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A very sick Twilight Sparkle learns that Canterlot is once again the target of a changeling invasion. Despite her illness, she quickly rushes to the rescue. Because after how easily she was defeated the last time, there is no way that Celestia could possibly stave off the invasion without her help... right?

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...Lucky Bastard.

And the Moral of the Story is:



Huh... Was kinda wondering if Tia killed the changeling Luna was looking at. Not sure if I should feel sorry for the little bastard, or envious. Haha, anyone who knows my story knows what I say happens when a changeling gets over fed. Start drooling pink gel.

6827977 Lol, the one Luna had her eye on (Drone Twenty-four), is, right now so stuffed he might just explode. :raritywink:
Btw, thx for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

Hm... I'd like to imagine Spike embarked on further dangerous assignments in the name of the crown. His next one was a second reconnaissance mission into the changeling hive where he was exposed by Chrysalis and befell the same fate as drone Twenty-one.

6887423 Oh that's good.:pinkiehappy: I may just have to do that. :raritywink:


Those changeling disguises are foolproof. Have a moustache!

Honestly Twilight, you really thought the most powerful alicorn on the planet could be defeated by what is, essentially, a big bug hopped up on emotions?

In a world where friendship>>>everything else, including a guy who managed to slurp up the magic of all 4 alicorns, a spirit/god/whatever of chaos, and a bunch of cannon fodder to boot? Why should she be surprised if love was strong enough to pull stunts like that :P

"I easily overcame Princess Celestia the last time we met."

Of course, you did. By siphonning the forces of somepony else.
Let's see you try that a second time, with you being on your own, Chrysie.

Edit: Oh .... right. I see. Poor Changelings, though. :-(

"He did briefly consider sending a message to Princess Celestia as well, but given how easily she had been beaten by Chrysalis the last time,"

Oh, for Goodness Sake, Spike!! Not you too!

"Luna said as she wiped her muzzle with a napkin before tossing it in the general direction of Long."

How considerate of you, Lulu. :-/ You are really uncouth for a princess.

"“I'm NOT cleaning that up,” Long Suffering said, with a steely gaze at her mistress. One that, fortunately for her, Luna had completely missed as she rushed to the side of her friend."

Oh, please. What could have happened? At worst, Luna would have berated Long Suffering, who would have rightfully answered her to go f*ck herself with a cactus, as she quit her position as a royal maiden, before taking off her apron and sending it to Luna's face.

Man, Drone 21 sure is a lucky Changeling, aye? :-):trollestia:

6535013 You cant fuck with her (and I will never), but you can fuck her(every cloppers dream), right? :fluttercry:

6834290 I thought she liked twenty-one?

Luna deals with bugs in her own way!

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