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We crash landed on a goddess.

Welcome to Airship Mauled, where everything could possibly be worse.

Chapters (408)

Not hearing anything in space is not an excuse to never scream at all. Especially when you want to become famous, rich, part of high society and possibly find love along the way doing it.

Rarity set out to achieve these goals, but things aren't exactly going the way she thought they would. Watch as she gains a lot of notoriety, friends, family and most of all reaches for the stars with a talented motley crew.

Extra Tag: Ember, Lightning Dust, Opalescence.

Chapters (126)

Pinkie took a hop, skip and a fall straight into the underworld that exists in another dimension entirely.

Now her mane seems permanently popped, her heart keeps ejecting itself from her body, her cutie mark is missing and she's being constantly beset by strange monsters.

Pinkie fell to these monsters, now she has to dance with her heart to save them and herself.

This is an "Undertale" crossover.

Chapters (43)

A short look into what should have occurred with Double Diamond.

It's kind of a glaring plot hole that this didn't happen.

Chapters (1)

The short mostly unexplained tale of Rainbow becoming cider.

This story is an attempt at killing just as many brain cells as drinking real hard cider. It also counts as a 'what do you mean this wasn't written on drugs?' I was certainly sane when I started writing this.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy is a long way from home; will she survive the harsh and crazy universe while exploring its many wonders? She loves everything after all, now she has to prove that she does and it may just keep her alive.

Kindness and a magical stare are her only weapons, how far will it get her?

Chapters (117)

Twilight after witnessing the summer sun celebration as a little filly, she decides to try and get into Celestia’s academy for gifted unicorns. Opening a book with a title that was missing a single letter on it's cover, Twilight picks up a rather interesting passion while studying for the entrance exam.

That's when things start to slowly 'grow' out of control.

Chapters (101)

Kazooie returns to Equestria and she is plotting to take over the world… wait… what!? To further the problem a menagerie of other beings and ponies are going to help her do it too, now if only she could stop goofing off.

Will the elements of harmony attempt stop her when they find out about it or will they join her in the seemingly insanely convoluted conquest plan? Does Kazooie even have a plan?

This is a sequel to ‘The Dreaded Love Bird’ and much more then the ‘The Arising Cartoon Pony’ at that, the chapters will be insanely long and I will once again not care about what I'm actually writing.

Banjo Kazooie/ My Little Pony FiM crossover. Minor 'No More Heroes' crossover.

Chapters (8)

Now that Screwball has seen a bit of Spiral Mountain, now she's being introduced to the other video game worlds. There is nothing for those worlds to fear from her, well unless she picks up some bad habits from a certain breegull named Kazooie.

The following will occur, but is not limited to.

1. Bird fights.

"This is with the metallic maverick robot variety of birds."

2. Cerberus Alpha get's hijacked.

"Not that its driver could easily lose it to you."

3. Kazooie manages to blow up another world, even if it will eventually reboot anyway so the damage is negligible in the long run.

"Hey, it was my birthday. Go me!"

4. Screwball will learn about the magic of cartoon powers... and friendship.

"I don’t see why not. She needs a good education."

5. A relatively regulated amount of Chaos happens.

"Well at least it's not Perfect Chaos then."

6. Kazooie will stop interrupting the numbered things in the description box.

"Oh yeah, how are you going to stop me... unless... this is the last one isn't it. As I think Pinkie would say as a curse, BAKE SALE!"

Next in line to the poorly written story 'The Dreaded Love Bird', with focus on Screwball. Just to reiterate, a story no one asked for featuring Screwball where nothing interesting happens(In Equestria) involving Derpy, Chaos and world hopping shenanigans.

Chapters (28)

The term 'Love Birds' is derived from a certain ornithilogical species of birds. Birds that are notorious for causing high amounts of property damage, having large amounts of magical ability and collecting things by the tons in the quest of finding bonds between beings wherever they go. They are powerful, they are mighty and they are called...

"Stuff it already you're giving me a headache description guy, say hello Equestria because the Bree'girl is in town!"

Ugh... stupid Breegull... (Banjo-Kazooie crossover, plus other video game references.)

Chapters (26)
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