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A closet brony trying his amateur hand at some artistic expression on the net. If you think one of my stories should be in a group you're already in, I'd be flattered. (or confused if it didn't fit)


Lightning Dust lost her dreams and struggled in the world outside the academy until she happened to come across a small town, of which could’ve been more trouble than it was worth. However, she was determined to do whatever it would take to rejoin the ranks of the Wonderbolts, even if living in Ponyville among the crazy citizens and bearing the anger from her old rival were part of it.

Follow her experiences as she endures the eccentric locals, tries to keep herself fed, and interacts with unexpected souls who enter her life and help her remember things she had forgotten as a filly.

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3226565 im terribly sorry but what?:rainbowhuh: (Not familiar with most internet slang)


i like this story fgt
make more of it plz <3

also do you have skype
because i'm in a group for good authors
and you should join it

No, I don't have a Skype account, :twilightoops:not super socal.

I have more of the story in tow but i don't release a chapter until im finished with it, wich at the moment means i have to be 2 or more chapters ahead of it to make sure i am tying stuff in correctly. I'm sorry but this will probably be a slow updater. so i guess it will just have to go on the read later list.:twilightangry2:

Glad you liked it though.:pinkiehappy:


It's less for being social and more for helping new authors advertise their stories. :derpytongue2:


O! and what does "fgt" mean? (Face hoofs self in advance for good measure :facehoof: )


Umm.. if that is net slang.. once again not sure.

If that is something to do with the grammar in the story, I'm all ears.

3226633 How long have you been on the internet?

Technically, about 8-10 years but most of it was isolated to gaming or watching vids and not constantly.:fluttershyouch:

I didn't do much social stuff during that time, barely chatted on the games and almost always had a friends list of less than a dozen. most of them offline the majority of the time i was on.

I started getting a bit more social about 3 months ago. and my lingo is still catching up.:derpyderp1:

I'm a bit reclusive by habit. So I'm about as clueless as the crusaders are about cutie marks. :unsuresweetie::scootangel::applecry:

Finally got my first Dislike marker... just a minute after I update and no one even would have had a chance to read it... thought id mark the occasion.

(once again, if you don't like the story, please tell me why.)

Very good, I like your interpretation of Lightning Dust

thank you 3509506 :twilightsmile: I am glad to see some are enjoying it.

Since this is practice for me to improve my abilities, I love to hear feedback from the readers.(despite getting so little...)

I think You miss they in "The would come in mass number and drag me home! I was plan-"
By the way nice chapter

Comment posted by reflective vagrant deleted Dec 9th, 2013

3600712 Thank you for the correction. though i strive not to mess up. feel free to do it again.

Could frizz lane be a magic school bus reference?

As for bonbon, multiple personality disorder? I have been thinking that for the last couple chapters.

I really like this. I started chapter 2 at 6 this morning. Keep up the good work.

It is nice to see this side of Lightning Dust and Spitfire. I really like Keen Wit as well. Good job.

NOOOOO! :raritycry:
I don't want to wait for the next chapter.:fluttershbad:

I really enjoyed reading this. The pacing was great, the characters believable. Some times the dialogue was a tad off, but that was it.

One possible typo, do you really mean "mussles". Or was it supposed to be "muscles"? I noticed that in this and a few other chapters.

Please keep up the good work.


"Could frizz lane be a magic school bus reference?"

DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER! congratulations.

3656805 thank you. do you have the story set to your favorites or your read later lists? it might be a while before i release chapter 12 and putting it on either one of those lists might save you time from having to keep checking back. (edit, looks like you did just as i was sending this... nvm then)

This is one of the best Lightning Dust fics I have read so far! Keep it up!

4042822 Thank you for the encouragement. and for adding it to your favorites list.

It's the best Lightning Dust fanfic I've seen in a while.
I really like her characterization, you gave her another dimension, more human. Her interactions with the other characters are true.
Spitfire isn't a asshole ? You made my day.
Keep on ! :)

4350324 :rainbowderp: ... (Backs away slowly)

but really. would you expand on that?

Well it is nice to see a story with good pacing and attention to detail for one (have not finished it though so that may change) and for that reason alone I like it as I often don't have much success in terms of Juxtaposition between LD the wannabe mercenary (my story don't ask) and LD at home, her past, her life should she fail ectera ectera. Secondly and on that note I can get the sense that something is building up ahead that won't shatter the character a single episode has built on Lighting and that actually makes me rather happy to see a story with some depth hoping to address her actions in Wonder bolt academy and perhaps add some fanon background I think I will enjoy because so far I have yet to spot any errors (again still up to chapter 3 only)
SO there, love/jealousy hope that helps:scootangel:

4356080 :derpyderp1: O wow, and those are my bad chapters. I'm flattered.

If I'm reading it right that is.

4356080 (continued)

You have quite a run on sentence or two and some oddly placed words. I'm surprised you know a term like juxtaposition. (which i didn't, had to look it up) Ither you simply made that comment in haste, or you are something of a scatter brained scholar(for lack of better term).

I think I like you. Feel free to bounce an idea or two off me some time. Just slow down when you are 'saying' it.

4360907 Thank you for the correct spelling. I'll correct that now.

(You got all the way to chapter 8? Thank you for taking interest.)

4361232 That was the last chapter I read before going to bed. Right now I am going to read "A mile through her eyes," then continue with this.:pinkiesmile:

I am now caught up on this and I have to say that it's really good.:raritystarry:

Adding this and "A mile through her eyes" to my recommendation group.:rainbowdetermined2:

Holy shit, Lyra has a serious foot fetish. She should really get that checked out.:twilightoops:

4706979 :rainbowhuh: Never thought I'd hear that scene interpreted like that. Not exactly constructive but thanks for the comment anyway.:ajsmug:

Good job. One thing

The doctor looks at her funny. "I can do that I suppose. It's just, I thought you would want some privacy."
She looks back at her bandaged wings again. "Wayside needs to know what's going on with me. So does Applejack. And to be honest..." She looked down for a moment. With turmoil coming to the surface she looks back at the doctor. "Don't tell anypony, but I just know I'm gonna need to hug that little twerp."

Is that a missing Tab i spy?

Great job. Keep up the good work.

Relax. The next chapter is coming soon. I had to work on them back to back before releasing either so the next one is about ready as well.
But if you want to share it with others —if you think they would like it— I wouldn't mind. I'm not exactly getting a lot of exposure.

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