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This story is a sequel to Meta Gamer in Equestria: The Blight of Bane.

(Red tags are for minor presence. They are not the focus but, yes, present.)
Having been freed, Moss now seeks what to do with his life, both as the only legal ape like being from another world, and as a now competent spell caster.
Yet dangers still lurk in the shadows and he can't fully shake off the fears of something bringing harm to this new world he hesitates to call home. The one thing he is still not fully certain of is if the threat he feels is somewhere out there, or inside himself.

Third and final installment of the Meta Gamer in Equestria series. I've tried to make either of the other books decent starting points, both MGiE: Odyssey and MGiE: The Blight of Bane. But reading MGIE: The Blight of Bane will be needed to properly understand this book.

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Good to see this going again, I loved the last two and I can’t wait to see more of this one!

Though I really hope he has gotten over his fear and mental scaring of Luna between the other story and this one!

Ok, I am hooked and really looking forward to what comes next!

16 comments on this series in just over 6 hours. Someone sure binged. Not that I'm complaining about the attention.😋

I had the first story in an open tab for about a week while I finished up a few other tails. Very glad I saved it. I don't consider it bingeing, rather a pleasant journey away from my mundane troubles, and thank you for being the conductor on this trip. :twilightsmile:

I seriously hope this story gets the exposure it deserves, as it is such a well written, and enjoyable one!:heart:

It's dated, but you might check my "Compass for a Lost Dreamer" too. you might notice a few... peculiar consistencies. :moustache:

Sadly, a lot of the "exposure" and hot box stuff goes to click baity titles with people wanting a quick laugh or other fix. Most my stories involves making my audience think at least a little deeper, and not enough people care about that to have any of my works become popular.

I dreamed of being in the featured tab at one point or another, but it's probably for the best that I don't actually get a taste of fame lest it go to my head.
(But my abilities definitely have flaws that hinder my work in other ways and the lack of an editor doesn't help either, though. Not that I've let those imperfections stop me from finishing a story I've already published.)

Yeah, I can definitely see Filthy and Spoiled making their way to r/entitledparents by doing something like this.
And no, I won’t give them the respect to call them ‘Rich’ because I do not respect them.

Oh the sweet sound of getting a reader's comment again... Ironically from the same reader that gave me my most recent comment from multiple months, and chapters, ago.

Spoiled might be quite the stereotypical Karen, but I'd still call her by formal name, if only to not form habits that make it easier to sink to her level. I try to lean more to a "stand like a rock" mentality where possible, leaving the "fight fire with fire" mentality as a last resort. While aggressive/underhanded/rude/"Me big uga-bugga!" methods can solve a problem "quickly" in the immediate, they also tend to be the most expensive "solutions" to problems in the long run with how many bridges they burn and additional* enemies they make, even when it is used in a defensive manner. If you can keep your cool until the last possible moment, you never know what alternatives to a situation you can find. If nothing else, it shows those who witness the conflict that you at least attempted to solve the situation peaceably first.

But don't worry, even before the comment, I was still planning on giving a bit of an r/update. Just stay tuned. :derpytongue2:

If done properly, I believe that Moss (or someone else if taught) should be able to use Detect
Poison and Disease in order to know if Plasma wave either has a disease, or is poisoned.

The best way to narrow down the area of the spell is to cast it while sitting within a metal box with walls a little more than an inch thick to stop the spell from having too wide an area, and therefore leading to the possibility of the only source of poison or disease being only either Plasma Wave or the Caster (whether it is Moss or someone else) and it can be ritual cast, allowing it to not go against Archimedes’ warning to not use spell slots.

I might have just forgotten, but when did we learn Dalock could cast Wish?

Also, is the spells Moss doesn’t want to even mention the ones about returning the dead to life? Or something else?

At the end of the first fight with them. He wished for "the prize bane promised me" I'll edit to clarify. Thanks for catching that.

There, edited. If you want to go over that section of the meeting again. Thanks again for pointing it out.

How an artificer would work through something like this:

The portable hole/bag of holding ballista, which works to push the former into the latter and create a tiny black hole to the astral plane which should pull Dalock in and would probably get him to the point where he is constantly floating and can’t do anything, so he eventually just stops thinking.

What overall level is Dalock? Because from my calculations, either he is the full level 20 (wish so at least 17 of sorc, and pact of chain so at least 3 levels of warlock) or we don’t have the 20 level cap here.

I think you just answered your own question. Kudos to you for paying attention.

Ooh, and we are where the first one started at chapter number: “Arrays start at Zero”

And I would like to say to Moss, it technically was not bringing her back to life, but creating a new body for her to live in, as Reincarnate is a transmutation spell instead of a necromancy spell (unlike I think every other ‘stop being dead’ spell)

Ooh, Luna knows Moss's true name.

Am I correct that 'Leeroy Peterson' is the true name of Dalock? Because it certainly sounds like it.

Moving up to his ear, I meekly whispered to Dalock in the same broken voice I had practiced for so long, "I say this for the sake of your immortal soul, Leeroy Peterson. During the trial, just confess to any crimes you've actually committed. Tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your crimes and I will pray for you."

A nice ending to this part of Moss’ story, would I be correct to suppose this disturbance would be another sequel? Or is the series ending openly?

not exactly and yes. The disturbance in the tribal lands are just an open end, yes, but the random part with the other ponies just before this is Easter-egg for old readers from my first series (loosely cannon to this series) if they are still around. It ties back to other works as well as a previously out of place chapter.

Story good. You get a cookie! Took me, I think, four days in total to read everything in all.

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