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Warning: Contains MAJOR spoilers for Undertale.

*something has gone terribly wrong.
*thanks to the kid, the barrier was destroyed and all the monsters were able to return to the surface.\
*everyone was happy. except for the flower, i guess.
*but we couldn't help that.

*this morning, i woke up back in my own room in snowdin,
*and everything had been... Reset.

*but, I remember the entire last loop,
*toriel doesn't sound like herself
*and when the gates to the ruins opened,
*what came out wasn't the kid.

*it was a... very... pink foal.

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Hmm... Never seen a Undertale crossover before(probably wasn't looking hard enough), but since I loved that damn game I'm gonna favorite this.
The thought of the author continuing this...It fills me with determination.
Great job so far.

Oh, you took my idea! Anyway, This was interesting. Keep it up, darling! ~:heart:


I'm doing one too, oddly with Diamond as well. However, the way this story is going is a bit- no, a lot- different.

Also, amazing pun, sweetheart! ~:heart:

I like it so far and I'm interested to see more.

One suggestion - add blank lines between your paragraphs for increased ease of reading. Even with the indented paragraphs, no space between them leaves people with a "wall of text" feel.

I like where this is going, but something is bugging me. Is this after or before Diamond befriended the CMC?

Personally, I think that the better suited character for this story is Fluttershy. She's just nice and shy enough to make friends with everyone in the underground. But you don't have to take it from me if you don't want to.

Great Chapter!.... i feel as if a certain Hero may give DT Heck...

Woohoo! I love this story! So good!

All it takes is one little cut for blood to proof that ponies are equivalent to humans!

At the moment it is too soon to tell if a pacifist ending is even possible... Or if DT has DETERMINATION to SAVE Asriel.

6654275 yeah but i didn't wanna say the name so i would not spoil either the story or the game.

I want to punch Flowey in the face now. I don't care about his past life.

I get the impression that Undyne may actually wind up not noticing or simply not caring about Diamond Tiara. Afterall, she only knew about Frisk because Papyrus let slip there was a human running around (plus Sans mentioning the name), and Undyne was only ordered to get rid of humans, not little pastel colored pony things.

6676975 well you never know... this is Undyne were talking about here... but you are correct about her most likey ignoreing DT due to the fact she is a pony not a human like frisk..

This flowey... He scares me with what he's doing to the present/future, changing events as they happen. This will probably end poorly for Diamond. On a happier note, I love how you're writing this story, showing flowey's manipulations with strikethroughs. I feel it's absolutely brilliant for an undertale story. Keep up the great work.

I like how you write sans, his behavior matches up with every single timeline reset, He's self-aware and knows what he's doing. And I like that concept.

6703106 Exuse me...

Have you met our Lord and Savior...


6705210 I don't think I have.

6705940 You simply must!

He is GODly.

See what I did there?

6707884 It was a bit(Holds can of humerus) HUMERUS!

6708331 Looks like you're working yourself, down to the bone with puns. (Rimshot plays)

6708375 I don't know, you seem a bit nit PECKY now.

6708654 Maybe you should put a little more, backbone into your puns.

6708757 Sorry for bad puns. They're not very... PUNNY!

6709238 Okay this is getting boring.

6654955 I'm sure Asriel would want to do the same thing.
Wait a minute...

6654745 Eh, it's the reader's fault that the fic/game is spoiled for them, not yours.

Did DT get some character development in the series since I stopped watching it or something? Because this sure seems a bit OOC for her, at least from what Crusader-centric reps I've seen so far.

If you haven't seen Season 5's "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," then you're going to be confused by many Diamond Tiaras from now on.

In the Intro it long description it should be this:

Yet Darker

The Darkness Keeps Growing

The Shadows Cutting Deeper

Photon Readings Negative

This Next Experiment






What Do You Two Think?

Except that has nothing to do with my plot the story.

6799798 The question mark at the end means the last line:

What Do You Two Think?

With the alterations to THIS timeline, I'm not so sure I would want Flowey to be freed...


Pls update...

6760203 Diamond Tiara was reform in season 5, episode 18 "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", it's also the episode were the CMC finally get their cutie marks. :trixieshiftright:

So far, I'm liking this MLP/Undertale crossover fanfic. I hope this fic gets more up votes then what you have right now. :pinkiehappy:

PS: Oh, and one more thing. Here one constructive criticism for ya try to maintain your spacing between paragraphs or sentences. It's a lot easy on the reader, because this chapter is a a tad bit jumbled together, it's easy to lose one's place. :twilightsheepish: :raritywink:

6638599 but It's Diamond Tiara! Any story with her is sure to be awesome!

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