Spike's life was rough to begin with. He lives with a single mother, and neither of them know what happened to his father. One day during a walk in the forest, Spike comes across a strange capsule machine in front of a giant tree. He hears a voice telling him to put a coin in the machine, and against his better judgement, he does. He releases a strange spirit known as a Yo-Kai named Whisper. He is given a watch called the Yo-Kai Watch, which lets him see the mysterious spirits known as Yo-Kai. He soon finds out he's not the only one with a Yo-Kai Watch, and that there's a secret organization called Y.U.C.S, also known as the Yo-Kai Undercover Combat Squad. They work together to stop Yo-Kai from causing too much chaos. But little do they know that in the Yo-Kai world, an evil Yo-Kai is plotting against them. Along with stopping this evil Yo-Kai, Spike is also on a mission to find his missing father.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 8 )

I like this. I am going to watch out for this.

Will you be adding fan-made Yo-Kai?

The one on the motorcycle is Terminyanator. Check out Yo-kai Watch 3

Ah, I didn't know that, I haven't gotten to Yo-Kai Watch 3 yet

Take your time and also he’s an A-Rank so be careful when you get the game and battle him to earn his medal

Thanks, but considering 'Merican Yo-Kai weren't in the original Yo-Kai Watch, I changed it to another fan-made Yo-Kai

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