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Oh, its just you. I was afraid it was somebody important.


Dress up as Bakugo Katsuki. Go to anime convention. Be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Years pass and I make a name as a mercenary with a temper and a want to play hero. Aside from that? Nothing much, got a home in a place called Appleloosa that I haven't been back to in around a year or so. But now, now I'm fighting a war thanks to an asshole trying to take over the world and being 'offered' a job by the royalty of the land.

I still get to blow things up so what ever. The only thing I can say that I want is my original gender.


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Huh... A chick turned male? That's new.

The was a awsome fight ever

Yes. I hadn't seen it before so I went for it. :twilightsmile:

I'm not really good at fight scenes so the fight kinda became a background thing, but I try.

Interesting story concept. Also, trys should be tries.

Thank you, I knew I was missing something obvious

I can smell a lot of anger and sulfur in the near future.

:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft: I don't know what you'er talking about. :scootangel:


Think of fighting scenes like a turn based event, except attacks can hit, miss, target dodges, counters, attack hits and attacker hits back, runs away, how they react to the attack, etc. The two will keep exchanging that way for a number of turns until you feel there's enough action for that battle.

Not bad was hoping bakugo was a girl

This is interesting, and he’s so much like the original he’d probably fool Deku.

That's good to hear as my goal was a slightly more grown up and mature version of him, while changing as little as possible.


As one wise man said,"Well, shit"
Anyway, good story. Wonder where this going

I would like to request more of this. Take your time, though.

Are going to get an explanation for why Bakugo uses explosion magic instead of glycerin sweat in this fic?

He done fucked up.
He wasn't having a nightmare, he was having a grand old time. Ouch

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