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Long ago, the Father of all Monsters gave birth to many creatures. Some monstrous, others wonderous. Hidden away for hundreds of years by the ponies that proceeded them, these creatures have largely faded into myth in the eyes of most. Twilight Sparkle is far from most, given over the past few years she's seen things that would drive most ponies mad.

Looking at you Discord.

So, when rumors start circulating of an ancient temple in the Guoxia Province, one guarded by an ancient beast she is naturally intrigued...

Long Live the Queen...

Featured on 6/7/19
And on 6/8/19

Mothra, Battra, and Godzilla property of Toho, MUTOs property of Legendary Pictures

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“Mass panic, I’m guessing,” Fizzlepop replied. “Like pony sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… All of Equestrian civilization coming undone. That sort of thing?” she deadpanned.

I see Fizzle's channeling her inner Venkman.

Celeano was currently dueling another pirate, sword to sword. “This… This is the day they’ll remember!” she shouted to nobody in particular before flooring the griffon with a punch to the beak. “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Celeano!”

And I see the Parrot's channeling her inner Sparrow.

Looking forward to Kaiju on Kaiju violence.


I see Fizzle's channeling her inner Venkman.

And I see the Parrot's channeling her inner Sparrow.

Agh, you know me. Never one to pass up a shoutout towards something. I really need to learn to tone it down.

Looking forward to Kaiju on Kaiju violence.

And hopefully, I will deliver. I'm taking a Skull Island style approach, meaning the main Kaiju shouldn't wait an hour into the movie, so to speak, to appear. Yes, I have to build up to the Queen, but not take forever.


Agh, you know me. Never one to pass up a shoutout towards something. I really need to learn to tone it down.

By all means, tone it up. Noticing the shoutouts are half the fun!

I don't want to spoil the movie so feel free to delete but poor Mothra really can't stay alive throughout a movie. She's like Kenny from South Park.

Not really a spoiler, I think we all figured Mothra would bite it from the trailers and her past reputation. It's her shtick really. Die, and then leave behind another.

But just one time I'd like her to stay alive. She really is like the Toho version of Kenny.

Funnily enough, there are times that has happened. Such as the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy. And of course, her own solo film.

Okay, the trilogy I knew but she had her own solo film? When?

Mothra ey?
Roll it!

(I had to do it, lmao)

Very solid beginning, and I like how you portrayed Serwizawa.

*Facepalms* I'm an idiot. It's even referenced in King of the Monsters.:facehoof:


I hope it keeps up!

This should be interesting to say the least. Now my question becomes how deep into Kiju lore are you going to be digging? As I would love for an appearance of the furry with rockets in his feet.



Those two are so cute together! Awww.

Great work can’t wait for the next one

Hey, that song is always welcome. Always.

Yeah, I'm trying to keep a low cast list of Monsters, really. Aside from Mothra herself, only three other Kaiju are planned. Hell, Godzilla was only supposed to be eluded to in cave paintings or an ending cameo. ...MInd you, I'm not exactly complaining about Thunder's idea for Serizawa to explain about Godzilla but... Wasn't planned.

To be fair, I think Mothra's solo outing might have been forgotten by most. Maybe. Don't quote me on that.

(And on Mothras who survive a film, the one in Ghidorah's big screen debut did. Was a male, but still.)

Okay, so was the monster that attacked Tempest's fleet supposed to be Mothra or Battra? Because, Battra's usually the one associated with shooting ocular energy beams.


So, if Grogar made the Titans...how old IS he?!

Very, very old. Though let's be fair, he's rather old in the TV series proper considering he was just thought to be a story to tell to kids...

He was once a king himself, I recall reading.

First of all.just... thank you.
Thank you for writing this story! I love Mothra and the rest.
Second, thank you writing it so well! It has parts I'm smiling, parts I'm nervously chewing my lip in anticipation. It's a very well written story!
I look forward to more!

Well Brick your story has been featured for almost two days

That was a VERY nice touch having Fizzlepop run into Battra in the past! I can't wait to see how this develops!

Now this is very interesting, I look forward to seeing where this goes next. Though I would caution against taking too much inspiration from the movies, peaceful Equestria is a rather different place from monster-ridden earth.

To be ultimately fair, Serizawa isn't a pony here, meaning he has different standards. And there's going to be quite a few scenes taking place outside Celestia and Luna's kingdom.

Plus, with Grogar having birthed creatures like Godzilla... well, I'd say Equestria is a lot less peaceful than in canon.

Comment posted by CJWar25 deleted Jun 9th, 2019

I think this may have some of the most stilted dialogue I've ever read in all my years.

Ah, always good to see more kaiju stories around here.

I know right? I honestly don't get why we have more kaiju stories here, given MLP has plenty of monsters to choose from...

Huh. This looks...quite interesting. Mothra seems like a natural fit for Equestria, and it's always nice to see more of Fizzlepop.

I think my only complaint is that too much happened in this first chapter. Perhaps it should have been split up. But other than that, this looks great.

You've earned a tracker.

Yeah, I apologize for everything that happened in this chapter. I was mainly using it to set up the world, and the characters really. Pretty sure that's what a first chapter is meant to do...

But yeah, out of all the Kaiju, Mothra and her brethren always felt like a natural fit to Equestria's world. There are a few others, like Manda who I could probably get away with but not many I think.

Very nicely done! You pretty much nailed this battle on the first go!

Regular weapons (cannons, guns, missiles) would pretty just tick Battra (or any monster for that matter) off, but using magic would make sense since they don't really have a defense against that (unless they do have a magic tolerance in this story, in which case, they only managed to buy themselves enough time to escape.)

I hope our ragtag group of adventures can keep getting along as I get the feeling that they are going to be making several different monsters very angry.

Yeah, I wanted to keep the classic "Giant means Invincible" at least when it came to conventional weaponry so I had to think.... creatively. The Bridge server suggested using the environment against Battra, so that's what I did. I figured given the setting, magic would probably have little to no effect, but things like dropping the sea on something or ripping its wings off? Probably not so much. Sadly, this means unless I do flashbacks this is likely the last you'll see of this Battra but he was never meant to last long story-wise. He was just meant to show how powerful his species actually was, and in general how dangerous Kaiju were.

Funnily enough, I almost planned to introduce the real evil Kaiju of the story in the MUTOs, but I figured there was enough going on already so it got cut. At least for this chapter anyhow.

To be fair, Battra in the Heisei canon wasn't really... loved by even the Monsters. Not even Mothra liked him, if I remember correctly, so that says it all. He wanted to protect the Earth but really didn't go about it in the best of ways. He's probably what you would label a monster ecoterrorist, given he held no love for humans.

And given his behavior here, chances are I doubt there are very many monsters who would miss him.


I'm a little confused. I was under the impression they assumed Battra, when Tempest encountered him in the past, was Mothra, but now they act as if they knew it was him all along? Did Tempest encounter both or am I getting this wrong?

Well, anyone who was a pony assumed the creature encountered in the past was Mothra, but it was only after Celeano corrected them did they start referring to him by his proper name.

Fizzlepop just called him the battle moth simply because of his behavior, not that she knew it was Battra.



Battra sure did die fast...


I wasn’t referring to the fact that the monsters would miss Battra. What I was referencing was they inadvertently make other monsters mad by doing something. They do like to be left alone and understand that humans/ponies are crunchy and good with ketchup. Even the weakest of the monsters is more then a match for anything lesser then them.

He was never meant to be in this story for long, given he had to die for the next member of his species, AKA Mothra to emerge. He was basically meant, as I have explained in a previous comment, to serve as a showcase for just how powerful his species and kaiju in general really are compared to ponies.


They are to us as we are to ants. And even they tremble before the True King...

Fair. Mothra is the general exception to this rule, along with possibly Manda I think. Most Kaiju? Couldn't give a damn about us. I believe Hank Marlow put it best about giant monsters:

"Kong's a pretty good king. Keeps to himself, mostly. This is his home, we're just guests. But you don't go into someone's house and start dropping bombs, unless you're picking a fight."

Think it really applies to all the Kaiju, and this is just the 'nice' ones. God forbid someone like King Ghidorah is ticked off.

Well let me guess who one of the villains is going to be. (Redacted).

I do agree that it is the Queens role to keep the King in check. Hence if you harm her near the King he does tend to rampage.

“Oh, it is nothing Princess Twilight,” the Shobijin said. “It is just it is a very fitting title indeed! It is, in fact, Mothra who has always calmed and tamed the King throughout his many rampages throughout history!”

The king... as in Godzilla. So Mothra has 3 purposes:

  1. She is the protector of life
  2. Queen of the Monsters
  3. And she is Godzilla’s lullaby when he has a bad day.

It’s like a monster system: The King; Godzilla, keeps all the other Titans in check. And the Queen; Mothra keeps Godzilla calm and collected when he has a rough time with both Equestrians and Titans.

In the movie KotM: Ghidorah killed Mothra, and it completely pissed the G-man off, As he brutally kills his three-headed rival.

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