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'Supposedly' evil.


Not hearing anything in space is not an excuse to never scream at all. Especially when you want to become famous, rich, part of high society and possibly find love along the way doing it.

Rarity set out to achieve these goals, but things aren't exactly going the way she thought they would. Watch as she gains a lot of notoriety, friends, family and most of all reaches for the stars with a talented motley crew.

Extra Tag: Ember, Lightning Dust, Opalescence.

Chapters (126)
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Will Diamond Tiara appear in this story?


Yes, as an unimportant other. There's a reason why I didn't call this story 'Rough Diamonds'.

Hmm, interesting start. I just hope that Chryssie won't appear as an enemy to be dealt with brutally, but maybe a a business partner or crew member.

And that's why you never go to space unarmed.

you’re parents

Should be your.



Maybe a few parodies of existing media, but no crossovers.

Yay Griffies!

Gilda as an engineer... Well, saw weirder things happen.

Bigger ship get!

Gryphon Eva suits should totally have blades along the wings.

This is a neat little story. I enjoy all the sci-fi elements and the fact that it's quite different then most stories I've read on here. :raritywink:


Not exactly, they still have to run the ownership claim by the nearest authorities first.


It might come off as a bit dry though, I have multiple species to introduce and describe. I'm inventive at the very least. Not many people would sit around for that. After enough of the sentient species are are described and given world building background information, they won't need much more description afterwards unless it's important and the focus can slowly shift more onto the plot without world building getting in the way since it's been established earlier on.

I should probably include a list of simple things to remember in the authors note every chapter.


This is very true, and admittedly, they are a bit dry but I love sci-fi stuff so it tends to not bother me. Have you considered turning the authors note section into some kind of codex for whatever needs in-depth explaining? That way the reader can choose to read it or not and you can safely move some of the dryer language out of the story itself.

Well, maybe someone really didn't like a dress Coco made for them?

Welp, she's a ball breaker.

Replace the thermal paste in the cpu.

Huh, why is Gilda so afraid of Tree Hugger?

Changelings! *snugs a few*

I imagine legal changelings would make a killing in the entertainment industry, as aides in other professions (need a visual aid stat? They're there), whenever stuff to be done required a multi-angle approach (since they can shift on the fly to use various abilities), in fashion, as temporary replacements, etc. And u imagine they may be able to learn to alter their life signs too.

... Well, an invasion, that can't be good.

Huh, a peaceful coexistence of ponies and changelings gives me hope that Chryssie will be alright as well.

Ouch, being constantly ignored by everyone would suck.

Dunno why, I like this story. Maybe it's because not everyone likes reading lots of sci-fi details or something. I did one find a nice sci-fi story like this refreshing.


The way I see it, changeling magic has a rather set frequency with which it works at. Sure they can change their appearance to look like anyone, including Spike apparently, but they use magic to do it and that energy has to have some form of set frequency or a specified form of emission that cannot simply be hidden.

The transformation is notably done the same way for every single changeling, so they all are doing the exact same thing every time they transform into something else. To change how they do it would be impossible, because the spell has a set way of being performed across the entire species. It would be kind of easy to pick out a changeling among a population in that case, because they'd be the only ones giving off that particularly odd energy signature.

It's like a huge glowing neon needle sitting outside of a haystack, it would stand out that badly to technology that is made for scanning things in depth. They really can't hide what's under the transformation, if they could physically make themselves into ponies with enough power then why would they still be changelings at all? They are not perfect and neither is any other race, ponies in this story are not as xenophobic unless they have good reason to be.

... They're never going to sign off on that gel, are they?

Ignore me!

*quietly hopes that we get to see Chryssie soon*

7515752 They can also torn into rocks. And it's not just looks, but touch as well.

And it's not exactly the same for them all. Thorax, for example, has aura of a different colour, so they can differ. I imagine changelings could alter that to a degree. What makes them changelings can be their naturally malleable and compatible with shape changing bodies, so they would have done leeway with how exactly they transform. Or at least they would be able to alter the process a bit. And if not, the same technology could help them, just carry a device to emit a signature that alerts the spell signature of cancels it out entirely.

I at least hope that scanners that pick that up are expensive and rare, or that other races don't really have a reason to look for that frequency. Otherwise, it's kind of unfair that changelings have a vital ability completely negated, while there are no commonly used anti magic devices working on ponies that we know of.

Plus, there's always the possibility that they do change into their disguise at least partially. I mean, Chryssie changed her size when masquerading as Cadance. Who says it's not a deep seated effect that doesn't give of much of a trail unless mid-shift.

Anyway, yeah, just seems a bit unfair that changelings seem to have gotten singled out as being so negatively affected by the spread of technology.


Unless you have a good reason to actively look for them on scanners, then changelings can still get around in my story.

It's not really a negative thing, they aren't hiding in the shadows and they're well fed at least since they joined Equestria.

The aura can be different, but the spell is still cast the same way and in the same manner. All changelings erupt in a wall of flames and appear in a knew form, doesn't matter what their aura looks like.

Remember the Equestrian Games? You know those archways that disable unicorns at what is basically their form of The Olympics? Those are anti-magic devices that stop unicorns from casting spells and many stories does the horn ring thing. Your right though, they aren't commonly used. Changelings still require the use of their horns for magic, the ponies have long since had the ability to find them with runic technology that was capable of it long before the advanced space age this stories setting is placed in.

The only reason why Celestia hasn't bothered to use existing methods like that to stop changelings from sneaking into her society is because she's not trying to actively starve them, the one at Cranky's Wedding was certainly welcome there. Cadence and Shining likely didn't see the changeling at that wedding or if they did, they didn't freak out nearly as bad as they did at the crystal empire later on because they didn't have a child to protect at the time.

It's not meant to unfair to just changelings, there are other creatures than changelings that can possibly shape shift. Not magically mind you, but physically.

7518612 Ah, that's good. And I suppose if they're accepted, it's not really needed. Sorry about overreacting about it, back when I was commenting I've just read another story where my other favourite race, griffins, got an extremely short end of the stick, so I guess I projected that onto this story. Also, can't wait to see some in this story, they're can cute little buggers.

As for the arches, that's a bit debatable since they had to resort to questions in the newest changeling episode despite that they should've had the equipment used at the games stored somewhere. Though it could also be too cumbersome to move around.

That's a Celestia I like, thinking about every being and looking for a middle ground.

Anyway, I like your story a lot, keep up the good work, good science fiction stories aren't very common in this fandom.

And they meet again.

Huh, Sweetie Belle, combat cook.

The egg mysteriously disappeared, but the father had a very nice omelette fit breakfast.

... I now imagine Gilda as a mad genius mechanic.

This crew is going to be awesome once they get together on the ship. Now just Chryssie needs to arrive.

By the way, I was wondering, would utilising a script that continuously sends Opal messages pointing out Vera's presence work?

That's no ordinary rabbit!

You should totally watch Night of the Lepus.

Nice one, Coco.

Pfft, I can just imagine Gilda behaving like the cutest kitten when asleep.

And queen Bugbutt the Cheeselegs enters the stage! Kind of funny to see her as the least childish one. But also it's awesome that she adapted well to the change. Kinda curious what are these new food sources.

Yeah, I'd say that, for dealing with point nobles, they owe her big time.


i doubt Dragon Lord Torch would eat a child, despite how big he is and could eat a ton of teenage dragons easily with one chomp.

Other way around, they need to arrive at Chryssie.

The other AI likely already thought of that and it didn't work very well.


I would say not, especially if you can catch him eating meat.

Yeah Coco was batting a thousand.

It'll become apparent as it's a small plot point what Chrysalis can now consume.

Possibly more if they keep asking her for favors.

Interesting. I'd wager, with the hygiene comment, that the first food source might be sex. No idea about the second one.

Wow, haha, Chryssie's politics exploits sound awesome. I imagine the nobles still wake up terrified after dreaming about her and shiver at the mention of her name.

Pfft, sexual dungeon RPG, sounds about right.

Love missile, hah! Just submit, Celly, nothing stands between Cadance and matchmaking.

Oooooh, that grappling device sounds cool.

Ooooh, Chryssie wants to tour the cosmos. That's gonna be awesome.

Keep up the good work, I really like it so far.

Sassy is totally sane. :pinkiecrazy:

At least Vera stays unignored when she's massaging someone.

... I just have this mental image of a pouting Coco floating upside down in green liquid with her front legs crossed.


I'm about to get into what Sassy can really do, also she's not entirely sane and is keeping the insanity down with discipline. Should she crack... well there's probably a few things more dangerous than a wild unicorn at the very least.

This is after I devote a whole chapter to what Gilda and Greta are about to do. The days of running a simple clothing business and talking is going to be over for a short while, because it's proceeding into some violent gore filled action.

It's the month for it after all.

Yes, mortal fear is indeed quite useful for therapy.

I like Ember in this story, and a seasoned bounty Hunter being so shy about her body is adorable.

I pity whoever gets in Gilda's way and she unloads her frustration on them.

7619920 Hmm... I imagine a wild changeling would be pants-shittingly scary, similar magical abilities to a unicorn, but also natural armour, fangs, probably less delicate eyes, natural energy drain ability and shapeshifting that covers both living and nonliving things. But yeah, a crazy unicorn is dangerous as well.

Yay, a chapter for the crazy griffy duo!

*hums the Klandathu landing theme from Starship Troopers*

I'm really intrigued what's the history between tree Hugger and Gilda.

Yeah, it's easier to fly with working wings.

Those are some freaky monsters.

Going to prepare my vinyl record of the Top Gun soundtrack for the next chapter.


Three legged mantis monsters with scythes made for pulling people into it's vertical mouth to swallow them whole.

Red dog like ant headed cow sized monstrosities that can continue fighting after losing their rear half.

Fake asteroids with tentacles and an explosive temperaments that are actually gas bags?

Yes, I'm quit imaginative and as equally unimaginative.

I think Chapter 19 is the one that warrants the Klendathu theme, only it's 'almost' like a reverse version of what happens in that movie.

That was great and the music fit perfectly.

Gilda is one heck of a fighter pilot for not being a pilot at all.

My guess is that she either sacrificed the ship or found a way to detach the clogged ordinance tube.

Good that they're not dead.

For some reason I imagine Gilda having a permanent, slightly insane grin while she pilots the javelin. And telling yeeeee-haw!

“Gilda… please tell me that you aren’t sacrificing our lives and that we’re going to die...” - I think you meant "that we're not going to die."

Go, Garage Griffons, go!

Welp, Sassy is gone. Hopefully she won't murder any innocent guys while on her rampage.

We need someone with a mini gun or a rail rifle.

... What are you doing, Rarity... :facehoof:

Yay, another griffon!

GG, Sassy.

You do not question nurse Readheart.

'Though the dragon wanted to be out their fighting' - should be 'there'

Poor Gilda. And yay, Gabby is here!

... Rarity and sewers. That can only end well.

Wow, Gabby sure does talk a lot.

At least it's not 'affably evil'.

Yeah, the royal guard kinda sucks.

I bet Chryssie could've found many ways to resist, but it all turned out well in the end, especially that it saved the changelings from the horrific malformation from the season finale.

Chryssie is having much too much fun teasing the princesses.

Poor Ember, I think she'll need to jump into an active volcano for a few days to cleanse herself.


Wouldn't put it past a dragon to breath fire on themselves as a form of cleansing, killing bacteria with fire always works.

Squiddie! I wonder if they can teach it to fetch newspapers.

All in all it and pretty good, and they got a new team pet! :pinkiehappy:


Technically Ember got a pet.

Oh, come on, they saved so many people by blowing up the core, they should drop the charges altogether.

Shoulder squid get.

7704397 Yeah, I was just hoping that Ember would eventually join the team.

Nuuuuuuu, don't go on a hiatus!

Huh, well, it turned out pretty well. At least they got something out of it.

Looks like they might make it out alright. Love me some large space ships.

Yeah, I imagine ponies would be queasy around bodies. On the other talon, I imagine the two griffins wouldn't think twice about eating a sandwich around corpses. :B

That last part with the princesses and Chryssie. XD


Thank you for being a reader, but now after posting that last chapter which took me a while to edit I have only this to say... Pokemon Moon version here I come!

Happy thanksgivmakwazanukkahistmas!

Needs more dakka.

The pirates done goofed.

Stop emulating Glados, Opał!

7731184 And Pokemon claim another one!

Yay, new chapter.

... Yeah, I can totally see Gilda snuggling up against a space fighter and purring.

Hmm, so it's a whole contract for Chryssie... And yeah, the nobles are wise to not even try giving her a nickname.

Mr Spew!

Found a few errors:

'you’re goals' and 'you’re corpse' - should be your in both cases.

'grey up' - I assume it was supposed to be 'grew up'.

I bought myself pokemon moon, but only played a few moments since I'm still finishing Hexyz Force on my PSP. I really like the closer camera and more realistic proportions, but the game is for an adjustable camera, since having to run blindly towards the camera is annoying.

A slower chapter, but still nice. They're slowly changing the ship to their liking.

Mr Spew! Shoulder accessory mode go!

Testing, right.

7434141 What about Sweetie Belle?

Pfft, seems Chryssie simply has to have an outlet for her need to screw with others. And her planned payback sounds glorious.

... Luna, you goof. :facehoof:

... You're giving them much too much credit, EDF guy.

The GGG approaches...

"to put your the back of your left front hoof" - remove first your. There was also "you're spin" in there somewhere.

Would you mind if I combed through one of the chapters and proofread/corrected it, then pmed you the results?


Go ahead, if you want to. I've been fixing most of whatever you've noticed as being a big issue.


Rarity is trying to avoid being saddled with her, so of course at some point it might be more relevant to the plot. Diamond Tiara will make her appearance soon enough and she will certainly test everyone's patience.

Oh come on, Chryssie, your butt is just fine.

One would think Cadance learned by now what not to say near her.

Huh, I wonder how will Greta do at the Gala.

I still think your butt is just perfect, Chryssie.

Trollsalis is best Chrysalis.

Just be grateful that she's using her abilities for good now, Thorax. This at least saved you and many others from changing into baby crayon barf abominations.

She's not evil, she's just Chryssie.

Wowza, Coco's really direct in her sleep.

An earth pony magician, interesting.

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