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Chauffeur is a pony suffering a grievous streak of misfortune spanning throughout his life. Up to now he has lost his job, his family's respect, and his house. And, wouldn't you know it, a swarm of ravenous changelings sweeps across Canterlot with him stuck dead at the center of their attack. Things can't possibly get any worse than that, right?

Well, after awakening following the swarm's attack, he finds himself in a dark and foreboding place. That place happens to be where said changelings make their home. Now he lays in the care of a changeling drone named Lacewing, who had taken pity on his plight. Because of Lacewing's efforts to conceal him from her brethren's hungry jaws, Chauffeur quickly discovers a peculiar change with himself has also occurred...

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I cant wait for the next one!

Awesome so far! Keep it up!

Well, this is actually a decent story. Keep it up!

Despite being only 14 hundred words, the pacing was good. Description was sprinkled in at the right moments and there was correct grammar. I gladly await future chapters.:twilightsmile:

Why did I get a notification for this story?
It fills very few of my psychological requirements to read it.

interesting concept can't wait to read more of it!

What a pleasant little find. Certainly looking forward to more of this.

Some corrections without malice:

he lies the care

he lies in the care


And chauffeur sounds nothing like chafer.


And chauffeur sounds nothing like chafer.

That's kinda sorta the point. Lacewing only drew to that conclusion because she's unfamiliar with pony names and thought that 'Chafer' was the name he was trying to say. Most changelings being named after insects/insect parts and all...

*pounces on chapter*

and when we get back here at night you'll take it off for a little bit before putting back on."

And they're not doing so immediately because…? Their conversation is much more damning, and carries farther, than the sight of him briefly turning back.

And he's not in possession of his full faculties at the moment, and she probably won't shed a tear if he turns into a full changeling. So it makes sense.

Corrections offered without malice.

pthalo blue

phthalo blue

into the desire direction.


know my way around as good as any other

as well

Interesting start, will keep reading.

So it's temporary, unless he forgets to take it off. Interesting.

Can't wait for the best bug horse to appear.


Bob Ross, you teach me of Phthalo blue and it makes me happy.

A good read! I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes next. :)

Turn and face the strain

I like this good start. Here's to more good stuff.

That was funny. Yay good chapter.

I am hooked.
More of this loonypalooza please

That last line. That's what hooked me.

I enjoyed this, can't wait for another chapter.
(Insert Thor joke here)

So we have some kind of Trouble Shoes as protagonist? Neat! :yay:

Glad to see this back. Was slightly worried the season six finale had made you stop wanting to write this story.

"The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,"

(mitochondria is plural of mitochondrion)


should not be hyphenated

I feel like the reason he can't immediately run off to home was glossed over a bit. Was it because the changeling lands are that dangerous, or just because it's a long, long way away?

Just leave the charm on, being a changeling is awesome.

7923070 I believe that the reason is that you can't trust normal ponies to survive a meeting with a bunny,let alone a long trek back home through the barren wasteland.

"My name is Chaeta,"

I am groot.

"The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,"

Huh. Guess you're not part pokemon after all...

Yay!! It's back. Great addition.

7922244 its a joke reference if I recall correctly, and in the original it was said so that way

Already this is off to a good and enjoyable start.

Yeah, I'm hooked.

"Oh man! This story looks great, can't wait to read more! :D"
>Sees that the last chapter was released more than 7 months ago
"Oh man! I'm so sad right now! :D"
>Hides in a dark place and try not to cry

Great title and thanks for a great read!

This sounds like an interesting read, though will it be updated any time soon?

You dreamt you were a changeling ?

No, I dreamt up the story. Like me viewing its inner details, and whatnot. Pony becomes changeling, how pony becomes changeling, a small handful of specific plot points, etc.

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