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'Supposedly' evil.


Pinkie took a hop, skip and a fall straight into the underworld that exists in another dimension entirely.

Now her mane seems permanently popped, her heart keeps ejecting itself from her body, her cutie mark is missing and she's being constantly beset by strange monsters.

Pinkie fell to these monsters, now she has to dance with her heart to save them and herself.

This is an "Undertale" crossover.

Chapters (43)
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I liked it, though you probably should've made Pinkie more trusting of Flowey- she doesn't know that he's a monster, and he doesn't seem like one at first. Then, as he slowly reveals his true nature, she can become more unsettled.


How could she have trusted him, when she was never given a chance to with her constantly reading between the lines?

Okay I have to admit, I'm really digging this story. The fact the narrator/author is involved as they are, gives this story a very Meta feeling and sense of humor that fits well with Undertale. Pinkie Pie has been a blast to read about and I'm looking forward to seeing how you tell this story, Pinkie Pie meeting Sans and Papyrus should be fun to read.

Yay! All the monsters in the ruins are accounted for. Pinkie managed to sell a Nutrition-obsessed monster a sugary treat and she made friends with the spiders. Pinkie's talents for making friends have thankfully not diminished, despite the lack of a cutie mark ^^. Also clever idea using a Froggit as a way to tell Pinkie what the new monsters she encounters, actually are. Quick question, which might be spoilerish, is Pinkie going to encounter the optional hidden bosses Glyde and So Sorry? And will you be using any of the hard-mode monsters at later parts of the story? Apparently you can only encounter certain monsters in hard mode, in the ruins.

Yes!! I can't wait!! I have been waiting for this!!

Well one thing is for sure. Pinkie won't Have a Bad Time

pinkie will meet the skeleton bros?

6671051 I agree with TheFanficFanPony, Pinkie's far too self aware of people she wasn't even gotten to know better yet, although her ability to read between the lines was kept, which increases how funny this fic is, I think it massively ruins the concept of Flowey being a soulless lich. But other than that, it's pretty f**king hilarious.

I enjoyed this chapter, story flow was good, Pinkie is lovable as always and you had Pinkie and Toriel dating. I look forward to reading more, your story is worth waiting for each new chapter :twilightsmile:. Can't wait for Pinkie to meet the skeleton brothers, somehow, someway, Sans will have something perfect for her to hide behind.

Oh no... *see's a heat seeking feels missile coming towards him* Get away! Get away!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *is hit by the missile and then faints.* :pinkiesad2:

Welp 4am time to go to bed. *Underworld Frisk updates* Aaaaand sitting back down.

Another, very enjoyable chapter. Loving the character development so far, Pinkie's interactions with Sans and Flowey were great and the Toriel/Pinkie ship continues to float, as they journey together ^^. I look forward to reading more of this awesome story. You've got a certain wit and humor I feel throughout the story, able to shift when the story demands a more somber or cheery tone.

Sans is the best!

*Pets Doggo out of sympathy
Doggy: I have been pet!!! D8

That was a great chapter. Please encounter Glyde as well, I'd love to see how Tori and Pinkie deal with him ^^

I Love the puns. They are so funny~

Species Trait: Plus eighty health points to start with, increased heart size.

Pinkie Pie OP, plz nerf

It's possible you may have a problem

Hahahahahaha Great chapter.

‘Fuzzy Pickles’!”

that earthbound refrence

Oh god, not THE JERRY! :raritycry:

Quick, Pinkie, the monsters and the whole story need to sneak away while he's distracted! And then on to helping Gyftrot and the mystery door and hopefully the secret Glyde boss fight...Glyde needs to be seen/have more presence in Undertale fan fics and art T_T. Maybe Toriel could take him down a peg, for attacking her tired pony Waifu. :pinkiesad2:

Overall I love how well you use meta-humor in this story and this chapter, Lesser Dog's presence is a nice idea, temporary companion of awesomeness! Just need to meet Greater Dog andm yabe the Annoying Dog in Papyrus's house too. Toriel as their respected leader/trainer is cute ^_^.

cant wait for undyne. i can see some DBZ abridged dynamics of undyne as vegeta and pinkie as nappa

I just finished reading everything so far, and I am sold. I cannot wait for the next update!

Well that was an enjoyable chapter, you actually included Glyde :pinkiegasp: I thought you'd skip him, but since you were going to the secret door, I had high hopes and they were realized. :heart:. I like how you used Glyde, his ego-centric personality meshes pretty closely to Rainbow Dash's, good bit of observation there. Also I like how you concluded Gyftrot and Jerry's fight, damn Jerry is such an annoying monster, annoying to kill and annoying to be around. Angry Toriel is awesome, the mental image of her summoning a massive fireball to try and slow down Jerry is hilarious.

Poor tired Pinkie, having to fight off/befriend so many monsters in one day. At least she didn't have to fight Greater Dog, and the next day promises more fun times, so many friendly monsters to interact with in Snowdin. Maybe we can find out who's behind that door you knock on, but get no answer? Also Papyrus fight should be interesting, maybe when Pinkie gets separated from Toriel and Pinkie has to think on her hooves? Great chapter anyways, looking forward to chapter 9 eagerly =3. Hopefully you get a chance to let Sans show off his magic in a later chapter. Like maybe lifting Pinkie up by using a blue attack on her soul, so she can reach a high ledge ^^;.

i doubt you will do this but id like to see sans be his badass self or a retelling of this with pinkieana (i don't know how to spell it if its wrong) doing the genocide run.

6764577 Meanwhile in an Underworld where Pinkie hit her head and became Pinkamena. Eh, maybe Pinkie can fight Sans anyway, she's fought everybody else so far =p. Also Pinkie will somehow save Asriel and Chara...I dunno how yet, but it'd be too sweet to read. I'd probably get diabetes from it XD. Also Pinkie should meet W.D. Gaster ^^. She'd have to learn Wing Dings to talk to him though lol

I don't get the pun... Shame on me. :facehoof:


Yes it is quite rude, but Pinkie didn't send any rocks to Equestria as you say 'she cannot do eet captain'.


What's a highly common vitamin in carrots?


Wing Ding G' Aster will be a repeatedly mentioned, but never heard from. He can at least be seen.

You have a few duplicated paragraphs, Darkon...


I think I fixed most of it.

It happens all the time.

6782504 Thank you. :twilightsmile: And Google. :rainbowlaugh:

This story keeps getting better and better. Perhaps you could incorporate some fan-made bosses later on, like the really creative and awesome. Red Slicing Hood boss?

Oy, you drunk! You're in the wrong universe! You want the one named after avocado paste!

OMG Flame Face :heart:. I love Guacamelee, I beat the first version on PS3 and I'm currently playing The Super Turbo Championship Edition on PS4. What a brilliant little cameo, hopefully you can bring him back later, maybe in Hotland as a mini-boss? I love the idea that he's also part of this world as well hehe. Maybe Calaca or El Trio de la Muerte could cameo now as cousins of Papyrus and Sans =p, but if Flame Face is the only cameo from the game, it's fine. The joke worked well anyway ^^;.

I think sans is remembering going to grillby's with Frisk.

Another awesome chapter that changes the dynamic of the battles. You portrayed the Papyrus battle really well. A few minor spelling errors, but a solid chapter nonetheless. ^^ Looking forward to Waterfall and Hotland

I have been wanting an undertale fic I can get behind.... and I think this is it. Pinkie feels right for the role, so... here we go!


Yep, wait until she actually uses the shovel. Rock Farm skills.


You're question will be answered in the form of a chapter posting.

Okay, you got me to like Temmie's again. Before they kinda straddled the line between cute and annoying, now you've made me like them. Admittedly you skipped a bit of Waterfall in the process, but I don't regret it, since the stuff you skipped wasn't overly important. You used Tem's rather nicely, and even Jerry appears again, like he does in-game if I remember right (Before being swiftly abandoned >.<). Overall, I've enjoyed this chapter, and look forward to reading even more. =3 The fight with Undyne should be interesting, since she'll be Chasing Pinkie and Toriel presumably. And any content/areas Pinkie didn't visit, she can always backtrack back to later :pinkiehappy:

I hope Pinkie n Toriel have time to swing by Red from the Undertale fangame. Seems to have occurred between Waterfall/Hotland, after Frisk befriended Undyne.

Or maybe meet Timpani in the Capital

wait.....options? does that mean pinkie and toriel may break up, or that its just going to be a harem/marem/herd pairing kind of thing


I'm thinking about it, not sure if do.


No harem, but if Toriel does break up those forty one other optional slots are likely to be flavors of ice cream. Also there is a chance of Pinkie and Toriel breaking up, but it won't come up until a certain point in New Home.

“I just have to say to that… never!” Pinkie shouted with a thrust of her hoof into the air for emphasis. She then charged for her suit and hopped into it. She swiftly shut the mouth of the suit as she ran into the middle of all the Temmies.

What followed was a bunch of Temmies getting knocked around by corks in the cross fire, but the corks just bounced off of Pinkie’s suit. Toriel meanwhile had ducked back into the doorway watching as Pinkie ran out into the open and now there were corks flying everywhere. There was even one cross eyed Temmie holding a cork gun backwards and shot itself in the face knocking itself out, the really sad thing about this was the fact that that was the best gunner on the ship and the absolute best that they had ever had. The cross eyed Temmie had never accidentally shot another Temmie yet and she was in fact the one responsible for Pinkie’s capture.

What... huh... It... uhhhh... EXPLOSIONS, CUTE, COPIES, WHAT?!?!?!?!:rainbowderp:

*Brain.EXE has experienced a fatal exception at 06E.
*Think any thought to apply brain bleach.
*Think any thought to continue.

Funny. Every time Papyrus' leitmotif appears, during some part of it I would come across Papyrus in the chapter. Probably planned, but still.

Damit Toby, I want to know what that object does!:fluttercry:

She's nerfed by the fact that she cannot SAVE and is stuck on perma death unless flowery decides to SAVE for her and tells her what happened. And believe me if Pinkie dies, flowery will bring her back. He has always been rather reliant on outsiders who fall into the underground as he cannot trust anyone in his past life and also for the fact that he would not wait another dozen or so years before another new being drops in.This would go on until the final boss in the pasfist ending where it is impossible to perma die.

This chapter was great, I do like the little segments with the Pie family interspersed in this fic. I also like the use of the shovel and how the battle with the Mad Dummy went. Pinkie's brilliant as always in this tale, and Napstablook saving Pinkie at the end like in the game was great. I like how he helped her out by giving her a place to rest/recuperate ^^. The bit with the Red ball and annoying dogs was amusing, unlucky for them that Jerry caught up Q_Q.

good chapter. heh, got a question for you. who would you be more afraid of, Chara or Pinkamena


Which begs the question of how The Jerry got into the room with only one entrance being watched by three people, if he was there all along how did he get in there before the puzzle was solved? Can The Jerry teleport? Yeah that's definitely a nightmare someone's going to have later.


I'd be more afraid of Chara, anybody that can commit suicide for a plan to eventually cause mass genocide is a little more than worrying about how far they are willing to go to achieve their goals.

I'd actually hug Pinkamena even if she was a little axe crazy. Also before you can ask, I like Foxy and Chica respectively from Five Nights At Freddy's.

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