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It is the last of the great unanswered questions. What happens to us when we die.
Thanks to Twilight's latest mistake, her and her friends now know the answer.
Twilight was NOT prepared for the other side. But then again, who is?

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This gets rather morbid when you realize Twilight just lost all of her friends, including Spike, and because she screwed something up no less. Even worse, because of the immortality thing, she will never see them again because she will never die. Years of crushing guilt and sorrow, ahoy!

And all the funerals she will no doubt have to attend to drive the point home.

I loved this. Then again I love death humor in general

Hillbe #3 · Jul 8th, 2018 · · 15 ·

:twilightoops: Oh, poop all my friends! DEAD???
:trollestia: Are you alright Twilight? What could be worse?
:facehoof: They're all going to vote Democrat....
:trollestia: What's a demoncat?

This needs a tragedy tag. Twilight just lost all her closest friends and has to live with the knowledge that she is the cause. Furthermore, she'll never get to see them again because she's immortal. That's some dark shit. The sarcastic humor doesn't really blunt that fact.

You have a good grasp of humor, but the tonal dissonance hurts the story more than it helps.

Great story.
Wish there were more Death-pony/personified stories around. Good job!

Loved it. Just one mistake I found.
"I see what thy meant by damage control"

Thy implies ownership. Thou would be more appropriate.

Otherwise, wonderful story.

I'm not sure.. I'll have to find it.

Fixed... ish.
Sorry for any sense of detachment implied.
(This story may seem like dark humor, but as someone who used to have a job hauling human bodies to the local medical examiner, one quickly discovers that you either learn to laugh, or cry. Trust me, it's better to laugh.)

But also consider...

“Wait, are you saying that none of this even happened? That I'm going to wake up in my own bed, and this was all just a weird nightmare?” Twilight asks hopefully.

“Maaaybe.” Celestia says vaguely.

“Well excuuuuse me princess!” Twilight fires back. “I'll just have to read up on the proper behavioral patterns for alicorns after they and their friends are killed to death.” The reaper raises a hoof, “Yes I KNOW, near Death, I got it!” Twilight snaps. The Grim Reaper wisely remains silent as Twilight continues to rant. “But oh wait, I can't read up on that because nopony has bothered to tell me before know that THIS is what happens after you die.” She says as she begins to pace back and forth.


666 views... fitting...

rarity is the best. "Well of course he's going to destroy the world but at least's he's going to look fabulous doing so." priorities rarity, priorities

This could drive someone to suicide.........but given Twilight's situation, not even that will help.


Multiple instances of using "know" instead of "now" and missing quotation marks, but other than that, it's a fun read.

Yeah, as if. We all know that if this actually happened it wouldn't be a month before she somehow rent asunder the fabric of reality and the afterlife to get them back.
Can you even imagine the amount of paperwork that'd generate? :twilightoops:

I only have one question: how can a city made of clouds have an earthquake?

Pretty hilarious story, I loved the references to the old 'Grim Reaper Show' online series. Ah that takes me back. *Reminisces...* Anyway good story, interactions between characters were funny, the bit with Pinkie Pie being a clone was amusing. Celestia/Luna being so calm about it all is nice, and the Reaper himself was amusing. I think the only thing that might have made him stand out a bit more, is giving him his own font, like Death in the Discworld series XD.

Oops. That's what I get for not having an editor. Sorry.

They drifted into the side of a mountain.( And Derpy was so sure her part time job as city navigator would work out).:derpytongue2:
Makes you wonder if Lando Calrissian had days like that. :facehoof:

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