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This story is a sequel to Discord's Family Reunion

Summergale. Former Captain of the Maiden’s Fancy. Former Queen of Equestria. Mother of Harmony and Discord. Saved from the brink of death by Twilight Sparkle and her time traveling husband, the time lord known as the Doctor, Summergale must now make her way in a world very much different from the one she knew of hundreds of thousands of years ago.
But when a chart to a sunken treasure from her past is given to her, she is determined to sail the seas once more. Now all she needs is a ship, and a crew to sail it. A crew of six perhaps?
Warning: This is a direct sequel to Discord's Family Reunion. You will need to have read it first, to understand who the main character is, and what's going on.

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Fav'd and liked.
The tone is set. The pacing too. Summergale dictates a firm march into adventure.
Board the ship, set sail, the sky is the limit!

Everyone who knows Summergale from Discord's Family Reunion knows this is going to be great.
Summergale is full of energy and unique to a degree few can reach.
She is more straightforward than Applejack yet as energy-laden as Pinkie.
Her and Fluttershy are promising to create some incredible character-dynamic.

I can't wait to see this adventure of epic proportions unfold. :twilightsmile:

>>Quixotic Enigma

Summergale sighs deeply, and starts over. “Look at it this way then. Since we got here, Charity an Harmony and Keil went back to Equinity, their home, or the Crystal Empire as they call it now. They are doin all they can to fix what Harmony did all them years ago. They have a purpose. Justice has been hanging around Canterlot and teaching Luna and Celestia all about how they ran the kingdom in the old days, while learning how they have been doin it now. He’s doin something that he likes, an he’s happy.
And then there’s me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be grateful for Twilight an that Doctor fella for snatchin me from the brink of death, an draggin me to the future ta stop Sorcery. An I understand why they can’t just send me back, ‘cause o’ the risk of messing up this future. But son, I don’t belong here.

Where's Candace then? :rainbowhuh:

“And now I think that this is just what she needs, and is probably why Zacherle and Muenchinger gave them to her as a gift in the firsts place.

>>Quixotic Enigma You miss spelled first. Anyways I will be sure to like and favorite and follow as well. :pinkiehappy:

” Fluttershy counters, as her own anger begins to emerge.

If you think thats bad wait until you see her after she gets the mother's curse.

5661578 Candace is going through her own situation, now that Harmony has returned. That story and others, I am planning for the future. There's a lot of threads to explore now that Sorcery's future will no longer come true.

>>Quixotic Enigma What I meant to ask is where she went or has she just suddenly and unexpectedly dropped off the grid? And no one knows where she is?

5662658 No she and Shining are still in the empire... keeping the place safe with a certain crystal heart. Just now with a crystal alicorn princess there for the foreseeable future... that used to run the aforementioned empire... with a certain crystal heart that was given to her directly from the gods themselves.
Oh my yes, things will certainly become awkward for Candace in the near future.:rainbowderp:

Yes. I was right. This absolutely belongs in 'Outstandingly Good'
Fluttershy standing up for herself in a way, that you'd expect from Summergale felt absolutely natural.
The humour is fantastic and unique and I have a feeling, that you did the best job in developing Fluttershy's character that I've ever seen.

She and Summergale seem to be vastly different at first glance but at second they have many things in common.
Although Summergale is loud and straightforward, she loves her family and cares for her crew-mates dearly. She is, beneath her rough demeanor, just as kind-hearted as Fluttershy, who herself can be assertive too. The comparison between leading a crew and leading her critters was just brilliant.

Because this is the purest sailor-romantic. It's the captain who is rough and demanding yet deeply caring for his crew. He know's the irq's and the quirks of every single one of his crewmates and he trust's them completely just as they trust him.

The theme of your story alone is already beyond outstanding in terms of the uniqueness of Fluttershy stories. But that it is actually working this well is sheer unbelievable.

I can picture Fluttershy as becoming akin to Summergale over the course of this story and yet still feel natural. I can picture her 'barking' commands in times of crisis yet return to her meekness when everything is over.

I think Fluttershy is somewhat like water. Most times she takes the path of the slightest resistance, she is agreeable to an almost unbelievable degree. But she can be hard as steel when it's called for.

Thanks for the fast update :twilightsmile:

“Horsefeathers...” Discord mutters, turning to face his mom. Her innocent looking smile, only causing him further unease...

This is why Discord is best pony.

Without turning around Summergale replies, “And ye ALOMST have a sharp wit... for a griffin.”

AlMOst. Not Almost.

“Oh by the Great Griffin King!” He exclaims, as a slow smile spreads across Discord’s face. “Fluttershy?!? I don’t believe it! Oh fortune has smiled on this lowly sea captain.” He says falling to his knees and bowing deeply, causing Discord to look annoyed, and Summergale to look confused.

Poor Discord. He just can't win.

“Prankster! Prankster! Twelve hundred years ago, he forced the King of the Griffins to sing ‘I’m a little teapot’ nonstop for half an hour.” Giovanni says, the feathers on his head rising.
Summergale forces down a laugh.
“During a summit meeting.” the griffin continues, his rage increasing.
Summergale had become red faced, but still managed to hold it in.
“In a pink and blue polka dotted tutu.” Giovanni intones in a voice that heralds oncoming doom.

My sides! My sides and my shit! I keep losing them to this fic! Not sure if I should applaud you for it, or smack you.

“He didn’t say ANYTHING about WATER polo!” Giovanni roars. “He nearly drown! The whole team nearly drown!”


“Wa-wait, Summergale says from the ground. Ye... ye mean ta say you were RIDING somepony? Fer WATER polo?”
“The duke of Prance.” Discord responds with a grin.

This guy, this guy, is f*cking Magnificent!

“Listen to me everyone. You remember the horrible, despicable creature that Fluttershy had gotten married to?” Giovanni says, a wicked smile playing across his beak. “Well, I’m here to tell you, that right now, even as we speak, that... that... I’m a little teapot short and stout...” Giovanni says, a look of horror spreading across his face.
“I warned you.” Discord says, as the hapless griffin extends one wing out before him while resting the opposing talon on his hip. He then begins to move with the song.

All hail Discord! King of Trolling! Seriously, I keep laughing so hard I'm gonna lose a lung!

Ok, but know I must see what life's like for the main cast out side of the Main six, Discord, and Summergale. But don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I wouldn't like to read about the for mentioned experiences. its just that I'd like to see how the others are doing now. And it must be interesting so to speak to have to live with a old mare that will likely give you the biggest head ache in the world due to you and her not seeing eye to eye in how to rule. Unless of course if their still ruling.

“Son, I want a fluyt.” she says interrupting his diatribe. Without missing a beat a small musical instrument appears in her hoof. “Oh, har de har har... Ye know perfectly well what I mean!” She says, bouncing the instrument off of his head.

This is why Discord is my favorite character. He's a giant troll and is having loads of fun with it.

“Allow? Your not going to ‘allow’ me to go?” Fluttershy says, her face contorting with rising anger. “Listen here mister. Just because you are my husband, doesn’t mean you get to tell me what I can, and cannot do!” She says jabbing a hoof in Discord’s chest. “I’ve never said a word about you going off to who knows where, throwing around your chaos for the ‘good of Equestria’, or so you say. And it’s not like I ever ask you for anything for myself. (Discord wisely keeps his muzzle shut at this point). Now I FINALLY have somewhere that I want to go, and something that I want to do, and as your wife I would really LIKE to have your love and support. CAN I COUNT ON YOU FOR THAT?!?” Fluttershy says, bearing down on her husband, who has drawn himself into a tight ball on the deck.

*jaw drops* Wow. She's scary when she's mad.

“A-aye. I’m sure yer right...” Summergale says, trying to restart her brain. “Well, if nothin else, I’m more sure than ever that I picked the right pony for me first mate.” She says, as she watches Fluttershy going to comfort the still quivering form of her son. “Well, now that that prickly bit of business is settled, there’s just one more thing that needs ta be done before we head back home.”

Guess even Summergale can't process that.

“Well,” Fluttershy says, coming up beside her, “What type of ponies do you need? I may know someone.”


“Well, lets see.” Summergale says turning to face her. “We’ll need a ships carpenter. Somepony that’s good at fixing things. you’d be surprised how much can break on a wooden ship out ta sea. Then we’ll need a seamstress ta mend the sails, an patch up whatever needs sewing. A good ships cook would be a blessing. Some pony who knows how ta make good grub from simple ingredients. Oh, and even though we aren’t going to have many on board, we’ll need at least one cannoneer. Ye never want ta go ta sea without at least a few ships cannons. Also, I had been told that certain pegasus know how ta control the weather. I’d be great if we could recruit one of those ta keep the worst of the storms at bay. An it wouldn’t be a bad idea ta have a cabin pony ta do all the scut work, an help out in general. Oh, and I’d like ta see if we could get one o’ them fire senders so we can keep in touch with everypony back home. I reckon that should just about cover it.” Summergale notices Fluttershy and Discord sharing a glance between themselves. “What?” she asks

Certain pegasI, scOut work I think. Ship's carpenter/cook, apostrophe.

“Oh, I think I have the perfect crew in mind.” Discord says with a mischievous grin. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking sweetheart?”
“Yes dear,” Fluttershy responds with a wicked little grin of her own, “for once I think we are in perfect agreement.”

Oh dear.

5670849 Corrections made. Thx for catching them, except 'scut work' is an actual phrase. Scut work is all the little unpleasant tasks that no one wants to do. Might be a regional thing. We also have a phrase called 'doff off' which means to take care of something quickly. For example, 'I'll just doff of the next chapter to DotS this weekend.' Or 'I'll be doffing off this chapter before bedtime.' This phrase I DO know the origin of, it comes from the doffing machines used in the textile industry which has since been moved to Mexico. Some of the lingo has lingered though... lol


Lingering lingo. Mind if I use that at some point?

5671095 Be my guest.
You've always been pretty good at figuring out my references. But something no one seemed to notice was back in Part 26 of 'Discord's Familiy Reunion' ... "The morning sun crested the horizon casting its rays into the bedroom window of Discord’s castle. Moments later his radio alarm goes off. “THIS IS THE TAIL, OF PONY MONTANYA-” Discord reaches over, his eyes still closed, and flails his claw wildly, "A CUBANO MANE, WITH MIAMI NU-"until he finally hits the off button.
“It’s too early in the morning for Michael Colton and Pony Island,” he mutters rubbing his eyes and facing the dawn.

This was ( I thought,) a fair bit of punning, as well as a bit of foreshadowing for DotS. However no one seemed to realize I was referencing this...


Nah, I'm fairly certain I figured out what it was, or guessed anyway.

The littlest Paradox just gazes up with wide eyes and a quivering lip. As tears begin to form on the edges of her eyes Discord finally caves in and begins to rub her belly with his loin’s paw. Her face quickly drops her sad expression and a playful smile crosses her muzzle.

I think you mean lIOn's paw.

“Nope, still not wearing that nurse’s getup.” Aj replies.
“Darn it!” Spike says in frustration.

Isn't the J in AJ supposed to be capitalized? Also, this got a few chuckles from me.

Summergale glares down at Discord, who is still rolling on the floor, laughing out loud. Finally he notices his mother’s glare.
“Sorry, sorry... couldn’t help myself. But I mean really mom, that was CLASSIC!” He says chuckling as he rises.

It was hilarious.

“Honestly son, I don’t know where ye get yer sense o’ humor from.” Summergale says, shaking her head as she goes to help unstick Fluttershy. Discord wisely decides to keep his muzzle shut.

No comment.

5673167 Fixed...again... (yer killin me shadow...). JK, am amazed spell check didn't get lion/loin at least... grr.:facehoof:


Might I make a little suggestion next time that may help?

Another brilliant chapter. Everyone feels perfectly natural. Nothing more to say :twilightsmile:

“He was racist against griffins?” Rainbow Dash said, her face beginning to cloud up like the storm outside.

Considering her ex friendship with Gilda, no surprise this ticks her off.

“HE LEFT?” Twilight said, incredulously. “He just took over an empire, and he left?!?”

Guess he had no interest in ruling.

His eyes went wide for a moment, then he locked all for legs in place, glaring defiantly at Colt. He had literally died on his paws.

I believe you mean, foUr legs. Also, better to die on one's feet than live on one's knees.

Twilight rises from her chair. She gently picks up Paradox in her hooves before addressing the captain. Her response is quiet and firm. “No.”

Aw come on Twilight, you'd be incredibly useful, for plotting star charts and stuff since things have changed since Summergale's time, you're an ALICORN, so I doubt many are gonna be foolish to f*ck with you, and you're a Princess as well, so, political power just in case, I know you're worried about Paradox, but you can take care of her, can you not? Besides, she's an alicorn too, you have DISCORD on board who is more than capable of taking care of anything who tries to hurt your child and she's often visited by future versions of herself.

Perfect chapter. A story in a story and I can totally immerse myself in it? Now that's a feat!
Also, Captain Colt's last quote is a reference to Gol D. Rogers from One Piece, isn't it?^^

Its eityer Trixie or Chryllis, I called it! But Trixie is the most lohical one to be the new 'crew mate'.

Trixie .... I'm calling it

“YOU!” Twilight yells, pointing a hoof.

HER! Who are we talking about?:pinkiehappy:

I bet on Zecora. Why should Summergale now Trixie also she had spoken off her 'particular style of magic'?
But Zecora has been present at the end of DFR if I'm not mistaken.

Btw. nice chapter as always, Quixotic.
I'm a little bit surprised though. Seeing Rarity to so participate so willingly? Either she didn't think about what hard work sailing could be OR she forgot it the moment she spotted the chance to discover new fashion. Anyway, I'm sure it will be very enjoyable having her on board.^^

P.S.: Regarding our private conversation: I haven't gotten around to read the rest of your links, sry for that. I'll try to do so today.
Oh and on that account I STILL haven't read Discord gets hiccups. So much to read...^^

5822067 I wont say who our mystery mare is yet, except to mention two things. Number one, I already wrote who she was before I posted this short chapter, so it's not like I am taking a secret poll or anything, she is already established. And number two, You could probably figure it out since I left a big clue in Discord's Family Reunion. :raritywink:

Also add 'Where did my Daddy go?' And 'Where is my Love?' by TheMyth to your reading list. If I 'Dawwww' any more I'm going to give myself Dawwabities... :twilightsmile:

The second one is already part of my list, as for the first one: Sure it's by TheMyth? I can't seem to find it.

“Twilight you seem quite surprised, to see me here before your eyes.” Zecora says as she enters the room.
“Oh, I’m sorry Zecora, I was actually expecting somepony else. Actually, I’m really glad it’s you.” Twilight says in relief.

Who were you expecting?

“Oh no, we’ll be having none of that.” Summergale says flatly. “For the next few weeks no pony will leave the ship, and the ship wont leave the dock, until I am satisfied that each of ye can handle yer assigned duties. Then, for the first few weeks out at sea, we’ll cross train ye until each of ye is passable at doing any other job on my ship. This is in case any of ye got sick, or hurt. After all, it’s a great big ocean, an anything can happen out there. I won’t risk taking her out into it until I am sure me crew is able to take good care of her.” Summergale says rubbing a hoof gently across the railing.

Smart move.

“Oh, nothing much, just some things from home,” She says, as she effortlessly lifts the bag, and trots off after the others.


Pinkie raises a hoof to shield her eyes as she looks far out into the bay. There, barely visible, a piece of driftwood, half the size of a pony, can barely be seen bobbing up and down on the waves. Without pause Pinkie primes the fuse on the cannon, sparks it with a tinder box, and just before the fuse ignites the powder, she gives it a slight kick with her forehoof, changing the trajectory slightly. Summergale, Discord, and Twilight watch in awe as the sudden thunder of the cannon expels a fast receding ball of iron out into the distance, which unerring destroys the piece of driftwood a moment later.
Pinkie Pie strokes the barrel of the huge cannon affectionately. “I shall call you Mons Maud.” She says with a smile.

I am suddenly terrified.

“Oooooh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” Pinkie begins to sing, while playing her accordion.
The rest of them all look at her oddly.
“Oh, sorry. For some reason I felt a song coming on.” She says sheepishly.

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! You do NOT reference THAT show, Pinkie Pie!

“Lower the sails? But why? And how are we going to tell how well you are doing without a sail?” Rainbow asks in confusion.
Summergale flies back up and lands in the ‘Ponies Perch’. Without a word she turns and grips the railing. Then she unleashes her ‘Utter Flutter’. The ship lurches violently, and the ponies all gasp as the main mast itself strains forward nearly to the point of breaking. The ship rocks dangerously and water splashes up on deck as the ship strains against it’s moorings as winds of hurricane intensity cause the ship to groan. Then Summergale stops.

You were saying?

“Well, I suppose I know the ones every pony knows,” Rarity responds. “Carrick bend, Double carrick bend, Double coin knot, Ten accord knot, Bosun's knot, Basketweave knot, Coltnese knot, Josephine knot, Whistle lanyard, Sailor's breastplate knot, Sailors knot, Pretzel knot, Wake knot...”

Double coin knot. Well, why knot? *dodges thrown tomatos* I REGRET NOTHING!

“Because you can always break motion in two dimensions, into x and y components, and because gravity acts only in the y component, your job is easy. All you have to do is break the initial velocity into x and y components: vxi=vi cos0 and vi=vy sine0.
These velocity components are independent, and gravity acts only in the y direction, which means that vx is constant; only vy changes with time, using the following equation: vy = vyi + at, or vy=vi sine0-gt.
If you want to know the x and y positions of the cannonball at any time, you can easily find them. You know that x is: x=vxt=(vi cos0)t.
And because gravity accelerates the cannonball vertically, here’s what y looks like (the t2 here is what gives the cannonball’s trajectory in the figure its parabolic shape): y=vyit-1/2gt squared.
You figure out the time it takes a cannonball to hit the ground when shot straight up (ignoring air resistance) like this: vf=vi+at, 0=vi-gt, (at maximum height vf=0; a=-g=-9.8m/s squared), t(top)=vi over g (solving for time), t(bottom)= 2vy over g (double the time to account for full trajectory).
Knowing the time allows you to find the range of the cannon in the x direction: s=vxt(bottom)=2vxvy over g=2vj squared sine0 cos0 over g.
So there you have it! Now you can figure out the range of the cannon given the speed of the cannonball and the angle at which it was shot. See? Easy peasy.” Pinkie says setting the chalkboard down in front of Rainbow.

*jaw drop* Did, you actually do all those calculations?

“Aye, I wondered why I haven’t seen him about. Surely he must be finished by now? Twas only a short list I gave him.” Summergale taunts.

A test.

“Mad?” Summergale says, letting loose a long laugh. “Not at all Flutters, ye did exactly what I was hoping ye would.” Noticing Fluttershy’s continued bewilderment, Summergale explains. “See Flutters, I knew that list I had ye give Spike was impossible for him ta do. It was a test ya see. A test ta see if Spike had the heart an the drive ta keep going, even though it was impossible. But more importantly, it was a test ta see what you would do about it.
Ya see, some mates might o’ worked poor Spike ta death trying ta make him finish. Those that would, would’a been off my ship head first inta the drink. Some mates might’a tried ta help him on the sly. I gave ye plenty o’ time away from me, and ta start with ye did just that. I was worried that was they type ye were, if so I could’a never trusted ye ta see my orders carried out. But then, ye got good an mad. You saw that I was in the wrong, and ye trotted up ta me, without fear, and ye put me in my place. Now maybe that’d get ye tossed off some other ship, but that’s the kind of first mate Captain Summergale wants on her crew!”

Called it.

“Wake up and go to sleep!” Applejack says crossly.
“Huh, oh... okay...” Rainbow groggily replies, as she starts to lie back down. “Wait... what?”


I can only hope that one day they will forgive me for deceiving them...


You continue to surprise me dear Quixotic, please continue. :-)

5850039 Believe it or not, the calculations are accurate and you can use them to find out the distance when shooting a cannonball. OZ is probably hard at work doing so. :raritywink:

5852417 Oh I have no editor, I have to do my own clean up. Ozmandias42 is a friend of mine from Germany. I'll let him and a few others see some of my stuff in advance sometimes, but I wouldn't force him to clean up my messes lol. He's good at de maths figured he'd like my figures. Rofl.
If I did have an editor I'd cut him loose on Discord's Family Reunion. Celestia knows it still needs it. :facehoof:

5851931 Thx, now that eveypony is on board, (slight pun intended), things are really going to start getting good. Expect to see them really strut their stuff next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

5852433 Ah, do my ears detect the sounds of a volunteer? :trixieshiftright:

Normally I'd say that Summdergale's secret agenda is possible to go and resuract Boots in a fashin that nobody would approve of. But its only a guess and I'd not really want to have a remake of The Second Zecora story and the previous chapter. And poor Zecora! I think Eainbow and her are going to have the hardest time of them all... I look foward to the crew's poo- I mean great performance. ;D

What more is there to say other than: Well done!
I have absolutely nothing negative to remark.
The chapter went fluid as water and had me immersed like the kraken its victims.

Repeatedly referring to Thor/Fluttershy's Hammer in her bag and even to Spongebob, Pinkie and Brain and Pinkie as a crazy supergenius was fantastic. I enjoyed the chapter very much and really can't say more about it than that. It's just exactly what I wish a story to be. It takes me on a journey without killing me with excitement yet also without letting me back to the real world through breaking the immersion.

Anyway, I have to say, it was an interesting sokrates'ian way of teaching them about what being a crew is all about. That perfectly aligned with my expectations about how Fluttershy will get a little development through Summergale.

I'm looking forward to more :twilightsmile:

Quixotic Enigma I don't know why I didn't notice it sooner, but whats the crossover to this story?

“Heh, oh no. If there’s one thing I know better than ta do is ta keep the likes of you waiting on the likes of me. Please come inside your majesty.” Summergale replies.

Smart mare.

“A ‘simple’ sailor you say, more like former queen of Equestria, if I chose to put a fine point on it.” Celestia banters back.
“Still queen of Equestria if’n ye wanted ta put a VERY fine point on it. If ye recall, I never did abdicate the throne.” Summergale says, her grin becoming predatory.

True, but you never didn't abdicate the throne.

“Hah! Yer given those two too much credit.” Summergale spat. “I know ta you an the rest o’ these modern ponies that those two are seen as all powerful an all knowin. But ta my family their a couple of bumbling nabobs that are lucky they can find their own tail with all four hooves.”
Suddenly a massive bolt of lightning strikes the ocean just outside her cabin window and an ear splitting crack of thunder follows a moment later.
“Aww stifle it you two, there are ponies tryin ta sleep ya know.” Summergale yells irritably.

Not sure baiting those two is a wisemove.

“Surprisingly enough, no,” Celestia remarks. “Apparently he doesn’t really like his nephew. Thinks that he’s an arrogant little chick.”
“Heh, that’s him all right,” interjects Summergale.
Celestia raises an eyebrow.
“Or so I hear,” Summergale adds quickly.


“Correct. After all, we are civilized beings now. Our races are much too mature for such childish things as ‘war’ anymore... at least on the surface.” Celestia adds.
“Oh of course, of course. Griffins bein half dove an half panda, well natchurly they wouldn’t have any warlike tendencies. Not at all like us bloodthirsty pony tribes.” Summergale quips sarcastically.


“Quite.” Celestia responds succinctly. “No, the empire doesn’t plan on challenging us on the battlefield. But they do still plan to send us a rather strong message. Our sources inside the empire tell us that they are sending the flagship of their merchant guild, the ‘Grasping Claw’, to meet up with you and your ship. Giovanni himself is being transferred to her as acting captain. He intends to offer you and your crew a ‘friendly challenge’ as a gesture of goodwill between our races.”

Oh this will be fun!

“Oh Celly, ye KNOW what that is.” Summergale says with a grin. “If ye wanted to, ye could’ve had Discord snap up a ship that could magically run rings around those seagulls. Or suddenly fill all their hulls with termites, or any number o’ things. But the fact that ye came ta me about it means that yer thinking the same thing that ye knew I’d be thinking.”

Yes, Discord's chaos magic ALONE would be more than enough to, tip the scale in their favor, but that'd be too easy

“An that IS,” Summergale says dramatically, “that them chicken hawks have had their way around the ocean fer far too long. And that both them an the ponies of Equestria need ta see that we ponies are as good as any o’ them feather brains on land, or air, or sea. An that come time fer them birds ta get here, they’ll find us ready an waiting for ‘em. Oh yes, they ain’t never seen the likes o’ captain Summergale. I don’t care what kind o’ ship those birds are sailin, me an my crew will sail rings around them.” Summergale says, rising to her hooves and pacing the deck before Celestia.


“Oh Celly, I don’t know who ye have working in the empire, but ye owe ‘em a whole bushel of apples.” Summergale says as she examines the contents of the scroll.
“Actually she prefers mice. But don’t tell Fluttershy,” Celestia says sternly. “So, what do you think?”
“Well, it seems that the griffins have a pretty decent list of competitions for a sailor. One fer testing the speed and accuracy o’ cannonfire. Speed of riggin for sail. Hmm, a cookin competition fer ships rations. A test o' medical knowledge an practical applications. Repair competitions fer sails an rigging. An o’ course fer the finale, an all out race.
Hmm, on the face of it, it seems above water, but I can’t help but ta feel that them griffins may be tryin ta pull a fast one on us. Still, I aims ta play the hoof I’m dealt. I’ll take ‘em on Celly, fair an square. And I promise yea, I’ll do everything in my power ta make ye proud.” Summergale says, extending her mug.

Good to know she respects those who are willing to try and give her a good challenge. Mind you Summergale will sail circles around them while dancing in a kilt and playing the bagpipes, but still.

“Oh don’t ye worry about THAT little detail.” Summergale says full of fire. “After what ye have been tellin me about them uppity griffins, I can think of only one name ta represent our first twist o’ their beaks in centuries. Celly, ye have the honor o’ sitting in the captain’s cabin of 'The Equine Spirit’.”

Very nice.

I must admit I am really impressed with how quickly everypony is pickin things up. Cordial truly has a remarkable bunch of friends. It seems like almost once a day one of ‘em comes up with something to surprise me with. Spike’s special dragonfire makes cleaning the ship a breeze, an Twilight’s got it set ta send all o’ the detritus out into a volcano so it ain’t junkin up no place. If we want ta send a message, he switches it back over ta ‘mail mode’, as he calls it. He may be young, but Spike is sharp as a tack.

I admit, that's a clever way to use Spike.

I must admit, out of all of ‘em, Rarity has been surprising me the most. Ever since her near fall that first day, she’s been dancing across them spars like she was born there. She’ll spring off one, snatch a rope with her magic, and swing right over ta the next. And the way she does it is like watchin a ballet. She’s not workin up there, she’s PERFORMIN. I asked her about it a few days ago after I caught her incorporatin a back flip with a half twist off the top mast which like ta near stop my heart. She tole me that when she was a filly, that she went ta see a show with her folks in Manehatten. ‘Colt de Soleil’, I think she said the name was. Anyway she said she fell in love with all them acrobat ponies that were performing, an tole her folks that that was what she wanted ta do when she grew up. But her folks being high society types put the kibosh on that right quick. I reckon now she see a chance ta live out her dream, an I fer one ain’t going ta stand in her way. Shoot, watchin her work brings a tear ta my eye. I never thought anypony could bring such grace an beauty ta somethin that anypony else would call hard labor. Win or lose, when all this is over with, me an her are goin ta find a place where that show is playin, and we are goin ta sit an watch the whole thing. I’ll even spring for the popcorn.

This kinda clashes with what we know about Rarity's parents, who are anything but high society types. Watch Sisterhooves Social, you'll see what I mean, it's their only appearance.

Matter o’ fact I remember the time when Cookie accidentally cut the top half of his ear off showing off his knife jugglin, and it landed in Boots’s bowl of stew. Lookin him dead in the eye, she lifts it out with a spoon, pops it in her mouth an makes a big show of chewing an swallowin. Well natchurly Cookie is all wide eyed, with his jaw hangin open. He even plum forgot that his ear was still bleedin. Finally, bein the consummate cook that he was, he gets up the nerve ta ask ‘well, how do I taste?’ An without breakin stride Boots comes back with, ‘ya taste like chicken.’


Well for a diamond dog, that would normally be a huge insult, but he just grins at Boots an says, ‘well, you are what you eat.’ Then Boots puts on this exaggerated look of horror, and spits out Cookie’s ear that she had been hiding under her tongue the whole time.


An to be fair, Fluttershy has done everything I have asked of her these past weeks. She’s learned more than enough ta run this ship without me. Every day I see her out there making sure everything is shipshape, and running smoothly. An yet... even though she’s doin what I asked, she’s just so... so... POLITE about it. She asks every pony nicely when she wants them ta do something. She’ll help out when she’s not busy. An not one have I EVER heard her raise her voice... ta anypony.

That's Flutters for ya.

More than once I’ve seen good ponies get pushed that one step too far. Too long without food, watchin a friend go overboard, facing an oncoming typhoon. Sooner or later we all crack. It’s just how far we can go before that happens. I look at Fluttershy and I see steel under all that sweetness, but it’s untempered steel. If she comes through this mess with the griffins, I know I won’t have any more cause ta worry. I can only hope, she can bear up under the weight I’m about ta put on her shoulders. Either way, we're all going to find out soon enough...

Aye. Also, I suggest you put a space between each paragraph, because just looking at it like this makes it look very visually intimidating. Just sayin'.

5961949 Noted and adjusted to make it a little easier. (also fixed that one/once in your quote). Thx as always for the feedback.

6171862 Quite a lot, but it's taking me awhile to get back to the story.Hopefully after I finish this new one shot, I can focus on Daughters again. I haven't given up on it.

Wow. I definitely put that off far, FAR to long. Wonderful chapter, my friend :twilightsmile:

öhhh.. Iron Will x Trixie ?
Well, talking about strange.. :D

Nice idea, anyway^^

*sees update*


*sees it''s under 1K words*


*sees Iron Will x Trixie*

Eh, DisneyFanatic did it first.

*sees that next time will be interesting*


6270885 DF did it first? I'll have to check that out. :pinkiehappy: I actually got the idea to ship them from '3rd Pony War' by Justice4243.
However DF's 'Bride of Discord' was what inspired me to write the story 'Discord's Family Reunion', which this story is a sequel to.

i know this an old chapter but you made me laugh tears reading this.

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