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A closet brony trying his amateur hand at some artistic expression on the net. If you think one of my stories should be in a group you're already in, I'd be flattered. (or confused if it didn't fit)

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Alright then.

If you don’t want to see my version, then you don’t have to see it. I was just giving you the link because I was wondering what you thought of it compared to the original version, that’s all. It was never part of a “biff” as you say.

But, I will take your advice on letting the whole thing go, starting with letting you stay out of it. But, I will still be keeping my version on my blog post.

Dude... You don't follow me, nor do I follow you. You've effectively spammed me with your own version of a story that you don't like the original of. I get you have a beef with the story, but if you are a good christian like you... claim to be, you wouldn't be spamming your own variant like this, even if the rules made it hard for you to do it another way. You'd simply let it go and move on. Since you claim to be of the faith, I suggest you look at the book of Mathew, chapter 10, with key reference to parts 12 - 14. It has to do with finding a home while preaching, but it can have some application here. If the guy didn't want to take your advice, you should have let your advice return to you, let it go and moved on with the next thing in your life or greater works, not go on such a rant that you drag random people into whatever beef you have with somebody that disagrees with you.

If you have another phrase from the gospel to counter with, please post its book, chapter and part then leave it at that. I'll digest it in the same manner as I intended for you.

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted May 19th, 2019

1962916 um... Hello. Do you need anything?

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