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Dirty Bit

Just another zebracorn living in Ponyville. I wear a top hat! A small thing to know about me in terms of this site is this: I am a SUCKER for crossovers! Mainly those of the ones I'm familiar with.


After thinking over the issue of other ponies in Equestria having severe problems, Fluttershy wished to have a pony to care for and help them live a good life. While it came true, she got her wish in the form of an ambiguous pony who appears to be more timid than herself. But is there more to this pony than Fluttershy could possibly comprehend? Stay tuned for more!

Added the 'Random' Tag because madness.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro
Soul Eater is copyright of Atsushi Okubo/ FUNimation

Cover art belongs to Errick of deviantART

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ah so a Crono in Equistria story look forward to reading this

I smell a Crona...

A crossover story, by Dirty Bit.

Dis gon be good!

I knew it.

Interestingly, most ponified images of Crona make him (personal belief) a Pegasus.

2687713 I see some unicorns as well, but I prefer to see Crona as an earth pony.

you need the 'other' character tag

This is off to a good start :pinkiehappy:

2687791 not mine, found it on google, bla, bla, bla... thought you needed a cover image.

2687806 I could put it to use for now :twilightsmile:

2687832 I thought you could...

Bleach related question: suppose Tier Harribel, her Fraccione, and Ayon were transported to Equestria and turned into ponies (or maybe a deer in Apacci's case, a Griffin in Mila Rose's case, and who knows what for Ayon), what most likely happens?

2687859 They try to adapt to their new surroundings, survive any oncoming trials and tribulations, and possibly show the true meaning of sacrifice towards the friends they might (Might being the key word) make.

2687866 And the mindless beast Ayon? obviously turned into... something... that... i'm not sure, an actual Chimera maybe?

Is Ayon even actually a hollow in the first place?

Interesting story idea. On a technical note, Crona can grow wings using his black blood. If he needs them.
That and he was a merciless killer for a time so he knows how to fight when it counts.

Yet another masterpiece, I can't wait to see the story unfold! :pinkiehappy:

2687902 *shrug* Meh, I'd say so.

2687915 Thanks for your support! :twilightsmile:

2687928 Your welcome, I've always been a big fan of your crossover, even inspired me to try and write one of my own. I can't wait to see more of Ragnarok bully Crona and to see some madness as well.

This has major potential can't wait for more.

Oh my god, a Soul eater story?.....
*Starts breathing in deeply*


Is Crona A girl, or a boy? :trollestia:

2688234 I've honestly stopped asking and settled on the fact that Crona's a Herm... Even though the wiki says Crona's a boy.

Well this is going to be a fun read, I shall be tracking this.

Yes Crona...I am going to stalk you like a hunter...:pinkiecrazy:

'I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS!!!' :fluttershbad:

Know what's weird? Based on the pic coldfang posted, I see Crona's eyes as green. Weird little bit of info.

Now onto the actual story. Once more you never cease to amaze. First I read your homunculi in Equestria stories, then Cuatro, then Kick About (which spawned from Cuatro. But you knew this), and now this. What next? Luffy meets Pinkie? Goku sent to save Equestria? Anime FTW! And for some odd reason, one fact about animes popped into my head... Animes, the things to bring panty shots to America. Dunno if it's actually a fact or not, but I'm saying it is.

God my mind is random sometimes.

Two Soul Eater stories in existence. Mine and yours. 'Tis a good thing.

Now I've got something to look foreword to when I'm done reading Cuatro.:pinkiehappy:

Dirty Bit, you make such good Anime Crossovers. Do One Piece next! XD

Superb, SE MLP cross over and none other then Crona! :heart:

*Army of Flutter shy appear, all hail the same*
:flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage:
Sorry, i just love this combination little bit to much ^^;

I F**king LOVE Corona! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Crona was a great character in Soul Eater. I can't wait t see what you do with this idea.


Yup, Crona is the lethalest emo in anime´s hystory.

Unsuspecting anime characters were going about their business in the manga world of Sho-Nen... when suddenly a dark shadow appeared over the land and a great Hoof descended toward them!

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!" shrieked Souske Aizen as he dropped his Cardcaptor Sakura doll collection. "IT'S A BRONY FANFIC WRITER!!!"

The many characters' screams of abject terror flew into the air as they fled, desperate to avoid the crossover fate which would rip them from their happy home and cast them into the land of diminutive pastel equines, wherein all manner of dreadful things would likely happen to them and the citizens of that land... for the Fanfic Writers were usually very cruel to their victims!

The hoof dipped lower as the shrieking and mayhem intensified, the flailing mob resembling a crowd of theater goers trying to escape upon realizing they'd been tricked into watching an M. Night Shymalan movie directed by Uwe Boll. Not one character bothered to use their powers and abilities, not even the most absurdly OP ones, for they knew nothing could harm the Writers. They were above gods, above demons, even above Al Gore the inventor of the Internet. Nothing could stop the Writers.

As the stampede continued below the looming hoof of doom, one unfortunate character toward the rear of the riot, named Corona, stumbled over a conveniently-placed pebble. That brief delay proved her downfall and the great hoof claimed her! Corona's frantic, yet reserved, cries of, "I REALLY CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS!!" as well as her blood demon thing Ragnarok's added insults, "HERE'S ANOTHER NICE MESS YOU'VE GOTTEN US INTO, DORK BUTT DOOFAS-FACE!!" were silenced as the hoof drew back and cast them into the Ponyverse to suffer untold horrors at the keyboard of the evil Fanfic Writer who went by the moniker 'Dirty Bit'.

And so, Pinkie Pie wrapped up her story, "And that's how this fanfic was made!" :pinkiecrazy:

Her 5 gathered friends (along with Spike the slave dragon/dog) merely stared at her in awkward silence for a minute or so before Applejack managed to mutter, "Pinkie, you are SO random..." :applejackconfused:

Outside, Corona shuddered, knowing the terrible truth all too well...

(This is totally how all crossovers really happen! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: )

Just wondering, is this Crona from the anime or the manga, and from what time? Anyways awesome story, yay soul eater!

2689124 *maniacal laughter* :pinkiecrazy:

2689258 It's gonna be anime. I haven't read much of the manga, and I doubt folks would want manga Crona in this thing :pinkiecrazy:

Every story you make is a great work of art, keep going with this story i love it

Sees 'I don't know how to deal with this.'

Instant Favorite.

OH... MY... GOD!!! CRONA!!!! PLEASE KEEP GOIIIIIIING!!!! :fluttershbad:

And then Ragnarok and Angel teamed up against Discord before being transformed into sarsaparilla flavored ice cream. The end.

First I was like: "Who would be insane enough to make a fic with crona in it."
The moment I checked the author I was like: Well guess I'll be reading another story of Dirty Bit."

I can't stop reading the chapter names in Maka's voice

Yeah, Crona's a boy, just so you know. I obsess over Soul Eater... honestly, I was going to make a fic just like this, but you beat me to it. Ah well.

2689899 In the anime. Crona's actual gender is unspecified according to the author. Crona was portrayed as a boy in the anime and a girl in the manga.

I mulled over making Crona a boy in this story since it's anime Crona, but I thought it'd be more fun to have him/her remain ambiguous for the sake of comedy and what's to transpire later in the story.

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