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'Supposedly' evil.



We crash landed on a goddess.

Welcome to Airship Mauled, where everything could possibly be worse.

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This is a very unique concept and so far? i’m loving it. While the magic alchemy and abilities brings along a very welcome sort of Elder Scrols feel(I can’t help but think of Jade as a slender Kajit). The writing is pretty solid too, nothing to rightfully complaint about. Part of what I really like about this is how far from the normal stories on this site. Most fictions wouldn’t dare have the protagonist’s mother be an important character. And they actually have a sense of family between them, contrasting the lone wolves that usually occur on this site. Another thing, the characters aren’t being inteoduced too fast. Each character introduction is spread through the prolonged prologue (very cleaver) and gives each one a purpose. A very interesting party of... beings has grown and I am very interested in how the story will progress.
And wtf where are all the comments and likes? This is seriously deserving of more recognition.

For self sustain: Gains a healing factor which can heal minor wounds instantly and speeds up recovery from moderate wounds.

(Idea due to it being a weaker version of Excalibur's sheath.)


A weaker version of Excalibur's sheath would be nice, but I would require it to be both a sustain and incapable of regenerating limbs. I would need an item to do that if you have an idea. Not phoenix related stuff as I already have ideas concerning that.

Holding only one sustain at a time is a rule I'm not dropping.

Casting always destroys the object is another rule I'm not stepping away from.

Both rules are the limiting factor to how strong the two Abyssinians are and can get, also any other character that learns how to do magical alchemy.

Self-sustains are automatic and doesn't require the one concentration limit to keep up, but they aren't very powerful as regeneration would be. The self sustain on the knife isn't powerful because it requires you to use the sustain for the self-sustain to even work and it's an over time kind of thing.

It's good to get while the gettin' is good. Don't let Celestia the chess-master ensnare you in the game.

if there weren't any haystacks over there conveniently she's screwed

God danmit I just realized the pun used in palicoast great work by the way

this is one of the best things I've read to date. please Continue your Magic!!

also, I can't help but wonder what affect Discords fur would have... I don't think I want to find out.

Man, those Feels:yay:. Just frustrates me that I can only fav and up vote once:applecry:!

Seriously, though, great fun so far! Really looking forward to more:raritystarry:!

Bit curious as to why she's so dead set against priestess gig. I mean, yeah, the 'I need an adult!' moment would be off putting to anyone:trixieshiftleft:, but I would at least want to talk to Celly about fringe benefits and side effects:trixieshiftright:. Especially after all those years basically promoting yourself as a priestess anyway.

Foreknowledge... Ugh. At least it's downplayed to the point it's still enjoyable. I fearfully ask because i need to know: You don't plan to include any kind of infamous alternate universe spin-offs, do you?

It looks like Jade is to Celestia what Kuril is to Sekh(m)et.


Nope, no spinoffs, just vanilla and I will not do Equestria Girls.


Doing a cast or a sustain without knowing what will happen is a pretty bad idea all things considered.


Yep, ponies have their themed naming conventions, so why not the nation of mercantile cats as well?


There are rare times when I can write really well. It'll wear off quite fast, trust me.

I know how bad at writing I can be.

I had a concept and a cool idea going into this, now let's see if I can keep it going.


Depends on if it's used as a cast or for a sustain. The cast would do something bizarre. The sustain would do something ironically plain to the wielder, something like randomly increasing or decreasing luck in a chaotic manner.


Jade is not dead set against being a priest, she already is one by nature of being identified as one twice over by two different goddesses. She's just against being Celestia's personal priestess, mostly because it was kind of being forced.

Jade is trying to classify herself as a Rogue or at least an exceedingly odd Rogue and Priest hybrid, which is why she's a literal Rogue Priest.

As for Celestia, she did tackle Jade hard enough to knock her out. With the way Jade woke up and eventually met a maid saying she'll be her personal helper, I would think that was a bit much on Celestia's end without 'fully' discussing things with Jade first.

Jade only incidentally earned the priest class from doing 'Sun Salutation' exercises and also (Even if it was jokingly) praising the sun and Celestia. It just turned out that it was actually a thing, which is why Jade can even be magically recognized as a sun priest by both Sekhet and Celestia.


I would like to say thank you to everyone for your kind commentary.

and then there's the self-sustained effect, which I don't doubt would have something to do with Murphy's Law. either a great big *yay* you to the concept, or a boost to it's frequency.

Please stop calling them chapters, and what your doing would be considered story arcs


Okay, I checked back with the relevant chapter and realized what details I missed, but...I had no idea she was tackled:pinkiegasp:! At first, I thought it might have been that Celestia's feeling of excitement overwhelmed Jade because of whatever link they share and that Celestia was just running to catch her before she fell. Now I can't help but imagine Celestia as this big, goofy yet graceful great dane yelling 'Play!? Play play!!' over and over while charging full speed. That's just hilarious:rainbowlaugh:!

Now after seeing all of this, I really really hope to see Jade take the job as Celestia's priestess. Just, maybe, after having a nice heart to heart with Celestia and letting Jade find a way to do it on her terms. The idea that it would fall apart with nothing coming of it after Tia's hopes were brought up so high just seems heartbreaking:raritydespair:! Especially with all of the relationship (not necessarily romantic) possibilities!! I could see them being pranking buddies on days when the nobles are getting too full of themselves. With some of the grudging respect I've seen from the guards here, I could see Priestess Jade acting like some sort of investigator/spy shaking things up when there seems to be more corruption. I could even see her being the voice of semi-reason in this little friendship, sternly telling an excited Princess, "No! Bad, Tia, heel! No tackling guest. We talked about this!" So many possibilities:raritystarry:! Please don't let it end here:fluttercry:!!

Those feathers are powerful. I wonder what she could do with Three tail hairs


Does it really bother you that much?


It doesn't have to be tail hairs, just hair in general. Not necessarily from a unicorn either.

And thus the ancients god of war became a DND player

There are worst ways to use ones time...besides Egypt had games before they were cool, sum and total of the plot of Yu-gi-oh remember?

sweet faust a goddess and a broken unicorn became tabletop addicts

My best guess would be that you would need to use the sustain effect to make up for the weakness in the cast effect.

Also does the fact that the cooking is magical mean that it has magical properties other than great taste?

One more thing, Sekehmet should give jade a feather at some point so she can alchemy cast with it.

I'm kinda surprised the soup doesn't have any effects. Yet? Can alchemy be applied to cooking, or vice versa?


Yes, sustain effects can fill in the gaps for the most part, like how the knife made the wings easier to control.

Yes, there will be other magical properties to Kuril's cooking, but it's not going to happen yet.


Zecora + Kurilian = blank.


Hmm...I think you're going to need a hydra scale. And I happen to know where to start looking.

Everfree Bogg perhaps? although the Hydra that exist there at the 'present' for the show might not be there yet, and if it is it'll probably be significantly smaller, due to being around for less time? or Darkon might invoke the wrath of the Great And Irritating Murphy to buck things over... again... for what'll be the 5th time this story

depends on the species and/or individual, and what I meant was that the Hydra itself would be smaller, as it is most certainly younger than it was when we saw it in the show


Funny you should call Murphy to attention... do you know anything about Boat Murdered?

Cue Zephyr acting like a jerk, rainbow dash claiming it's their fault fluttershy was in trouble, and ponykind in general being a bunch of dicks.

I'm glad I found this gem, while it's still isn't popular.
You've got a nice story going here, I applaud you.
It was an interesting read. I hope you will update this regularly.


Cue anime expositional themed intro!


Thank you.


I'm never popular for anything I write, I don't really mind that.

I'm usually horrible at writing, but I think I'm currently 'In The Mood' by Glenn Miller. Which would explain my daily update schedule going on right now, that'll slowly wear off as I lose momentum. Surprised I haven't yet, I might be doing another Twilights Mane Passion thing here with daily updates for a month straight.

It's really hard to do that as it takes a lot out of me.

Party, party, party, I want to have a party~! Let’s get a party going~! When it’s time to party, we will party hardy~!

*Que alicards theme song*

yes a cupcake truly the overpowered alchemy ingredient ever

No, you don't. Keep asking and she'll turn you into a newt. (you'll get better)

That theme song at the end is perfect lol

8887191 No kidding...I'm pretty sure Gash's client is going to be sorely disappointed.

Yeah that's why I figured gash is keeping her around.

Probably Verko...

And here I thought we'd see jade kick some ass...ah well such is life at least we get to see how everyone else is doing.

I'm still surprised Jade didn't set Celeano up with Eir for combat training.

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