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The One and the Only

There is Only One, and that One is me. The Only One 'what' you ask? I have no idea.


There is a changeling by the name of Snew P. He has a great life in the changeling hive. Here are all his adventures. Hopefully they will never end.

The amazing artistry was done by EverfreePony. Go and follow her. She's awesome! You can also watch her Deviant Art Profile!

Chapters (6)
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Snew P.


8043815 wasn't that hard to get, it was 20% more satisfacthory

Cannot resist:

oh dear... them forked good!

 They were all guards except for one, Princess Luna, who was surrounded by said guards.  Snew P.  headed for the one at the front of the group: a white Pegasus who's mane, tail, and primary feathers were a dark blue.  sadly this was a mistake.


And Hey..! is S.K. Knight and the Lunar House guard, Featuring Luna

(Next Time mark spoilers that kind of stuff and has us guess)

Wonder when he'll meet the weird round headed kid. Or the Red Baron.

hey! I'm a Snoopy fan! so Snew P. is a Nice Pony equivalent...

besides, I'm following SA. K. Knight's Adventures, so it was ez...

Nice job! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Cool story idea. Would be neat for them to explore Equestria before S6 ending. But great story!

8126659 Thx. I will do my best.
8126785 Thank you. And you may have given me an idea for the next chapter.

(This is my OC)
*blaze blade* Aww that's sweet. I appreciate I really do, but let's just say I play for the other team if you catch my drift.

wow... Joe Lazer eye is my new fave Joe

i have not even started reading this and i already get the pun

i really hope this has references to Charlie Brown xD

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