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This story is a sequel to Rot

After the events in 'Rot', Twilight Sparkle has finally come to terms with her new self. Can she control her new powers? Can she ever have anything close to a 'normal' life again? And what happens when Discord's past mistakes come home to pass judgement on the 'new' Princess of Friendship?

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I was just about to ask about the cover art with Twilight. Did we get a good description in the story of it? I might've missed it. I love it.

This has proven to be quite interesting. Will wait for more!

this is interesting, can't wait to see whats going to happen

Holy shit, I remember reading Rot ages ago when it was first posted, nice to finally see a sequel to it.

“Modify percept- No! Discord you didn’t! Not again! You wouldn’t!” Celestia sounded horrified.

Okay this is either Sombra or Chyrsalis, unless you have some fan character that fits this bill.

Luna maybe? She went insane and became Nightmare Moon, or she tried controlling it and Nightmare happened.

Well...I was wrong. Nightmare was not caused by Luna seeing the Rot...unless

This is hilarious dark but hilarious can’t wait for more

Could be Starswirl if in this universe we continue with his current location being unknown. Or Stygian if we go with canon.

We may be overreacting. It could be Michael Jackson Bad, in which case we will get an awesome music video and a hilarious spoof out of it!

There are way more than just four states of matter. Here's one.

Discord would know this.

Henchman Drone 24 and 21, always loyal.

This is surprisingly excellent. The chapters are short but the contents are amazing! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Well this is extremely enjoyable.
My only concern is where this is going to go from here. Hard to have conflict in the story when your main character is literally an all-powerful god. Nevertheless, I have faith that you'll do it all right and proper.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

This art of her reminds me of Malal from Warhammer.

Very nice story. Very excited for the next chapter as well.

To be fair, a warning with no context is no warning at all, and Discord did not provide the context. It's like warning people, don't be awake in hyperspace, but never explaining why, so some idiot's going to try it regardless. This is why ancient seals need to come with warning labels people, not just fancy locks...off topic.

That said, Discord does get a small pass here, as he's quite insane given the context of the rest of the story, and makes his attachment to Fluttershy in this setting all the more interesting. Is she some kind of anchor point for him? Does he see something in her he doesn't see in others, or is it literally just she was nice to him in his madness in a way no one else is?

But that's not necessarily a natural state of matter they would have knowledge of, man made, even if they did it's completely impractical in this situation.

Wow, glad I stumbled across this story. This is good.:twilightsheepish:

I mean from what I am getting after she was altered and taken to the white room a husk was left behind so the mane 5 had to deal with it with it getting constantly worse and now one thought to tell them about it, it just makes me loathe and want to strangle discord :/
Not sure if there was another story that tried to continues the original or I am remembering stuff from an alternate universe again, but those be my feelings to this whole concept .

Mmmmhhh, the good old expulsion of the self to create something new.
The self is a fickle construct, when you part with what you think is your self, you find there's more layers to this ogr-onion than you thought.

What about the triple point? (don't take me seriously :derpytongue2:)

“ Did you really think that we would allow you to create another abomination?!?” Another voice adds.

I'm sure this is Chrysalis, and I don't know why I feel a little of good intention in those words (or maybe I'm just imagining things :derpytongue2:)

Oh a sequel to that story... might as well give it a try.

Looking forward to the interaction, it'll be cool to see ChaosLight show the difference between 'half-baked' and perfection to those two idiots who rather rudely interrupted the party. Hang on... checks list Who let these ponies in here!? They're not on the list! GUARDS! (not like that's going to change anything... unless... hmm, Chaos constructs crafted by ChaosLight that are immortal and trained to attack? Sounds like great security to me!)

Also, is turning into a chaos-sucking vacuum a good idea? Bleed off that excess energy and return it to its rightful owner?

Criticisms aside, I’m definitely hearing Twilight’s more eccentric voice to be like Tara Strong’s Harley Quinn with a little less of the accent but same energy

I think that's why the apparent antagonists are beings who went imperfectly through similar and have just been bumped up in power. May be enough to mean a challenge.

Considering the non-dichotomy of rot and growth implied by the title of this story and its prequel, I get the feeling this was intentional. (Aside: why are there multiple absurdly long WH40k crossovers on this site?)

Ohhhh, you're working on a sequel oh my god! I'm super excited about this!!

Because 40k demands absurdly long crossovers. It's an insult to both franchises if you make them short.

becuase warhammer 40k need more magic friendship rainbow beam of doom in it power by coloryfully friendly pony.
that and every one want to throw pinkie pie into warhammer 40k just to see how they all effect one another

“I realize that Twilight may not be your favorite person

Pony, not person

This is the first time I've heard anyone say being blown up is 'refreshing' lol

I have long awaited a sequel. I am gratified.

Yup, Harley with a side of Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw. Tara ftw!:pinkiehappy:

So glad you got the reference! I used them in all my Chrissy related stories. (She is their 'Monarch' after all.:pinkiehappy:
Now did you catch what I did with the chapter titles?

Discord and Rainbow Dash make mention of it during the story.

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