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(Gravity Falls crossover) Discord and Bill Cipher where once partners in chaos. Traversing across dimensions, having fun while leaving a trail of absolute disorder and mayhem in their wake. Over 1000 years have passed, Bill has noticed a change in Discord, and is curious to know what has happened since then. He also never forgot about that old bet they had once made. Perhaps he can use the source of Discord's change to his advantage? But Discord knows Bill far too well, and he won't let him have his way...

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Well...colored me surprised! I honestly had doubts on this story and how well you could take both characters, but this was excellent. I'm just sad someone beat me to making a good Bill Cipher and Discord crossover, congrats!

Thanks! Admittedly I had some trouble with Bill's dialogue when I first finished writing this, it just didn't seem...Bill enough. He behaved like Bill, but didn't quite sound like Bill. After several edits and changing his dialogue to all caps, I think I finally nailed him. It was also a fun challenge trying to come up with all sorts of ridiculous things for them to do, I kept telling myself "It's not chaotic enough" all while I was writing. Lol.

And don't be discouraged, I'd love to see another author's take on these two together.

Very pleased with this. I'm having a bad month and needed the pick-me-up. Bill and Discord both seemed very much in character, and I liked the multiple change-ups and reversals of fortune. Also, kind of enjoyed the fact that Bill managed to evade being imprisoned by the Elements of Harmony, but he decided to give up anyway; turning the rainbow back into white light probably took a whole lot out of him. :-)

This was beyond perfection.

I can sympathize, I've been having a rough time lately myself, Gravity Falls and Ponies are among the few things that have been keeping me sane. It was rather nice taking a moment from the madness to write just for funzies.

I couldn't let Bill be imprisoned because it would interfere with the Gravity Falls timeline, since I envisioned this story taking place before the episode "Not What He Seems". Afteral, if Bill was imprisoned how else would he be able to carry out his plans....which I will not say due to random people who are probably reading the comments section who are probably not that far into the series yet. :raritywink:

This story is amazing. And it's sad that Gravity Falls is over. I wonder how Discord would react when he finds out what happend to Bill at the end.

6955601 Thanks man! :raritywink: I'm sad it's over too. :fluttercry: I've been following it since 2012, and sat through every hiatus. While it would have been great to see at least one more season before the final story arc, I respect Alex's wishes. It still ended on such a fantastic note and it still remains one of the best finales I've ever seen for an animated series, so I can't complain.

As for this fic, I actually had plans for a sequel, but I was waiting to see what sort of ending GF had first. I may/may not still do it, I will have to tweak my original idea so it can fit with the canon. (I want to have a scene where Discord vandalizes Bill's statue in a juvenile fashion somewhere in there.) But for now, I'm currently distracted writing a completely different GF fanfic.

6968161 Ok but Discord maybe shouldn't do that to Bill's statue since he might be coming back. If you don't know what he said in his backwards message then I can tell you, if you want.

6968461 oh I've seen it, and fanfic-wise I'm sure Discord would be aware of that possibility too (considering how he was once a stone statue himself, obviously), but I don't think that would stop him from screwing with Bill while he was in such a state. :derpytongue2:

6978147 That doesn't mean that Bill is bound to being a statue. He should be able to move around in the Minsdcap, if it is possible.

Screw Unicorns, nothing but trouble! On another note, after the whole fiasco with those despicable pines kids I found myself here, and lets just say I got some big plans for this website... In the mean time, have this as a taste of what's to come!

I have to say this was a fun story and I liked how Discord actually prepared for Bill with Luna and the rest of the ponies. I'm honestly surprised there aren't that much other stories string these two, or that this isn't more popular than it is.

I wonder how Discord feels now all that is left of Bill is a statue. He's probably laughing about it.

I read this a while ago and it was a pretty fun story. Now that´s out of the way, I would like to show you this picture I found that I thought you might enjoy
I think it really fits your story.

6989117 Thanks! :twilightsmile: Yeah, you would think that these guys would have alot more fan works of them together. A couple of fun-loving chaos gods screwing around? The possibilities! I guess there isn't much overlap with the MLP and GF fandoms.

Well, I do have ideas for a sequel, if I ever get around to it....

7007960 That IS fitting. Thanks for sharing!

If I didn't have a cover (which I totally made in photoshop and love, and may turn into a full size desktop wallpaper) then I would ask if I could use that.

6987359 But Bill, I do have to wonder, why a conquer a MLP fansite of all things?

....then again, why am I trying to question your illogical logic?

7018423 Well if you ever get to it I'm sure I'll check it out. This story was pretty fun. After all why should death separate two Chaotic buddies.
Discord: Oh come on Billy boy don't be that way. Sure it will probably take even longer than Time Baby for you to regenerate, but unlike you I'll be a good friend and stick by side.
Discord: As a good friend I should help you become a better pon... pers....... triangle than what you were before. Just like how Fluttershy helped me. Speaking of her you really should meet all of her delightful furry friends, especially that "sweet" little Angle. I'm sure you two will loooooove each other. Oh and I'm sure Twilight love to give you a lecture about what it is to be a true friend. . Did you know she went on non stop for 4 hours the last time she lectured on friendship? Oh and I'm sure you remember Pinkie Pie......


In Disney cartoons the villains tend to die, even if they don't deserve it.

"Shes not just any pony, shes my little pony ."


AWESOME story! I have been waiting for a story like this for so long! Believe it or not, my sister is a big Gravity Falls fan and during one convention I went to, I bought her a poster depicting a boxing match between Discord and Bill. She loved it.

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