• Published 16th Oct 2015
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The Thirteenth Changeling Invasion - Mister E

When Twilight gets word that the changelings are about to invade Canterlot... again. She quickly hurries to the rescue as fast as she can. But the two royal sisters seem completly unconcerned by the upcoming attack. Actually they find it hilarious.

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“Oh sweet sovereign, did you see that? That was nuts!” Drone Twenty-four whispered to his friend, as they made their way down one of the many corridors of Canterlot castle.

“I know right?” Drone Twenty-one replied. “So what are we doing in HERE then?”

“I told you already,” Twenty-four whispered in frustration. “All the ponies were looking up at the sky. This was the safest place to hide from that crazy fire pony! There's no way she'd torch her own castle, not with all of her subjects inside! Now let's split up and find a way out of here. Considering the entire army was wiped out, we are bound to be able to get promotions when we return to Queen Chrysalis.”

“You think she's still alive?” Twenty-one asked.

“Oh, no doubt about that.” Twenty-four said with a smirk. “I saw her make her escape right at the beginning. I know we normally only feed on love, but she was mainlining pure terror as she flew off. I'm not sure, but I think I heard her break the sound barrier before I lost sight of her.”

“That's our Queen, always thinking on her hooves,” Twenty-one replied. “Hey, I think this corridor looks familiar from the last time I was here. If I'm right, we should go this way,” he said, pointing a hole filled hoof down the left hall, as they approached a T-junction.

“Riiiight. Like I'm going to take directions from a drone who got lost in his own hive.” Twenty-four said with contempt. “I'm going THIS way.” He said before heading off down the other hall.

“Hey, that only happened ONE time,” Twenty-one called out to the retreating form of his friend. “Fine! Suit yourself. But I'll bet you ten emo chits that I make it back to the hive before YOU do!”

“You are SO on!” Twenty-four said, before picking up the pace.

Twenty-one turned away from the retreating form of his friend, only to come face to face with Princess Luna, wearing a flimsy plastic changeling mask.

Twenty-one took one look at the pony before him and quickly raised a hoof pointing... “YOU! I know who you are!” He said, with a look of shock on his face. “I saw you here the last time we had an invasion! Wow, you are looking great! You must have quite the source of love to feed on.”

The pony behind the changeling mask nodded enthusiastically.

“Say, you wouldn't happen to know the way out of here would you?” Twenty-one asked eagerly. “It's just that I have this bet with Twenty-four...”

Wordlessly Luna took the unsuspecting drone by the hoof, and began leading him unknowingly towards the royal bedchamber.

Author's Note:

This entire story was inspired by one line from the DragonBall Z Abridged MOVIE: Lord Slug by TeamFourStar. (Which Celestia paraphrased in the story.)
The changeling disguises where inspired by the story: Machinations in the Dark by Celestia's Prophet by abcd_z

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Comments ( 10 )

...Lucky Bastard.


Huh... Was kinda wondering if Tia killed the changeling Luna was looking at. Not sure if I should feel sorry for the little bastard, or envious. Haha, anyone who knows my story knows what I say happens when a changeling gets over fed. Start drooling pink gel.

6827977 Lol, the one Luna had her eye on (Drone Twenty-four), is, right now so stuffed he might just explode. :raritywink:
Btw, thx for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

Hm... I'd like to imagine Spike embarked on further dangerous assignments in the name of the crown. His next one was a second reconnaissance mission into the changeling hive where he was exposed by Chrysalis and befell the same fate as drone Twenty-one.

6887423 Oh that's good.:pinkiehappy: I may just have to do that. :raritywink:

Those changeling disguises are foolproof. Have a moustache!

Man, Drone 21 sure is a lucky Changeling, aye? :-):trollestia:

6834290 I thought she liked twenty-one?

Luna deals with bugs in her own way!

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