I decided to look at your profile and was surprised to find you to be the author of Yonder Wandered Fluttershy. Several years ago, when I stared reading fanfics on this site, Yonder Wandered Fluttershy was one of the first stories I read. I really liked it, even started my ongoing habit of reading several chapters a day. I got really, really far into it... and then I lost my place... and then I got confused trying to find my place (that thing is long)... then I got sidetrack by other fanfics... I honestly don’t remember much- but that’s not the point. I want to thank you for making one of my introductory stories that really solidified my want to read.
I don’t even mean just reading on here but reading in general too. Yonder Wandered Fluttershy had a fun science fiction thing going for it. While I’ve always had a love for science, your story was the first science fiction piece that I really enjoyed. I found it easy to understand and it set down the ground work for my interest in real science and science fiction. Now this love has change and developed to become a little more technical and I love technical explanations, but you started this. Again thank you.
Hell, in Elementary school I was required to take an extra reading class every week because I read too slow, and I hated it. I just didn’t like reading. Now I read several chapters a day from fanfic at home. And within the past year I’ve been reading actual sifi books I buy off Amizon, at school (I’m slowly growing a collection). About a month ago I actually enjoyed writing a short sifi mystery for school. I’m still not the fastest reader and I struggle to studerlly read out loud, but you’ve started a hobby that keeps me off video games, gives me something to do, and distracts me from my social awkwardness at school. So thanks again.
Now I mentioned sifi but the same extends to my fascination in science. I love science and I think you really had a part in that.
Now I know you didn’t really think much of it when you wrote it but, really, thank you, it has had a great long term impact on me. Tuesday I’ll be competing in technical drafting, I won third in state last year. Honestly that one story kickstarted me into what I love, you’ve practically made me. I mean, really, thank you, I love what you’ve done.
And I can’t wait to read, Airship Mauled. Have a nice day!:rainbowkiss:

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