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French, born the 9th day of the 9th month, 1986. Currently in training course. And maybe soon-to-be reservist.


To the one user who sent me a message about my avatar a few days ago, which I left unanswered so far... :-( · 2:01pm Apr 22nd, 2017

I'm terribly sorry not to have answered faster.

And now, I don't even remember his (her) username anymore.

But if ever (s)he reads this, the answer is this:

My avatar is a ponification of the well-known browser Internet Explorer I found during a random internet-sailing session.
In my avatar, she says "I brought you this because it's all I'm good for."

I chose her because, well, I find her cute and I like all ponies, even Mary-Sue-ish and Gary-Stu-ish ones. :-)

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Ugh your avatar. It makes me feel. Poor internet explored, your not useless.

where did you get that avatar? and what does it say?

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